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True Blade Master Soldoros
Portrait-True Blade Master Soldoros.png
Age 54
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Weapon Master, Grim Seeker
Alias N/A
Location Tower of Despair
Are the adventurer Azalea spoke of? I guess I could use some sparring before I fight Cain. You and I are enemies, but we need not be forever. I'll train you for the day we call each other friend.

Soldoros is a legendary Blade Master who is believed to be apt with thousands of weapons. He is the owner of the Weapon Selector that is rumored to resonate with a surrounding weapon and intensify its power. His favorite sword is Agathas Clararis, which identifies itself as female. Soldoros's sole purpose in life is to master his swordsmanship and pit himself against worthy opponents.

It is rumored that he accepted a proposal from Azalea Lott over 2000 years ago to train in the Tower of Despair, a place where time flowed significantly slower than the outside. There, he fought against many adversaries, preparing himself for his legendary battle against the First Apostle Cain. He currently awaits adventurers who venture into the tower, looking for the one mentioned in Azalea's prophecy.

"When the time comes, an Adventurer will appear before you, one with the strength to defeat the Apostles."


Ever since birth, Soldoros had an affinity toward the ways of the sword. He revealed his natural talent in swordsmanship during his childhood, when at the age of 10, he gained the title of Weapon Master.

Soldoros left his hometown and wandered the land searching for stronger opponents. He believed that only by fighting those stronger than him, he could be backed into a corner, allowing his talent to reach his true potential. However, by age 30, Soldoros ran out of opponents that were capable of challenging him.

As Soldoros continued to train, he grew bored with each new confrontation until he encountered a mysterious woman named Azalea Lott who carried with her a self-conscious weapon, Agathas Clararis. After a fierce long battle, Soldoros bested the sword, and became its new master. The battle had reinvigorated Soldoros's passion for fighting, causing him to once again crave stronger opponents and grow curious of its previous owner's origins.

In response, Azalea approached Soldoros with a proposal to which he would be able to fight the strong opponents he desired as well as challenge the strongest being in the known universe, Cain. But in exchange, he had to follow her and train in the Tower of Despair, join her on her quest to prevent the destruction of the world, and train the Adventurer who could defeat the Apostles. To which, Soldoros agreed.[1]

During his time in the tower, he continued his pursuit to be a master in all weapons. However, he was bested and humbled by another swordsman named Yang-Ull, who mastered only one. Acknowledging his new rival, the two individuals continuously fought each other as sparring partners. As Soldoros trained, he awaited the Adventurers of whom Azalea prophesied, awaiting the day to prepare them for the inevitable fight against the Apostles.

As an Enemy

Soldoros awaits challengers on the 96th floor of the Tower of Despair.

1st Phase - Zanbato

2nd Phase - Bludgeon

Bludgeons are great!

Soldoros will occasionally summon a shadow at your location that will attempt to slash you starting from this phase.

3rd Phase - Lightsabre

Lightsabres are cool.

4th Phase - Short Sword

You are amazing! Won't you join us?

Soldoros will summon Agathas Clararis in this phase, an autonomous greatsword: it will attack with a Draw Slash-like attack and has 18 health bars. It is not necessary to defeat.


It is not necessary to defeat Soldoros in this fight; if defeating him is beyond your ability, you may endure his attacks for three minutes. After three minutes pass, he will call a stop to the match and leave; this counts as your victory. Soldoros's attacks hit extremely hard and he attacks incredibly swiftly; getting caught in an attack is sure to kill you.

Should you fall against the True Blade Master, do not revive immediately; wait until the revive timer is at the last second, then revive. This counts towards reducing the timer to 0.



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