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Seria's Room

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Seria's Room
Location Elvenguard
Level Requirement Level 1
NPCs Seria Kirmin
Areas None
Elvenguard,Hendon Myre, West Coast, Aphelia Post, Underfoot, Storm Pass, Northern Shelter, Ghent, Bahn Hafen, Slaugh Industrial Complex, Noblesky, Zelva, Shonan, Kulundal. The Philasia
Guild Hideout

Seria's Room a special area that can be accessed from every major town in addition to being the room that all player characters appear in upon logging in. It contains useful amenities that can be utilized by the player, such as a safe which can hold items between characters and an account, a mailbox which allows the delivery of messages and items between players and the system and lastly an avatar closet to store unused avatars. Seria herself allows the player to purchase useful consumables, modify and compound magic seals, and control security systems tied to the account.

In the case of events, the room may be inhabited by special NPCs related to the event, one common example is the NPC Runa who will sometimes appear to provide assistance in certain events. Major events like Halloween or Summer Vacation for example, will not only include special NPCs but change the room visually to fit the occasion.

The exit at the bottom of the screen allows the player to return to the last location they visited the room from or logged out from. These areas can only be accessed as you continue throughout the game. The exit at the right allows the player to teleport to:


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Seria Kirmin Seria Kirmin Epic Quest Giver, New Player Assistant, Magic Seal Compounder, Merchant Seria's Room


Rusty Safe.gif

A Safe is located on the left side of the room, which can store items between individual characters. New characters begin with only 24 slots but with unlimited weight capacity for their safe, however it can be upgraded through the Item Shop with CERA.png CERA.

The Account Vault can be unlocked at level 60, which allows the player to store tradeable or account-bound items and gold in a separate inventory which is shared between all characters within the same account. This can also be upgraded through the Item Shop as well as through spending increasing amounts of Nihilistic Demon Stone.png Nihilistic Demon Stones, though the latter can only be used as currency up to level 7.


A Mailbox is located on the right side of the room. Clicking on it allows the player to send and receive items, gold, and messages to other characters. Only a maximum of 10 sealed or tradeable items can be sent, and each item will cost 1,000 Goldicon.png Gold. In addition, 5% of gold sent will be taken as taxed (but never above 10,000).

Aside from other players, messages are often sent by the system. These usually range from payments from the Auction House, items found through the Mercenary System, items received from events, and direct messages or gifts from the game developers.

Avatar Closet

An Avatar Closet is located southwest from the Safe. It's primary purpose is the store Avatars in order to reduce clutter and make room for your inventory. The closet will have the same slots as the character for storage, however if your Aura Skin on your character is locked, the Aura Skin slot in the closet will also be locked. When the closet has it's avatars stored, the model of the character will wear the stored avatars. Clone Avatars cannot be added into the closet.

In addition to storage, they make for a quick change in attire. Clicking the Change button on a preset will swap the current avatar set on your character to the chosen preset in the closet. If the character is wearing clone avatars, it will still apply to the swapped set, storing the avatars to your inventory. Every character start off with one free slot to store avatars. Additional slots can be purchased via Gold in the Item Shop.