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Item Shop

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The Item Shop allows players to purchase a variety of items through gold, mileage points or CERA. The Point Shop tab is where players can buy items with mileage points. The Monthly tab is where players can view and buy the current month's avatar set.

  • Mileage can be gained starting at Lv. 20 when you complete dungeons within your level range.
    • When spending CERA, you will gain 20% of the purchase as Mileage (i.e: 1,000 CERA purchase nets you 200 Mileage).

There are two ways to enter the Item Shop:

  • Click "Item Shop" in the Service Menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click your hotkey for the Item Shop (Default: F5).

Mileage Point Shop

Item Level Binding Cost
Antimatter Dynamo Box.png Antimatter Dynamo Box 1 Bind to Account 600 Mileage.png Mileage
Lupsongs Relic Box.png Lupsong's Relic Box 1 Bind to Account 180 Mileage.png Mileage
Special Energy Concealer Box.png Energy Concealer Box 1 Bind to Account 180 Mileage.png Mileage
Protection of Black and White.png Protection of Black and White 1 Bind to Account 100 Mileage.png Mileage
Noble Material Pouch.png Noble Material Pouch 1 Bind to Account 10 Mileage.png Mileage
Tayberrs Ticket.png Tayberrs Ticket 1 Bind to Account 100 Mileage.png Mileage
Hell Party Ticket.png Hell Party Ticket 1 Bind to Account 80 Mileage.png Mileage
Sky Rift Ticket.png Sky Rift Ticket 1 Bind to Account 300 Mileage.png Mileage
Celestial Rift Ticket.png Celestial Rift Ticket 1 Bind to Account 500 Mileage.png Mileage
Echo Megaphone.png Echo Megaphone (Account Bound) 30 Bind to Account 5 Mileage.png Mileage
X3 Growth Potion (30min).png x3 Growth Potion [30min] 1 Bind to Account 10 Mileage.png Mileage
Avatar Inventory Expansion Pass.png Avatar Inventory Expansion Pass 1 Bind to Account 30 Mileage.png Mileage
Rare Avatar Option Change Cube.png Rare Avatar Option Change Cube 1 Untradable 100 Mileage.png Mileage
Mystery Material Pouch.png [M] Mystery Powerful Energy Pouch 1 Bind to Account 5 Mileage.png Mileage
Mystery Cube Pouch.png [M] Mystery Cube Pouch 1 Bind to Account 2 Mileage.png Mileage
Avatar Extension Ticket (perm).png Avatar Extension Ticket (Permanent) 1 Bind to Account 50 Mileage.png Mileage
Fatigue Recovery Potion.png Fatigue Recovery Potion(20) 1 Untradable 15 Mileage.png Mileage
Grubeck's Secret Potion.png Grubeck's Secret Potion 1 Bind to Account 50 Mileage.png Mileage

Item Shop Catalogue

Life Tokens

Icon Description
Life Token.png Can be used in any dungeon to resurrect your character. To use a Token, press the attack key when you are dead (Default: X).
Amount Cost
10 Life Tokens 140 CERA
50 Life Tokens 600 CERA
100 Life Tokens 900 CERA


Otherverse Entry Reset Coupon A

Icon Description
Otherverse Entry Reset Coupon A.png Resets your entry count back to 2 for Goblin Kingdom, Castle Nebulous, and Rangelus's Guerrillas. Automatically consumed if you try to enter. Restricted to 1 usage per day.


Amount Cost
1 Otherverse Entry Reset Coupon A 150 CERA

Otherverse Entry Reset Coupon B

Icon Description
Otherverse Entry Reset Coupon B.png Resets your entry count back to 2 for Void Rift, Dark Side, Castle of Bakal. Automatically consumed if you try to enter. Restricted to 1 usage per day.


Amount Cost
1 Otherverse Entry Reset Coupon B 150 CERA

Simona's Letter of Recommendation

Icon Description
Simona's Letter of Recommendation.png Use this item after clearing one floor in Tower of Despair to be able to challenge the next floor in the same day. Restricted to 1 usage per day.


Amount Cost
1 Simona's Letter of Recommendation 95 CERA

Toy of Sparkling World

Icon Description
Toy of Sparkling World.png Cures all harmful status effects for all levels. For 10 seconds, you are immune to abnormal status effects.


Amount Cost
100 Toy of Sparkling World 150 CERA
200 Toy of Sparkling World 240 CERA
500 Toy of Sparkling World 450 CERA

Remy's Touch

Icon Description
Icon Remy's Touch.gif Immediately restores 30% of your Max HP and MP.

"My touch shall set you free from pain. -Remy Dios"

Amount Cost
100 Remy's Touch 290 CERA
200 Remy's Touch 490 CERA
500 Remy's Touch 790 CERA


Icon Description
Mana-Aid.png Immediately restores 30% of your max MP. There is no cooldown.
Amount Cost
100 Mana Aid 150 CERA
200 Mana Aid 250 CERA

Kaleido Box

Icon Description
Kaleido Box.png Place any weapon or armor item into the Kaleido Box and its base stats will change randomly. Once a Kaleido Box is used it cannot be used again.
Amount Cost
1 Kaleido Box 45 CERA
10 Kaleido Box 400 CERA
30 Kaleido Box 1,100 CERA
50 Kaleido Box 1,700 CERA

Echo Megaphone

Icon Description
Echo.png The Echo Megaphone allows you to send a message out to everyone in your entire server. Let your voice be heard loudly.
Amount Cost
1 Echo Megaphone 70 CERA
3 Echo Megaphone 210 CERA
5 Echo Megaphone 350 CERA
10 Echo Megaphone 700 CERA

Fatigue Point Potion

Icon Description
Fatigue Recovery Potion.png Restores Fatigue.
Amount Cost
Fatigue 1 Recovery Potion 10 CERA
Fatigue 30 Recovery Potion 50 CERA

Skeleton Key

Icon Description
Skeleton Key.png Use Skeleton Keys to unseal Lost Treasures. You need three Skeleton Keys to unseal one Lost Treasure.
Amount Cost
Skeleton Key x8 220 CERA
Skeleton Key x50 1,360 CERA
Skeleton Key x100 2,700 CERA

Golden Candle (Old)

Icon Description
Golden Candle.png Golden Candles are used to reseal unsealed items. The number of Golden Candles required to reseal an item depends on the level requirement, rarity, and number of times the item has been resealed. Only items that have been unsealed before can be resealed Items cannot be resealed more than 7 times.
Amount Cost
1 Golden Candle 990 NX
5 Golden Candle 3,900 NX
10 Golden Candle 6,900 NX

Golden Candle Cost (Old)

Item Level Golden Candle Cost
Rare Unique
1-9 3 4
10-19 6 8
20-29 9 12
30+ 15 20
For everytime an item has been resealed, it will cost 1 additional candle.

Bind Cube

Icon Description
Bind Cube.png Enables you to combine Avatars of the same slot type to create a Rare Avatar. The chance to create Rare Avatars increases when using Clone Avatars for the materials.

Can only be synthesized with Avatars identical to the job skills that uses the Bind Cube.

Amount Cost
1 Bind Cube 100 CERA
5 Bind Cube 450 CERA
10 Bind Cube 850 CERA


Note: All contracts are applied immediately upon purchase and effect all characters on the server.

Cube Contract

Icon Description
Cube Contract.png A different buff will be granted to you for 30 seconds when entering a dungeon depending on the cube you pick. The selected cube fragment will be consumed every 30 seconds.
  • Colored cube fragments: Enchants your weapon with an elemental attribute.
  • Clear cube fragments: Increases your physical and magical attack strength by +40.
  • Gold cube fragments: Critical hit rate +5% and Exorcism +7.
Amount Cost
Cube Contract: 3 Days 45 CERA
Cube Contract: 7 Days 85 CERA or 500,000 Gold
Cube Contract: 15 Days 160 CERA

Growth Contract

Icon Description
Growth Contract.png Increases Quest Item drop rate, Quest EXP, Hunting EXP and Dungeon clear EXP by 20%. Boss unique equipment drop rate will be increased with more party members. Also gives you a 4% chance to inflict an additional 500 damage when attacking.
Amount Cost
Growth Contract: 3 Days 180 CERA
Growth Contract: 7 Days 335 CERA
Growth Contract: 15 Days 630 CERA

Conqueror's Contract

Icon Description
Conqueror's Contract.png Allows you to wear equipment up to 10 levels above your current level. When the contract expires, all gear above your level will be moved back into your inventory. Any equipment items that you unseal will remain unsealed. Does not apply in the Arena.
Amount Cost
Conqueror's Contract: 3 Days 120 CERA
Conqueror's Contract: 7 Days 225 CERA
Conqueror's Contract: 15 Days 420 CERA

Tactician's Contract

Icon Description
Tactician's Contract.png Allows you to learn and use skills up to 5 levels above your current level. When the contract expires, any SP spent on these skills will be refunded. Does not apply in the Arena.
Amount Cost
Tactician's Contract: 3 Days 150 CERA
Tactician's Contract: 7 Days 280 CERA
Tactician's Contract: 15 Days 525 CERA

Neo Premium Contract

Neo Premium Plus+

Icon Description
Neo Premium Contract(Plus).png Neo Premium Plus+ has the benefit of:
Benefit 1. Extra Fatigue Point 156 -> 273
Benefit 2. All benefits from Premium Basic
Benefit 3. Execlusive unique weapon rentals
Benefit 4. Neo Premium Tokens can be dropped in dungeons and use at Canna's vending machine for bonus rewards
Benefit 5. Special daily bonus items that contains Simona's Letter of Recommendation, 10 Demon Invitations, and 2 Refined Terraniums
Amount Cost
Neo Premium Plus+: 3 Days 180 CERA
Neo Premium Plus+: 7 Days 380 CERA
Neo Premium Plus+: 15 Days 700 CERA
Neo Premium Plus+: 30 Days 990 CERA


Safe Upgrades

Increases the size of your safe in Seria's chamber. Note that you must purchase one safe upgrade at a time. Only the next upgrade will appear in your Item Shop screen as a purchase option. All safe upgrades have no weight limit and are permanent.
Type Cost
Safe Upgrade (Copper).png Rusty Copper Safe
(24 slots)

Rusty Safe.gif

Safe Upgrade (Silver).png Silver Safe
(40 slots)

Silver Safe.gif

Safe Upgrade (Elegant Silver).png Elegant Silver Safe
(56 slots)

Elegant Silver Safe.gif

100 CERA
Safe Upgrade (Gold).png Gold Safe
(72 slots)

Gold Safe.gif

200 CERA
Safe Upgrade (Radiant Gold).png Radiant Gold Safe
(88 slots)

Radiant Gold Safe.gif

300 CERA
Safe Upgrade (Lavish Gold).png Lavish Gold Safe
(104 slots)

Lavish Gold Safe.gif

400 CERA
Safe Upgrade (Diamond).png Diamond Safe
(120 slots)

Diamond Safe.gif

400 CERA
Safe Upgrade (Splendid Diamond).png Splendid Diamond Safe
(136 slots)

Splendid Diamond Safe.png

400 CERA
Safe Upgrade (Terranite).png Terranite Safe
(152 slots)

Terranite Safe.gif

400 CERA

Account Safe Upgrades

Increases the size of your account safe in Seria's chamber. Note that you must purchase one safe upgrade at a time. Only the next upgrade will appear in your Item Shop screen as a purchase option. All safe upgrades have no weight limit and are permanent.
  • Note: Level 60 minimum is required for Account Safe. These options will not appear until a Character on the account reaches Level 60.
  • Alternatively, you can trade Nihilistic Demon Stones to upgrade your Account Safe up to Level 7, in which CERA is required to upgrade the safe past level 7.
Type Cost
Level 2 Account Safe Upgrade.png Level 2 Account Safe Upgrade
(16 slots)
Level 3 Account Safe Upgrade.png Level 3 Account Safe Upgrade
(24 slots)
Level 4 Account Safe Upgrade.png Level 4 Account Safe Upgrade
(32 slots)
Level 5 Account Safe Upgrade.png Level 5 Account Safe Upgrade
(40 slots)
100 CERA
Level 6 Account Safe Upgrade.png Level 6 Account Safe Upgrade
(48 slots)
150 CERA
Level 7 Account Safe Upgrade.png Level 7 Account Safe Upgrade
(56 slots)
200 CERA
Level 8 Account Safe Upgrade.png Level 8 Account Safe Upgrade
(64 slots)
300 CERA
Level 9 Account Safe Upgrade.png Level 9 Account Safe Upgrade
(72 slots)
500 CERA
Level 10 Account Safe Upgrade.png Level 10 Account Safe Upgrade
(80 slots)
800 CERA
Level 11 Account Safe Upgrade.png Level 11 Account Safe Upgrade
(88 slots)

Arad Auction License

Icon Description
Merchant's Kit.png For 30 days, this license allows you to place CERA items as well as up to 30 items on the Auction House. This item is applied immediately upon purchase.
Amount Cost
Arad Auction License 290 CERA

Inventory Expansion Passes

Icon Description
Inventory Expansion Pass (Tier 1).png Inventory Expansion Pass (Tier 2).png Using this item will expand all tabs in the inventory by 1 row and 10 Kg. Only applies to this character (Applied immediately after purchasing. Avatar and Creature tabs are not affected.
Amount Cost
Inventory Expansion Pass: Tier 1 40 CERA
Inventory Expansion Pass: Tier 2 90 CERA

Character Renaming Ticket

Icon Description
Character Renaming Ticket.png Enables you to rename you character. Names that already exist in the server cannot be used. Can only be used in town and cannot be used if character is dispatched as a Mercenary. The ticket will automatically redirect you to the Character Selection Screen upon use.
Amount Cost
1 Character Renaming Ticket 470 CERA

Character Slot Extension Kit

Icon Description
Character Slot Extension Kit.png Adds 1 character slot. Up to 5 Extension Kits can be used.
Amount Cost
1 Character Slot Extension Kit 290 CERA

Faithful Owl

Icon Description
Carrier Owl.jpg Use this item to have the Owl bring your safe to your current location. Can be used in town, Tower of the Dead/Illusion and dungeons. Can be used indefinitely with a 3s cooldown.
Amount Cost
1 Faithful Owl 90 CERA

Dual Skill Build License

Icon Description
Dual skill license.png Allows for a character to have an additional Skill Build, allowing for 2 different Skill Builds.
Amount Cost
1 Dual Skill Build License 390 CERA

Notes about Dual Skill Build:

  • This item is permanent on a character once bought. It only applies to the character you bought the license with.
  • The additional Skill Build will have the total SP your main build has.
  • Skill Builds can only be switched outside of dungeons.


For information, see the Creatures page

Icon Name Cost
Amyegg.png Amy Egg 320 CERA
Boboegg.png Bobo Egg 320 CERA
Chaffegg.png Chaf Egg 320 CERA
Belzegg.png Belz Egg 500 CERA
Haagentiegg.png Haagenti Egg 500 CERA
Aveasegg.png Aveas Egg 500 CERA
Marbasegg.png Flamba Egg 500 CERA
Marbasegg.png Marbas Egg 500 CERA
Marbasegg.png Botis Egg 500 CERA
Pareasegg.png Pareas Egg 500 CERA
Scythilidegg.png Scyhtilid Egg 500 CERA
Berithegg.png Berith Egg 500 CERA

Creature Rename Card

Icon Description
Rename Card.png Allows you to change the name for your creature. Entering "No Name" resets the creature's name to its default. The card is consumed upon use.
Amount Cost
3 Rename Card 50 CERA

Creature Food

Icon Description
Creature Food.png Feeding your Creature increases the speed of Charging Time for your Creature's skill by 30%. Creatures will automatically consume 1 food every 60 seconds while in a dungeon or when loyalty drops to 10 or below.
Amount Cost
100 Creature Food 80 CERA
300 Creature Food 210 CERA
500 Creature Food 340 CERA
1000 Creature Food 670 CERA

Selectable Avatar System

The Selectable Avatar system shop page, Male Slayer perspective

The Selectable Avatar System allows you to preview and purchase avatars.

  • You can buy avatars for classes that are not yours by using the drop down box close to the top left.
  • Avatar price varies on the type it is.
Avatar Type Cost
Top/Bottom Avatar 150 CERA
Hair/Hat Avatar 130 CERA
Face/Torso/Waist/Shoes Avatar 120 CERA
Clone Top/Bottom Avatar 240 CERA
Clone Hair/Hat Avatar 180 CERA
Clone Face/Torso/Waist/Shoes Avatar 150 CERA

Avatar Items