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Kaleido Box

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Kaleido Box.png
Kaleido Box

Use this item to reset your Equipment to a random rank. Or use on identified Magic-sealed items to reset their suffix to a random rank between C and S. When used on Title items, this item only resets the value of their abilities and the Titles remain ranked at Average. This item cannot reset suffixes that are added along with elemental attributes and skills.

Kaleido Boxes are a special consumable that allows a piece of equipment's stats to be re-rolled. If used on a Magic-Sealed item, it gains the option of changing the grade of a prefix bonus. A certain number of Kaleido Boxes can be traded in at Seria for a special Kaleido Box that guarantees 100% rank at select grades.

With the introduction of Mythic Equipment added in the Season 6. Act 01 Update, Kaleido Boxes can now be used to randomly change their Option values.


NPC Cost
Item Shop 45 CERA.png CERA
  • Various events.

Other Uses

  • Re-rolling Mythic Equipment Option Values.

List of Kaleido Boxes


  • There are different types of Kaleido Boxes with unique properties, such as ones with the ability to upgrade an item to its maximum possible stats.