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Tau King Shauta

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Icon-Tau King Shauta.png
Tau King Shauta
Tau King Shauta.png
Portrait of Tau King Shauta

The strongest Tau in all of Grand Flores.

Move List

  • Has the normal attacks of all Taus along with Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status).
  • Leans down and charges while protected by Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status).
    • This attack has deceptive range, even hitting slightly behind him.
  • He may start to grab his axe and charge it. Once the charge is complete, he will smash the ground and cause massive damage to players around the blast. This blast has a long forward range; it's best to be behind the boss when it sets it off or jump at the right time to avoid it.


  • Try to attack him from behind; his charge attack misses easily while you're constantly back there.
  • Try and move up and down during his attacks to get out of the way; they are very one dimensional so they will miss if you've moved one direction. If you clear out the minions it should be an easy fight.