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Equipment Option Growth

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The Equipment Option Growth is a System introduced in Dungeon Fighter Online as of the Season 7: Act 01 patch, that allow players to strengthen their newly acquired Level 105 Equipment's Damage Values, Option Levels and Adventurer Fame. This can be accessed through either Kiri's Epic Processing System at Hendon Myre or Loton in West Coast. By going to either NPC, click on the "Option Fusion" and it will take you to three different tabs. By default, you will be at the Option Growth tab where you can fuse epics of the same type to increase it's potency.

Option Growth Requirements

Under Option Growth, there are two options you can take: Standard Growth or Complete Growth. Both require the common necessary materials:

Under the Option Growth window, you have the option, if one or both equipment have an enchantment, to choose between keeping one enchantment over the other. This option will also have an effect over the overall cost.
Note: If your equipment also has a Reinforcement/Refinement/Amplification bonus, choosing an enchantment may override those bonuses over the other or outright remove it if the chosen equipment has no bonus.

The Option Growth Window with two applicable equipment that can be fused under the Complete Growth Method.

Standard Growth Method

Standard Growth is the more economic alternative to Complete Growth. Under Standard Growth, you can feed a portion of the material equipment's Option Level and EXP to the target equipment at a generally lower price. Equipment with the same matching options will receive the full added level and EXP.

Complete Growth Method

Complete Growth allows you to fuse the material equipment to the target equipment at full added levels and EXP at the cost of higher Growth costs. This choice is applicable only towards equipment of the same type but different options; Equipment with the same matching options are not eligible for Complete Growth.

Applicable Equipment


Option Transfer

Option Transfer Window showing the applicable Ent Spirit and Blue Beryl Armor Top's options.

Under the Option Transfer window, and only exclusive to Custom Epic Equipment, you can transfer over a target equipment's one of four options onto the applicable material equipment for the following requirements. Once Transferring is finalized, the material equipment that was used will disappear.

Applicable Equipment

  • Level 105 Custom Epic Equipment
    • Blue Beryl Series
    • Ent Spirit Series
    • Forest Witch Series
    • Deep Diver Series

Option Level Transfer

Sharing an identical function to Black Purgatory, Option Level Transfer allows you to transfer a material equipment's Option Levels and EXP over towards a corresponding target equipment. Once this is finalized, the material equipment will not disappear, but instead have it's values reset back to Level 1 with no EXP. The equipment's Adventurer Fame may get changed slightly depending on it's overall Damage/Buff Power values. Matching equipment options cannot be used for Transferring.

The following materials are required per transfer: