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Abysmal Arena

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Arena of the Abyss
Abysmal Arena Icon.png
Location Valley of Fallen Souls
Min. Level 60
Level 60-70
Monster Level 68-72
End Boss None


The Arena of the Abyss is a special gauntlet-type area recently introduced in Japan and China where you must attempt to get as far as you can. In order to move on, you must defeat all enemies on a floor before going to the next. There are 8 floors in total, and the further you go, the harder the enemies get. Consequently, the enemies also get harder if you bring more people with you. The Arena of the Abyss is unique in that most of the enemies you'll face are bosses, and they're often paired up with other bosses making it fairly tricky sometimes.


  • Must be Lv60+ to enter.
  • Normal consumables can be used.
  • Upgraded Equipment is nerfed considerably.
  • Can not use Life Tokens. You only get one shot.
  • Entry is fairly limited.
  • At the beginning of each floor, Active Awakening skills will have their cooldown time reset.

Death & Rewards

Unfortunately, you can't use tokens here, so if you die, that's it. You'll gain Item Cards and extra experience based on how far you made it through the Arena. The further you get, the more Item Cards and EXP you'll get.

Enemies will drop various Coins (Copper, Silver, and Gold) when defeated which can be used to buy Boss Unique Equipment or "Alias" Equipment that comes with special bonuses.


There are 8 Floors total. Aside from the 1st floor, enemy combinations are semi-random.

1st Floor

  • Tau King Shauta, Tau Warrior x2

2nd Floor

  • Hydracle x2
  • Tau Beast x3
  • Goblin Thrower x4

3rd Floor

  • GBL High Priest, GBL Archbishop, Lodin Glow (or Arbitrator Marcellus)

4th Floor

  • Evil Eye's Right Eye, Evil Eye's Left Eye, Sieghart the Castellan of Light
  • Sasquatch x2, UM-0 Ultimatum
  • Ice-Locking Keraha, Flaming Binoche, Lightning Kinoll, Ghoulguish

5th Floor

  • Evil Eye's Right Eye, Isadora, Master Hunter (or Aracloso)
  • ??? x8

6th Floor

Only one boss will show up here, but it has a chance of being a boss from Hero's Road.

  • Mecha Gizel (Hero)
  • Headless Knight
  • Agram (Hero)
  • Admiral Von Beornan (Hero)
  • Moth Queen (Hero)
  • Bwanga

7th Floor

  • Dorniar EX x2, GT-9600 (or Mecha Gizel or Machine-Arm Warjack)
  • Dorniar x4

8th Floor

  • Ice-Locking Keraha, Flmaing Binoche, Agram, Michelle the Telekinetic
  • Admiral Von Beornan, Commodore Cannonhann, Quong'qng
  • Rocket Man, Riot Captain Shred, Arsonist Bentinck