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Lady Kiri

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KiriIcon.png Lady Kiri
Age 26
Sex Female
Race Empyrean
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Gunner Trainer, Gear Reinforcer
Alias N/A
Location Hendon Myre
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Lady Kiri is a Gunner trainer in Hendon Myre. Her feminine outfit and speech belie her sprightly disposition and her past of near suicidal duels and gunfights in the Lawless District of Empyrean. A consummate master of various types of firearms, she was particularly famous in the Lawless Territory for her fast draw. Near the end of the historic battle in Arden, she and another Gunner, Ka'atu, were shot in the midst of a duel by the devious gunslinger Crawford and promptly plunged through the Middle Ocean. She miraculously fell into a sea in Arad and survived in spite of her injuries. After settling in Arad, she has been training novice Gunners and leading a cheerful life befitting her personality.



Request Chat

  • Hey, everyone. What a wonderful day today! It's a perfect day for walking, isn't it?
  • Is Empyrean a good place to live? I don't know. I like living here too. You want me to answer you? Hah hah? I think what matters isn't whether you like being there or not.
  • When I fell from Empyrean down to Arad, I thought I was going to die. While falling, I decided that if I got lucky and survived this fall, I would do what I'd always wanted to do. And as you can see, I survived the fall, and I'm now standing here, alive and healthy! What was it that I've always wanted to do? It's a secret!


  • Hm. I wanna learn magic too.
  • Oh, how I miss home.
  • Wouldn't it be great if I could endow my bullets with Nen?
  • Ouch, my, my. What a handsome man.

Conversation start

  • Oh, hello. I'm Kiri.
  • What are you doing here?
  • I'm Kiri from Empyrean.
  • Mornings in Arad are truly exhilarating.
  • You must learn by starting at the very beginning: how to hold a gun.
  • Oh, what a beautiful day.
  • Nice to meet you. I'm Kiri, the gunner.

Conversation end

  • Take care.
  • Bang! *blow*
  • See you later.
  • Buhbye.
  • Have a great time.
  • Someday, I would love for you to teach me some magic. The sooner the better.
  • Thanks for visiting.
  • Let me know if you hear any news about Empyrean, okay? Okay?!


  • Kiri's name varies in different origins and meanings. It could either be mountain summit in Cambodia spelt as Kiry or the Maori variant for tree bark.
  • Her outfit is given out through a Mini Package for Male Gunners.



Kiri the lady 1.png KiriPortrait.jpg


KiriDefault.gif Summer Halloween Christmas Lunar Year Festival Injured during a Miracle Reinforcement event Bell the Madam in Once Upon a Time