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Sirocco the Intangible Raid

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Missing info.png Seria says: "Nothing should be as mysterious as I am!"

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Sirocco the Intangible Raid
SiroccoRaid TrueHallLoading.jpeg
Location Abysmal Sky Tower
Min. Level 100
Level 100
Monster Level 135
End Boss No Icon.png Sirocco


Sirocco the Intangible Raid is the fifth raid added in Dungeon Fighter Online that's heavily focused on the 5th Apostle, Sirocco after she was resurrected by the Grim Seekers, following those events surrounding The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection. Players must be Level 100 and complete the necessary Act Quest to access the raid channel through Abysmal Sky Tower.

Raid Rules & Details

Level Required Normal - Hard Adventurer Fame.png Adventurer Fame Raid Entry Fatigue Points Entry Daily/Weekly Entry Count
100 - 110 10,815 1 Purging Relic.png Purging Relic 0 2/2
  • Purging Relic Box.png Purging Relic Box can be purchased for 30 Aiolite.png Aiolites or 150,000 Goldicon.png Gold through the Raid Shop.
  • Availability: Sirocco Raid is opened on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Time Limit:
    • 40 Minutes per Phase, 80 Minutes in total. (1 Hour & 18 Minutes)
    • Each subdungeon will have it's own time limit.
  • Player Amount: Up to 16 players can participate.
  • Quest Needed: Clear Act Quest Icon.png Back to Where We Belong to gain access to the Raid Channel.
  • Players can speak with NPC Shinjang to form a Raid Party, while Aganzo on the right side of the West Coast Harbor Docks can begin the Raid once all preparations are finalized.


  • Self-resurrection-related skills from Male Mage, Female Crusader & Knight cannot be used.
  • All Consumables retain their maximum 5 usage limit per subdungeon, anything purchased from Aganzo expires on Tuesdays.
  • Purging Relic.png Purging Relic can be replenished through your mailbox if the Raid is considered a failure. However, leaving the Raid entirely will not give your entry back.
  • If you lose or retreat from a battle, you'll be moved back to the Lobby under a resurrection penalty, which will keep you from fighting again for a set amount of time.
  • Players who have cleared Phase 1 and received it rewards, cannot get them again if they failed to clear Phase 2 after retrying the Raid.

Dungeons & Monsters

Scenario Only

Dungeon Name Level
SkyCastle LowerSection.png Sky Castle (Lower Section) ??

Raid Version

Dungeon Name Level Monsters
Gateway of Laws 100 Icon-Gate.png The Gate
No Icon.png Nameless Gatekeeper
Dawn of Dreams 100 No Icon.png Hanielle of Seduction
Border of Phantasm 100 Icon-Tra and Tana.png Tra & Tana
Day of Return 100 No Icon.png Beastmaster Marcelo, Bored Marcelo
Night of Terrors 100 No Icon.png Sure Shot 6 Raina
Mirrors of Trials 100 No Icon.png Drifting Gurumi
Fragment of Memories / Memories of Fragments 100 No Icon.png Devouring Gusty
The Castle of Phantasm / Phantasm of the Castle 100 No Icon.png Shattering Rodos
Gateway of Immateriality 100 No Icon.png Vita of Mercy (Left)
No Icon.png Nex of Righteousness (Right)
Floating Castle (Sirocco) 100 No Icon.png Hwarang Bihwarang
(Challenge/Hard Mode Only)
Hall of Subconsciousness 100 No Icon.png Sirocco's Nightmare
Altered Hall of Subconsciousness 100 No Icon.png Old Hag in the Dream
Hall of Consciousness 100 No Icon.png Sirocco the Intangible (Sirocco's Illusion)
True Hall of Consciousness 100 No Icon.png Leveche, Sirocco Devoid of Self
No Icon.png Leveche, Sirocco Devoid of Thought
No Icon.png Ghili, Sirocco Devoid of Words
True Hall of Subconsciousness: Denial 100 No Icon.png Sirocco's Nightmare
True Hall of Subconsciousness: Suppression 100 Icon-Kane.png Kane, Assassin in the Fog
True Hall of Subconsciousness: Oblivion 100 No Icon.png Roxy
Hall of Inner Self
(Challenge Only)
100 No Icon.png Sirocco

Equipment Fusion System

Visit Lemidia Basilica: The Altar of Purification for more details.

Trajectory of Nothingness

  • Or Bullet Time is a new mechanic introduced within Sirocco Raid that enables the ability to let players slow down time against Boss monsters during their fight. This can be used for specific patterns that are crucial to clearing and avoiding party wipes.
  • All party members can have the Bullet Time gauge bar next to their HP, but is only accessed by party leaders. Once entering a Boss room, the gauge automatically fills over time and can be activated by pressing the TAB key button once it fills at a certain range or maximum limit, decreasing upon usage.
  • If the current party leader leaves or passes on lead to another player, they'll receive the permissions to use Bullet Time.

Sirocco Raid Normal Mode

Released in October 2020's Season 6 - Act. 06 Patch and upon the completion of Act Quest Icon.png Back to Where We Belong, players can gain access to Sirocco Raid that heavily focuses on the resurrected Apostle that took place surrounding The Oculus in Abysmal Sky Tower. The Raid content itself is no by means far more difficult than Prey-Isys during it's September 2019 launch in the Level 95 cap, but it requires a heavy amount of cooperation from each party as it's meant to be cleared with 4 parties of 16 players in total. Sirocco is split up into multiple areas which serve as seperate two Phases — Chase Operation and Subjugation.

A single player can create a Raid Group by speaking to Shinjang while in the Raid Channel. The Raid leader is also able to organize their raid's parties and are responsible for coordinating their parties' objectives. The Raid can then be initiated by speaking to Aganzo when all Raid members fulfill the entrance requirements.

Party Composition

Sirocco Raid now currently utilizes 16 players comprised into 4 different parties that consists of Red, Orange, Yellow & Green parties. There is no specific in-game designation for who belongs in which party, but player convention is to make the red party the strongest, followed by orange party, yellow party and then green party. Due to how Sirocco Raid is structured, it is recommended that every party contains:

The 4 parties typically have different expected responsibilities, but no party is locked out of any particular dungeon so this is up to the raid leader's discretion.


Similar to The Oculus, Sirocco Raid's "home base" area starts off on the West Coast Harbor across from where the Abysmal Sky Tower is located. During Phase 1, the Sky Castle's Lower Floor consists of four multiple sections that act as a "Gateway" which carries their own clear condition in order to move forward onto the next Gateway. Throughout Phase 2, the in-dungeon enviroments change from Sky Tower into the Apostle's subconsciousness when progress is continued onward. Just like Prey-Isys Raid, players cannot leave the Raid Area once it begins, nor head back into Seria's Room until Phase 2 is completed.

Phase 1 - Chase Operation

Area 1: Gateway of Laws

When Phase 1 begins, all four parties enter Sky Tower's lowest floor through their own spawned Destroyed Gate dungeon, eliminate The Gate that is blocking the entrance, and battle against Nameless Gatekeeper. During the Gatekeeper's fight, he'll absorb a specific amount of souls in conjuction to four different BGM instruments that was played before entering his boss room (Aria/Vocals - 1 Soul, Piano - 2 Souls, Electric Guitar - 3 Souls, Synthesizer - 4 Souls). Once everyone has gotten their number, All parties must coordinate in defeating Gatekeeper in a specific order (1-2-3-4) and if done correctly, they'll advance to the next Gateway. Be careful on not going out of order, as this will result in resetting progress and restores Gatekeeper's HP to maximum.

Area 2: Gateway of Intelligence

For this Gateway, there are four dungeons that'll spawn: Dawn of Dreams, Border of Phantasm, Night of Terrors and Day of Return. The main goal is to defeat Hanielle who is the Dawn of Dreams boss that'll advance towards the next Gateway. Once Red Party enters, the latter dungeons are unlocked where Orange goes into Border of Phantasm (Tra and Tana), Yellow for Night of Terrors (Reina) and Green for Day of Return (Marcelo). Each dungeon has their own penalties that'll interfere with other parties if not entered or cleared, with the latter nullifying those penalties and offers benefits similar to Anton Raid's Hatcheries in Phase 2 (I.E. damage boost for Red against Hanielle). Night of Terrors & Day of Return have a 2-minute respawn limit, while clearing Border of Phantasm permanantly disables entry, but can regenerate if the party who entered Dawn of Dreams retreated.

Area 3: Gateway of Trials I

Another set of four dungeons spawn: Fragment of Memories / Memories of Fragments & Mirrors of Trials. Besides the in-dungeon structures, they all function the same regardless. Red & Orange parties enters Fragment/Memories (Devouring Gusty), while Yellow & Green parties handle Mirror of Trials (Gurumi). Once Fragment/Memories are cleared, it'll advance to the next Gateway for Phase 1. Both of the Mirrors act like Naval Cannon Defense from Anton, if neither of them are cleared within a 5-minute time limit, it'll reset the Raid's progress back a floor so Yellow & Green should watch for the timer.

Area 4: Gateway of Trials II

For the final Gateway, there are now six dungeons: Gateway of Immateriality, The Castle of Phantasm / Phantasm of the Castle, and Mirrors from Area 3. To enter Phase 2, both Immateriality dungeons must be cleared with Red entering the left side (Vita), and Orange entering the right side (Nex) Both bosses have similar mechanics, while Castles (Shattering Rodos) are also the same way. Optionally, Yellow & Green can clear Castles repeatedly to offer a damage boost for Red/Orange against Vita/Nex respectively ranging from 40% - 200% if the dungeon's gauge below shown on the Status Board is filled, they must also make sure Mirrors does not run out of time as this too can reset the Raid's progress back.

Once both Vita & Nex are defeated, everyone recieves their Phase 1 rewards and is given a 5 minute break before Phase 2 begins.

Phase 2 - Subjugation

Hall of Immateriality - The 3rd Plane

With the beginning of Phase 2, four Hall of Subconsciousness dungeon nodes spawns where each party in no specific order can enter to hunt down Sirocco's Nightmare and defeat it to advance towards the next Plane.

Hall of Immateriality - The 2nd Plane

Two Altered Hall of Subconsciousness (Old Hag) & Hall of Consciousness (Sirocco's Illusion) spawns which are connected to each other that too functions similarly. Clearing both Halls of Consciousness advances to the final Plane. Optionally, Yellow & Green Parties can go inside Altered Hall and defeat Old Hag which in turn, activates a groggy time for Sirocco's Illusion.

Hall of Immateriality - The 1st Plane

The final Phase 2 Plane. There are six dungeons comprised of the three inner layer True Hall of Consciousness that houses the final boss, Sirocco in three alternate forms (Leveche, Leste, Ghili) which are randomly choosen and have their own mechanics, while the outer layer three are True Hall of Subconsciousness: Denial, Suppression & Oblivion. The most common strategy mainly involves Red, Orange, and Yellow Parties entering any True Hall of Consciousness dungeon and fight a different boss form that shares the same HP pool.

The Outer Layer dungeons mostly function to setup a groggy phase inside Consciousness. Sirocco's Nightmare reappears in True Hall: Denial and acts similarly to Mirrors from Phase 1 where failing to clear it can result in a major Raid reset towards the 3rd Plane, Green Party can enter it optionally to prevent any setbacks.

True Hall: Suppression is where Assassin in the Fog is located. The party who enters this dungeon are required to find and defeat him as this not only causes the Consciousness dungeons to rotate clockwise, but will set up a Resonance that will align True Hall: Oblivion with a Consciousness above which in turn is prepared for Sirocco's groggy. Getting the Resonance may require more than one clear of Supression as the dungeon quickly respawns.

True Hall: Oblivion has Roxy, acting like Observatory of the Abyss with the Stormy Ballista. Defeating Roxy will not kill her entirely, but this activates the 25-second groggy phase during a Resonance and she'll automatically stop any of Sirocco's Forms' patterns with all three Consciousness merging to reveal her true form. After 25 seconds, all three parties are kicked out in a "Encroached" state for 150 seconds before they can re-enter. Damage dealt to Sirocco will only be saved if True Hall: Oblivion is cleared before time runs out.

Phase 2 ends successfully if Sirocco's HP reaches 0, or ends in failure upon exceeding 40 Minutes.


  • Completing Subjugation Operation (Phase 2), all players will receive two card flips:
  • The first card will yield:
  • The second card will yield one of the following randomly:

Sirocco Guide/Squad Mode

Level Required Guide - Squad Adventurer Fame.png Adventurer Fame Raid Entry Fatigue Points Entry Daily/Weekly Entry Count
100 - 110 10,815 1 Small Purging Relic.png Small Purging Relic 0 2/2

A Guide & Squad Mode for Sirocco Raid would be released in a December 2020 update, with the latter utilizing three Elite Members that was introduced in Dark Dimension, and the former continuing a Solo-only experience like previous Raids that were given one.

Guide Mode Adjustments

  • Small Purging Relic Box.png Small Purging Relic Box can be purchased for 18 Aiolite.png Aiolites/80,000 Goldicon.png Gold through the Raid Shop.
  • Reduced Phase 1 & 2 Rewards.
  • 5 Characters can bound on either Guide/Squad Mode, resets every Tuesday.
  • In-dungeon time limit has been removed.
  • Similar to Oculus Guide Mode, a tutorial showing the Raid's mechanics can be shown or disabled at anytime.
  • 3 A.I. controlled Elite Members of your own choosing can be picked out during Squad Mode preparations.

Dungeons Adjustments

Monster Adjustments


  • The second card will yield one of the following randomly:

Sirocco Challenge Mode

Added within the Aeterna Patch in June 2021, Sirocco Challenge Mode is Solo-only content that is completely seperate from the Raid itself that takes on a Boss Rush format with several changes to test players' abilities. It can be accessed by speaking to NPC Knight Robato in the West Coast Alliance Camp and selecting the Sirocco Challenge Tab.

Requirements & Rules

  • Fatigue Points 30.
  • Weekly/Entry Count: Once a day, twice a week.
  • Daily Reward Count: Once a day.
  • Adventurer Fame: 13,374 (Challenge)
  • Player Amount: Solo only. 3 characters per account can be bound until Tuesday 9:00 UTC.
  • Time Limit: 5 Minutes in-dungeon.
  • The Radiant Mirror and Radiant Image buffs will be applied.
  • Life Token.png Life Token usage limited to 2 per dungeon.
  • Instead of Aganzo, a Alliance Soldier NPC makes preparations.

Dungeon Adjustments

Phase 1

Phase 2

Boss Monster Adjustments

Challenge Mode Rewards

Sirocco Hard Mode

In a December 2021 patch, Sirocco Hard Mode is included alongside Ozma Raid's Guide & Squad Mode. Although it's requirements are largely the same and no by means far tougher in terms of difficulty, there are some slight overall changes.

Hard Mode Requirements & Adjustments

Expert Party System

  • One of Sirocco Hard's main features is a new Party system known as the Pro Party where four players can particpate alongside Red, Orange and Yellow parties respectively. The main catch behind this implemented party is that Hwarang has placed a spell that disables Radiant Mirror/Image Raid buffs for those participants, and Buffer classes (Crusaders/Enchantress) are locked out from using any of their supportive skills, though this doesn't restrict Battle-oriented Male Crusaders. In return, each dungeon they'll enter will have the Monsters' stats be rejadusted to their overall strength.

Sirocco Hard Rewards

  • Completing Subjugation Operation (Phase 2), the player will receive two card flips:
  • The first card will yield:

Sirocco Hard Auction Rewards

  • Similar to Ozma Raid's Chaos Level's 1 - 3, Sirocco Hard can also feature Auction Rewards at the end of Phase 2.
  • The minimum bid for certain items ranges from 1 to 3 Million Goldicon.png Gold, either in Account-bound or Untradable form.
  • Some items can be featured weekly that changes every Tuesday.

List of Sirocco Auction Items