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Echon - Ruined Sanctuary

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Echon - Ruined Sanctuary
Echon - Ruined Sanctuary.png
Location Pandemonium Junction
Min. Level 90
Level 90-100
Monster Level 90-100
End Boss Ghost King Drajan or Benevolent Sasha


Echon is the homeland of Apostle Kasijas. A vast desert dotted with small patches of grassland, it’s a land always filled with strife. At first, the habitants fought over the fertile lands, but gradually they started to just enjoy fighting itself. They smelted the beautiful metal art and decorations from their castle to make spears and swords out of them. Their culture, which once flourished despite the harsh environment, was reduced to a faded memory. The residents of Echon don't seem to regret losing their cultural legacy. They're too busy fighting to care about anything else.


  • Entrance Fee: 5 Terranium.png Terranium and 5 Seed of Birth.png Seed of Birth.
  • Recommended Equipment: +10 Legendary or better weapons at suitable levels.
  • Minimum Exorcism.png Exorcism: 4,504.
  • Can be entered up to 3 times a day per character.
  • Must be entered solo.
  • Players obtain Valor while in the dungeon.

Valor System

Within Echon dungeons, the player can acquire Valor by dealing damage. Gained Valor fills the Grade gauge on the left side of the screen. When the gauge is filled up to Grade SSS, Valor is released, allowing the use of a special Tab skill that knocks all enemies away, as well as granting special effects, such as Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status), increased attack range, additional hits during Normal attacks, additional hits during Tab skills, skill cooldown -15%, and additional cooldown reduction for certain class skills. Valor Release mode lasts for a set duration, but can be maintained by continually dealing damage.

In addition, Named Monsters and Boss Monsters can also utilize the Valor System.