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Items are an essential feature in DFO, as are in any other games. Earlier on, characters depend greatly on levels and skills to improve their strength, but as the game progresses, they tend to become increasingly reliant on effective use of items, be they equipment, consumables, ingredients or quest materials.

Depending on their rarity, items are classified into different ranks, indicated by the color of their names.

Item Types


Weapons Makes up 1 equipment slot Each class has specialized weapons with varying attack speeds. Your subclass usually determines the type of weapon to use.
Armor Makes up 5 equipment slots Has five sub-types: Cloth Armor, Leather Armor, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Plate Armor
Accessories Makes up 3 equipment slots Usually adds Magic Defense; makes up three slots, the Bracelet, Necklace, and Ring slots.
Titles Makes up 1 equipment slot Titles are considered equipment in DFO, and they take up an inventory slot. You may store extra titles in the Title Book.
Special Equipment Makes up 3 equipment slots Sub Equipment, Magic Stones, and Earrings boost special stats; must be unlocked with System Quests.

Equipment refers to wearable items; there are a total of 10 possible equip slots on a character (does not include Avatar equip slots). Many weapons are class-specific, and certain classes get bonuses from specific armors; see Weapons and Armor for more information.

The Equipment Dictionary, A list of all the equipment found in the game, can be found by clicking the "Service Menu" button on the bottom of your screen and going to "Gear Info".

Basic common equipments can be found in shops, however there is such a substantial damage output difference between common weapon's stats and rare weapon's stats that these rarer items are highly recommended. The better equipment can only be obtained through drops or other players selling these drops. See Dungeon Drop Guide for drop information.

Item Grade

Weapons, Armor, and Accessories all can range from various grade qualities:

  • Inferior
  • Weak
  • Ordinary
  • Exceptional
  • Superior

Grade quality affects certain stat ranges for these equipment. A weapons grade quality is dependent on its Attack values, Armor is affected by it's Physical defense values, and Accessories are dependent on it's Magic defense values. Extra attributes such as Elemental Resistances, Status Tolerances, Stat increases like STR, VIT, HP and MP are all not affected by the grade quality of the item in question and the stats are always randomly generated. For example, a Weak item can have more STR than an Exceptional item. Grade quality affects the Physical Defense of Armors and the Magic Defense of Accessories. Grade can be reset to a random value using Kaleido Box.png Kaleido Boxes.


These items can be used via Hotkey or by right-clicking them in the inventory. They usually affect one of the stats and have a cooldown timer.

HP Boost Restores health points.
MP Boost Restores mana points.
HP & MP Boost Items that restore both health and mana points.
Temporary Stat Boost Items that enhance any of your vital stats for a short time.
Abnormal State Recovery Items the remove enemy-induced states such as poison and bleeding
Elemental Attack/Resistance Items that enhance your elemental damage or resistance.
Throwing Weapons Items that you can hurl at the enemies for long range attacks.
Pots Items that you can break to gain different kinds of gear items.
Summon Items Consumable items that summon monsters to aid you in battle.
Recipes Rare pieces of cloth on which are etched the ingredients for a very special item.


Numerous items fall into this category, so this section of the inventory tends to fill up rather quickly. Examine quest requirements beforehand and regularly sort out the inventory.

Quest Items These items are used for quests, both normal and repeatable.
Craft Items These items are used for crafting armor or weapons
Cube Fragments Many spells and quests are related to Cube Fragments
Enhancing Clear Cube Fragments are used for Enhancing equips


Avatars can be bought with CERA via Item Shop or earned through events. They are used to customize your characters look and add useful stats upon that.


A Creature is a useful pet that boosts up your character’s stats, casts useful skills in battle, and loyally follows you at all times.

Item Rarity

Item ranks are denoted by color.

All items in-game are organized by rarity, which is easily identifiable by their name's and icon border's color. As an item's rarity increases, so does its value and exclusivity.

Common Common equipment are basic equipment that are easily acquired in dungeons and NPC shops. They can be disassembled for Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments and Common Soul.png Common Souls or simply sold to NPCs for a decent sum of Goldicon.png Gold.
Uncommon Uncommon equipment are marginally stronger and rarer than Common equipment. They can be disassembled for Uncommon Soul.png Uncommon Souls and colored Cube Fragments.
Rare Rare equipment are typically found only in dungeons or as rewards from quests. They can be disassembled for Rare Soul.png Rare Souls and a variety of materials utilized by Professions.
Magic Sealed equipment make up the majority of Rare equipment, meaning that they can be traded until their seal is broken, which will generate random additional stats and become untradable. Seria can re-roll bonus stats on item through Conversion.

See the Magic Sealed Equipment page for more information

Legacy equipment were special Rare equipment that offered bonus stats when equipped as a set, depending on the level of the equipment itself. They are currently unobtainable.
Unique Unique equipment are much rarer than Rare equipment and offer vastly powerful bonus stats, such as additional skill levels, bonus sub stats like +% Bonus Damage, or on-hit effects, to name a few. In addition to being found as generic dungeon loot, Seria can also randomly compound a Unique item using another Unique equipment, High Grade Elemental Crystal.png High Grade Elemental Crystals, and Unique Soul.png Unique Souls. Typically Unique equipment are found sealed, meaning they can be traded until equipped. They can be disassembled for Unique Soul.png Unique Souls, High Grade Elemental Crystal.png High Grade Elemental Crystals, and rarely Gold Cube Fragment.png Gold Cube Fragments.
Halidom equipment are similar to Legacy equipment in that they provide bonus effects when equipped as a set, typically additional skill levels and a large number of additional stats. Just like regular Unique equipment, Seria is able to Compound Halidom equipment and can be found randomly in dungeons. Halidom equipment can be obtained from random drops or by using Halidom Converters purchased from Karakas using Carnelian.png Carnelians.
Boss Uniques are special Unique drops that dropped from specific bosses and were untradable rather than sealed. Alternatively, they could be bought using designated Meteors which also dropped from dungeons. For instance, Black Meteor.png Black Meteors could be found in Ghent dungeons and could be turned in to Zeldine for Boss Uniques for that area.

As of Season 4, Act 01: Origin, Boss Uniques and the meteors used to buy them are no longer obtainable.

Chronicle Chronicle equipment are special equipment that could only be found in Otherverse dungeons or purchased from Bowmaster Ludmilla and Natalia Sue at Saint Horn for Interdimensional Fragment.png Interdimensional Fragments. They are similar to Halidom equipment in that they provide bonus effects when equipped, but to a much larger degree -- sometimes they may completely change how a class plays. They are also special in that they are locked to subclasses and are always dropped as untradable.

Chronicle equipment do not have their own Soul type, and instead give Nihilistic Demon Stone.png Nihilistic Demon Stones and Nihilistic Demon Stone Fragment.png Nihilistic Demon Stone Fragments upon disassembly.

As of Season 6, Act 01: Ascension, Chronicle equipment can no longer be obtained.

Tainted Equipment (also known as Cracked Equipment) are the most common form of Chronicle equipment. They do not belong to any particular set, however they can get bonus effects through the use of Red Dimensional Aura.png Red Dimensional Aura, Blue Dimensional Aura.png Blue Dimensional Aura, and Green Dimensional Aura.png Green Dimensional Aura. These effects are typically augments to skills, ranging from bonus damage or stronger buff effects, making them ideal for Buff Enhancement equipment. Each piece of Tainted Equipment can be imbued with two Dimensional Auras, but the second imbuement has a 90% chance of destroying the item. This fate can be avoided by using Completed Red Dimensional Aura.png Completed Red Dimensional Aura, Completed Blue Dimensional Aura.png Completed Blue Dimensional Aura, or Completed Green Dimensional Aura.png Completed Green Dimensional Aura for the second imbuement, as the Completed Dimensional Auras have no chance of destroying the item.
Tier 2 and Tier 3 Chronicle equipment are pieces of equipment that belong to a set, which grant additional effects at 3, 6, and 9 pieces. Each set has an equipment for every slot except Earrings and Title, for up to 12 possible equipment per set. These additional effects can potentially augment game-play to an extreme degree, so are therefore good options for gear progression early on.

Each Tier has 3 to 4 sets for each subclass. In addition, unlike the name suggests, Tier 3 items are not strictly stronger than Tier 2 sets, and Tier 2 sets are not strictly inferior to Tier 3 sets.

As of Season 6, Act 01: Ascension, they can no longer be obtained.

Tier 1 Chronicle equipment are the weakest type of Chronicle equipment and served to provide the minimum stats needed to enter Otherverse dungeons. These were purchased from Sharan with Chaos Stone.png Chaos Stones, and as of Season 4, Act 01: Origin, they can no longer be obtained.
Legendary Legendary equipment are powerful equipment that often provide very potent effects. While low level Legendaries do exist, they most typically found at Level 85 and beyond. Legendaries are key to progressing into Raid, as the bonus stats they provide are often the bare minimums needed to succeed in Anton Raid. Seria can also Compound most Legendary Items higher than level 85, and require the same items as Unique items, albeit with Legendary-grade equipment instead of Unique.

In most cases, Legendary equipment can be randomly found as drops from Ancient Dungeons, Anton, and Luke's Laboratory. Low level Legendaries can be crafted through recipes bought in Gabriel's Secret Shop. When disassembled, they yield a small amount of Legendary Soul.png Legendary Souls.

Quest Legendaries are most accessible Legendary equipment and can be bought from Luther at Saint Horn with Ancient Memory Fragment.png Ancient Memory Fragments found in the Interdimensional Rift dungeons at levels 2 and 3. There are 7 equipment sets that each grant bonus effects at 3, 5, and 6 pieces. These are typically a place start before gearing up for Raid, as the effects they provide can noticeably boost damage output. They are all acquired as untradable.

The 7 equipment sets are:

As of Season 6, Act 01: Ascension, Quest Legendaries can no longer be obtained due to Otherverse's removal.

Requiem Weapons are powerful weapons that can be purchased with Appeasing Stone.png Appeasing Stones through Luther at Saint Horn, which are obtained through random encounters with Ephelius in the Interdimensional Rift. These can be further augmented into Liberation Weapons, which provided even stronger effects. These are typically sought after for their +% Bonus Damage, which can be very helpful for players with weaker gear.

Requiem weapons are initially untradeable, however upon upgrading into a Liberation weapon, they may become tradeable if the recipe is obtained from Tradeable Liberation Recipe Box.png Tradeable Liberation Recipe Box instead of Untradeable Liberation Recipe Box.png Untradeable Liberation Recipe Box.

Similar to Requiem and Liberation weapons, Reconstruction Weapons are powerful weapons that can be acquired at Level 90. They come with very high base critical hit rates and a bonus skill level for all skills. They initially start at Unique rarity which are bought from the Red Witch at Central Park with Purification Stone.png Purification Stones, then are upgraded into Terra: Reconstruction weapons using recipes.

Unlike Liberation weapons, Reconstruction weapons are untradeable at both stages.

Echon Legendaries are specialized Legendary equipment that can be found in Echon. They function somewhat similarly to Tainted Chronicle equipment in that they can be customized to an extent via the Snowflake Joshua and Valor Equipment Option Modifier NPCs in Pandemonium Junction. They are all level 90, untradable, and do not yield Legendary Soul.png Legendary Souls when disassembled, instead yielding Endless Eternity.png Endless Eternities, Gold Cube Fragment.png Gold Cube Fragments, and "crest stones" needed to customize Echon sets.
In Season 7, Act 01. The Next Journey, Level 105 Legendary Equipment known as Sacrosanct Area, functions differently unlike previous Legendary equipment. Like Level 105 Custom Epic Equipment, Legendary Equipment also has four growth options which are randomized each time; some valuable growth options are exclusive to Legendary equipment, which makes this tier on par and sometimes superior to Fixed Option or even Custom Option Epics.

Equipment of this type are incredibly rare to obtain, only found in higher difficulty Advanced, Legion content or Raids.

Epic Epic equipment are arguably the best and rarest equipment in the game, and are gated by either end-game dungeons or as extremely rare drops from Hell Mode, Guide of Wisdom or mainly Raids. Epics featured in the Epic Dictionary can be crafted, Epic pots purchased from Simona, or formerly the Epic Crafting Machine, but while these methods are consistent, they are incredibly expensive and/or time-consuming to pursue. When disassembled, they yield a single Epic Soul.png Epic Soul.

In most cases, Epic equipment belong to a set. Levels 90 through 100 sets provide bonus effects at 3 and 5 pieces, while lower level epic provide bonuses either only at 5 pieces or 3 pieces, if it is an accessory/special equipment set.

In Season 7, Level 105 Epic Equipment that can be obtained, offers a wide amount of versatility and combinations in terms of creating builds, depending on the individual pieces used for them, allowing harmonizing results. 105 Epic Equipment can also have their power increased via Equipment Option Growth system.

Savior Weapons are incredibly powerful weapons that can only be obtained by doing Anton Raid content. They can initially either be purchased from the Raid Shop with Anton's Soul Fragment.png Anton's Soul Fragments or randomly found upon completion of the Raid itself. They can then be upgraded through recipes purchased from the Raid Shop with Refined Terranium.png Refined Terranium. Saviors were at one point, considered to be the best weapons available, often providing unmatched damage potential.

As of Season 5, Act 03 - Operation: Hope, Anton Raid was removed.

The Epic Crafting Machine provides guaranteed way to obtain specific Epic weapons, often denoted as "Craftable Epics" by the community. See Epic Crafting Machine for more details.

As of Season 7, Act 04 - Total War, The Epic Crafting Machine has been removed.

Mythic Mythic equipment are a unique tier of equipment, found in end-game dungeons set at level 100. This tier is unique in that unlike other tiers, Mythic Equipment are only found in Tops, Bracelets or Earrings and only one Mythic equipment can be worn on a character at a time. To compensate, Mythic equipment have great synergy with Level 100 and 105 Epic equipment and can transfer upgrades to your Mythic equipment. When disassembled, they yield one Guiding Light.png Guiding Light.

Prior to Season 7, Act 01., Mythic equipment was primarily obtained by completing certain level 100 endgame content like Guide of Wisdom or Raids like Sirocco and Ozma at a certain chance. After the update, Mythics can be bought via No Icon.png Untradable Mythic Equipment Pot sold by Magar Rosenbach.

As of Season 7, Act 01. The Next Journey, Mythic equipment plays a more secondary role in the level 110 cap. Due to it's Skill Atk. bonus and extremely high level of Adventurer Fame, Mythic equipment is compatible with Level 105 Epic and Legendary equipment with low Growth Options. However, it's benefits are diminished and eventually replaced as soon as stronger equipment with higher growth options and Fame is accessible.

There are no level 105 Mythic equipment as of yet.


When the durability score of a gear item reaches zero, defense and damage stats drop to a lower level. You are able to repair Gear items through NPCs throughout the game by paying a small amount of Gold.

Delilah Delilah appears whenever you complete a dungeon and is the most convenient NPC through which to repair your items. Click on Delilah and either specify the item you wish to repair by clicking the “Fix” button, or click “Fix All” to repair all damaged items. Delilah will then tell you how much gold it will cost for the requested repairs. Gabriel is also able to repair your items when he appears in place of Delilah.
Portable Repair Machine The Portable Repair Machine is located at the entrance of each dungeon hub and can also disassemble equipment.
Kiri Kiri is located in Hendon Myre. She can repair, as well as Reinforce, your equipment.
Klonter Klonter is located in Aphelia Post. He can repair, as well as Amplify, your equipment.
Jun Jun is found in the City of Shonan, at the Suju Blacksmith. He also sells various items and Refines your weapons.


  • Lady Kiri is located in Hendon Myre and can Reinforce your accessories, armor, and weapons, which increases physical and magical bonuses.
  • It costs Goldicon.png Gold and Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments to operate Kiri’s machine.
  • The costs and the success rate is shown before you agree to the upgrade. (The success rate is only shown when the upgrade level is under +10)
    • If a reinforce attempt for Weapons fails between +4 and +10, there are no penalties involved, failed attempts between +10 and +12 will lose three upgrades levels, but going higher after +12 may result in the item breaking.
    • Armor, Accessories and Special Equipment do not recieve the same treatment like Weapons, as attempts to reinforce beyond +10 may likely destroy them.
      • A Reinforcement Protection Ticket will prevent your item from being destroyed, but it will lose all reinforcement levels and return back to +0.



  • Jun, the Blacksmith in the City of Shonan is able to Refine your weapon, which increases its Independent Atk..png Independent Atk. and Abnormal Status Attack.
  • Unlike Reinforcement, Refinement costs Powerful Energy.png Power Energies instead of Goldicon.png Gold. It's also safer than Reinforcement as failing a Refinement will not affect the weapon in any negative way, with the only cost being the Powerful Energy.png Powerful Energies consumed.
  • Unfortunately, unlike Reinforcement, Refinement is capped at 8 Stage refining, and while Reinforcement is readily available to low level characters in Underfoot, Refinement can only be done in the City of Shonan, which requires a level 69 or above character to enter, or in the Guild Hideout if the player has joined a guild.


Cube Fragments, Souls and Elemental Crystals come in useful throughout the game. Portable Repair Machine in any dungeon lobby disassembles any gear item into these materials. The rarity of an item affects the kinds of materials you receive from disassembly. You may also randomly get a jackpot while disassembling items, resulting in gaining a large amount of materials.

The following item types disassemble randomly into one or more of the following:


Roger Levin is an item crafter located in West Coast. Cloth Scrap.png Cloth Scraps, Worn Leather.png Worn Leather, Weathered Bone Fragment.png Weathered Bone Fragments, Inferior Iron.png Rusty Iron Scraps, Raw Hardener.png Raw Hardeners, and Raw Paving Stone.png Raw Paving Stones, for example, can all be taken to him to be crafted into recipe material items for Retexturization.

Melvin Richter in the Ghent Manufacturing District can craft items as well.