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Cube Fragment

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Cube Fragments are a important resource found in the world of Arad, and are used for many purposes. You may see your current number of cubes on the side of the Materials tab of your inventory.


There are 6 types of cube fragment that can be found.

Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragment

Clear Cube Fragments are the most common type of cube fragment, and the most frequently used. They are currency for powerful skills like Black Hole.png Black Hole or Demonize.png Demonize, collectively known as cube skills. In addition, they're also used to reinforce weapons at Kiri's machine, and they can also be a part of Ancient Dungeons (including EX Ancient Dungeons) entrance fee.

Colored Cube Fragment

There are four colors of cube fragment.

Each of these are used for various quests, or crafting in game. You may also encounter weapons and armour that use a colored cube fragment for an effect.

Gold Cube Fragment.png Gold Cube Fragment

Gold Cube Fragments are harder to aquire than their colored counterparts. Gold Cube Fragments are commonly used in recipes, or crafting ingredients in the Professions, and there are some quests that require them.



Seria's shop can exchange 5 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments for any one of the colored cube fragments.


Cube fragments are most commonly acquired through disassembly.

Color Disassembled from
Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragment Common or Uncommon equipment
Red Cube Fragment.png Red Cube Fragment Uncommon equipment
Blue Cube Fragment.png Blue Cube Fragment
White Cube Fragment.png White Cube Fragment
Black Cube Fragment.png Black Cube Fragment
Gold Cube Fragment.png Gold Cube Fragment Rare, Unique or Chronicle equipment at a player disassembler


Chronicle equipment produces Gold Cube Fragment.png Gold Cube Fragments when extracted with a Profession extractor (i.e. the extractor user by an Alchemist, Enchanter or Animator). A level 7 profession with an Advanced extractor is required to extract Chronicle equipment, with gains as follows:

  • Alchemist, Animator: 4 Gold Cube Fragment.png Gold Cube Fragments
  • Enchanter: 8 Gold Cube Fragment.png Gold Cube Fragments