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Becoming a Disassembler

  1. Player must be level 20.
  2. Complete Abello's quest: Profession Quest Icon.png Profession - Disassembler (1)


# of Parts Item
5 Rookie Mini Disassembler.png Rookie Mini Disassembler
7 Amateur Mini Disassembler.png Amateur Mini Disassembler
9 Expert Mini Disassembler.png Expert Mini Disassembler
11 Supercritical Mini Disassembler.png Supercritical Mini Disassembler


  1. Open the profession interface, and then click "Open Shop".
  2. Enter in an amount to charge other players using your disassembler.
  3. With your cursor (which will now have a circle indicator under it), click an area of the ground to set up your shop. You can only place your disassembler in the areas where the indicator turns green; the indicator being red means you are not in a valid area of the map or you are too close to another player's shop.
  4. You or other players may click on the window above the disassembler, and use it like the Portable Repair Machine

Durability of a disassembler decreases with use, depending on the Rarity of the item being processed; Common items will use up 1 durability, higher ranked items will use up more durability (2,3,4, etc) for each disassembly.

When the disassembler has no more durability, the shop will automatically close. Speak to Abello to repair it.

Leveling Up

Each time a player (or yourself) uses the dissembler you receive EXP. When you have enough EXP to get to a level, you may go to Abello and select the menu option Tune Disassembler, which increases the level.

  • You may gain EXP for your disassembler without tuning for as long as you wish, and can tune multiple times in a row.
  • When your character level isn't high enough to tune to the next level, you will stop gaining experience up to the next level. (811 for level 9 for example).

Leveling up improves the following:

  • Durability Loss per use
  • Total Durability
  • Cubes received (Up to level 7)
  • Cube Jackpot chance


Proficiency Level Character Level Required Tuning Use
Experience Needed Cost (Gold) Repair Cost (Gold) Durability
1 20 - - 3,000 300
2 20 30,000 15,000
3 30 133 50,000 20,000
4 246 100,000 25,000
5 40 359 150,000 30,000
6 472 200,000 40,000
7 50 585 250,000 50,000
8 698 300,000 400
9 60 811 450,000 500
10 939 500,000 60,000 600
11 70 1067 600,000 700


Title Name Level Acquired
Disassembler -
Finest Disassembler 10
Finest Disassembler+ 11

Portable Repair Machine

Outside each dungeon entrance also exists a Portable Repair Machine, which can be used indefinitely and free of charge. However:

  • Portable Repair Machines are level 4, affecting cube gains and chance of a Cube Jackpot.
  • Portable Repair Machines are unable to produce Gold Cube Fragment.png Gold Cube Fragments.
  • Disassembling Chronicle equipment will instead produce Chaos Stone Debris.png Chaos Stone Debris.