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Summon Items

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Icon Name Monster Summoned Summon Length (s) Cooldown (s) Restriction Tradable Picture Notes
- Horn of Solidarity Summons an Naias
(Level ?? to ??)
- 120 - N File:Horn of Soldarity.jpg Quest Reward
- Ice Tiger Capsule Summons an Ice Tiger
(Level 28 to 33)
30 5 - Y Ice Tiger Capsule.jpg Given as compensation for extended maintenance downtime
Expires after 5 days
- Santa Clobber Summon Summons a Santa Clobber
(Your Level)
300 300 - N Santa Clobber Summon.jpg Cash Shop Christmas Event Package

For every 10 levels of the summoner, the Santa Clobber's attack pattern and skill level will increase.
Buffs you with Strike, Wisdom Blessing, and Emblem of Protection
Will heal summoner when summoner's HP drops below 60%.
Goes into offensive mode when summoner's HP drops below 30%.