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Because 'Sandbox' is overly used and Etch a Sketch sounds cooler

Using SMW to query for pages

Template: DungeonList - Origins

Grand Flores (LV 1~16)
Sky Tower (LV 17~23)
Behemoth (LV 24~29)
Aphelia (LV 30~35)
Noire Ferra (LV 36~39)
Mount Thunderime (LV 40~45)
North Myre (LV 46~49)
Antwer Canyon (LV 63~70)
Oceanic Express (LV 71~74)
Time Gate (LV 75~80)
Power Station (LV 81~83)
Anton (LV 84~85)
Castle of the Dead (LV 85~86)
Luke's Laboratory (LV 87~90)
Metro Center (LV 87~90)

DPL query to remove categories

Time Gate (smw)
Time Gate (dpl)

SMW test to template with array operations

Time Gate (smw)
Time Gate (smw template)

SMW queries

  • Class skills for Female Mage
Sky Assault, Summoner Cloth Armor Mastery, Magic Missile, Battle Mage Leather Armor Mastery, Elementalist Cloth Armor Mastery, Enchantress Plate Armor Mastery, Witch Leather Armor Mastery, Lantern Firebomb, Keep Away!, Mana Shield, Contract: Hodor, Florae Circle, Dragon Fang (Female Mage), The Pluto, Cheeky Doll Shururu, Lasher, Rose Vines, Phase Shift, Frost Head, Summoner's Train, Broomstick Control, Lesser Spirit: Stalker, Chaser, Disenchant, Chaser Launcher, Communion, Meticulous Stitching, Jackyl, Aerial Lantern Firebomb, Black Magic Broomstick, Stabbing Wheel, Lesser Spirit: Wisp, Wait!, Befriend Familiars, Summoned Creature Aura, Memorize, Enhanced Magic Missile, Puppeteer (Enchantress), Palm Blast, Niu's Combat Technique, Lesser Spirit: Ador, Fire Pillar, Lesser Spirit Summon, Punishing Instinct, Madd Mad Slash, Concentrated Mana Shield, Lesser Spirit: Naias, Ancient Library, Mobile Cast, Spear Mastery... further results
  • Male Grappler test
Grappler Light Armor Mastery, Overwhelming Grab, Fling, Gauntlet Mastery, Intense Takedown, Grab Cannon, Sliding Grab, Impact Combination, Neck Snap, Break Down, Shoulder Tackle, Air Steiner, Snap Shot, Magnumsault, Slam Kick, Rolling Spike, Wild Cannon Spike, Counter Strike, Fling Upgrade, Rhythmic Assault, Air Steiner Upgrade, Snap Shot Upgrade, Neck Snap Upgrade, Shoulder Tackle Upgrade, Break Down Upgrade, Wild Cannon Spike Upgrade, Pierce, Magnumsault Upgrade, Slam Kick Upgrade, Rolling Spike Upgrade, Focused Fury, Who's the Strongest?, Black Tornado, Technique: Storm Diver, Sole Bearer: Quaking Tiger, Equanimity, Basaltic Twister, Volcanic Dynamo
  • Give me a list of weapons for class mage
 Has iconHas item rarityHas level requirement
Abraded Ruin StickAbraded Ruin Stick.pngCommon95
Advanced Spirit RodAdvanced Spirit Rod.pngLegendary85
Air RodAir Rod.pngEpic80
Alea RodAlea Rod.pngUncommon60
Ancient SwearAncient Swear.pngUnique40
Antique CorcescaAntique Corcesca.pngCommon30
Antique Luminescence PoleAntique Luminescence Pole.pngCommon100
Aqua CrystalAqua Crystal.pngEpic70
Arc Reactor(Weapon)Arc Reactor(Weapon).pngBoss Unique70
Augeo the RatcallerPiper's Surprise.pngEpic90
Battered Sephric PoleVintage Jewel Stick.pngCommon85
Beginning of Your Adventure: RodRod.pngCommon3
Big Mouth WaryBig Mouth Wary.pngEpic90
Bizarre Monster Insect TailBizarre Monster Insect Tail.pngLegendary85
Black Bird's Ominous Feather BroomstickBlack Bird's Ominous Feather Broomstick.pngLegendary85
Black Sky's Master - BroomstickBlack Sky's Master - Broomstick.pngEpic95
Black Sky's Master - PoleBlack Sky's Master - Pole.pngEpic95
Black Sky's Master - RodBlack Sky's Master - Rod.pngEpic95
... further results
  • Filter mage weapons between two weapon magical attack 100 and 400
 Has iconHas item rarityHas level requirement
Antique CorcescaAntique Corcesca.pngCommon30
Bonanza's Mushroom BroomstickBonanza's Mushroom Broomstick.pngBoss Unique20
Clara's Control RodClara's Control Rod.pngBoss Unique25
Copper RodCopper Rod.pngUncommon20
Copper StickCopper Stick.pngUncommon20
Crude Gold RodGold Rod.pngCommon35
Crude Gold StickGold Stick.pngCommon35
Crude NezaCrude Neza.pngCommon35
Crude RodGlass Rod.pngCommon15
Crystal StickCrystal Stick.pngUncommon45
Dendi MarrowDendi Marrow.pngUnique30
Discolored Copper StickCopper Stick.pngCommon20
Discolored Crystal StickCrystal Stick.pngCommon45
Discolored Silver RodSilver Rod.pngCommon30
Garden Keeper CaneGarden Keeper Cane.pngBoss Unique20
Giant's Cotton SwabGiants Cotton Swab.pngUnique25
Glass RodGlass Rod.pngUncommon15
Gold RodGold Rod.pngUncommon35
Gold StickGold Stick.pngUncommon35
Halidom: Glass Stick of KelpieGold Stick.pngHalidom15
... further results
  • Give me a list of NPCS that exists in Time Gate

Abello, Annis, Arin, Dana Donatel, Danjin, Daphne Marbros, Grandis, Grandma Oran, Hills, Iris Fortune Singer, Joah Ferrero, Kargon, Knight Robato, Lorianne, Loton Maximug, Lucille Redmayne, Ophelia Bagrans, Pokin, Princess Hyria, Roger Levin... further results

Test timeline


  • Make sure the "|from=1" "|to=1600" have the same numbers.
  • Use the "|<num>-at=777" to change where text or timeline goes


  • A Female Mages' first X.png attack can deal 8 to 10 times its regular damage at a very low chance. Likely an intended feature, it is speculated to be an homage to the Wizard from D&D.


Female Mage

Female Mage Portrait

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