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Blood Sands

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Blood Sands
Location North Myre
Min. Level 48
Level 48-50
Monster Level 50
End Boss Icon-Moth Queen.png  Moth Queen


It seems adventurers go missing almost daily in the northern desert of North Myre. The Adventurer continues on their journey with Michelle. This time, they've encountered big, mutant insects. What else is waiting for them in the depths of this dangerous desert?


Normal map
Start = Starting Point.png Boss = Boss.png
Blood sands map.PNG
Min. Fatigue Points: 8
Max. Fatigue Points: 12


  • Two APCs are trapped in cocoons. The first is Cyra, a Rogue, and the second is Crag, a Crusader who also uses Exorcist skills. However, if you want them to join your side, you'll need to break the cocoons quickly or else they'll become your enemies!
  • Beehives are in some of the rooms. If you get too close to them, they may break apart and spawn a group of Hornets.
  • Blooderflys spawn from cocoons in some of the rooms. If you break them quickly, they won't have a chance to spawn. Take note that the cocoons gain more HP the higher the road.
  • In the rooms above the boss room, there will be some plants that can inflict Sleep if you get too close to them. They can be destroyed.
  • You may also see some trees with flames. If the flames hit a Player, it'll drain their MP. The trees can be destroyed.
  • The Nightmare Ant rooms can be a bit laggy sometimes.
  • The room diagonally down and left of the boss will generally have a fairy inside the breakable anthill. Same for the room directly right of the boss. Inside the boss room, there might be also a fairy inside the anthill.



  • [Mission] Destroying Cocoons