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Icon-Luciola.png Luciola


Type TypeInsect.png
Family Moth
Level 55-86
Dungeons Blood Sands
Drops unknown
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A stronger, meaner version of the Blooderfly.

Move List

  • Shoots out several blood spurts out of her tail's mandible in a fan shape. They cause Bleeding (Status).png Bleed (Status), which can stack several times.
  • Turns herself into several small butterflies and attacks in front. Invincible while this is happening.
  • Has a short ranged melee attack.
  • Inflicts Confusion (Status).png Confusion (Status) to players with a close-range wail.
  • Turns dark and sends out musical notes in a square 3x3 pattern that attach themselves to players, then inflicts Confusion (Status).png Confusion (Status) to them periodically.


  • To avoid the blood spurt, try to either stay behind her or directly down, as the fan shape of the attack covers a wide area of her front.