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Within Dungeon Fighter Online, Elements have a significant part in the game, with both players and monsters alike capable of using elemental attributes or at least have skills with an element applied to it. For the player, elements can be found from various sources from items to weapons to their own skills.

There exists four elements within Dungeon Fighter Online.

  • Fire Resistance.pngFire
  • Water Resistance.pngWater
  • Light Resistance.pngLight
  • Shadow Resistance.pngShadow
Elemental damage can be noticed by the unique graphics each hit makes. As evident by the purple sparks, this Priest is dealing shadow damage.

Attacks imbued with elemental power works best when used against foes with opposing elements besides its own, dealing increased damage. How much damage an opposing element can do is dependent on not only the amount of elemental damage the wielder has but how much resistance the target has against said element. For example, a player with Fire Damage can deal increased damage towards enemies with a lower Fire Resistance. In contrast, an enemy with a high enough Fire Resistance will take little to no Fire damage.

DamageInfluenceByElements = OriginalDamage×[1 + (ElementalDamage - ElementalResistanceOfEnemy) ÷ 220]

In rare occasions, an attack may be composed of more than one element. These attacks are will deal damage based on which element will deal the most damage to a given enemy. For example, an attack that deals both Light and Water damage would deal Light damage to an enemy whose Light Resistance is the lower than Water and vice versa.

Sources of Elemental Damage and Resistance


Armor, accessories, and weapons are a big source for elements, either by granting the user an element to their attacks or by increasing their elemental damage and resistance. Equipment with rarities past Rare (Legacy, Halidom, Unique, Legendary and Epic)is a good example of this. (I.E. Wielding Legacy- Agitto of Nitras.png Legacy: Agitto of Nitras will make your attacks deal Light Damage Boost.png Light Element damage and the Epic Dark Gothic Set will not only grant Shadow Damage Boost.png Shadow Element to the user but also greatly increases the user's Shadow Damage and Resistance).


Find the entire list here.

Items are one of the more obscure sources for elemental damage and resistance. There exist very few consumables in the game that effects the player's elemental damage and resistance, but such items can provide effects such as increased elemental damage and resistance or imbue a weapon with an element.


Other sources for elemental damage includes the Cube Contract, which can add an element of choice to a weapon periodically based on cube fragements. Another source are glowing circles that are littered on the dungeon maps. Such circles are extremely rare to find but when obtained, will temporarily enchant your weapon with an element.

Classes and Subclasses

Most of the classes in Dungeon Fighter Online uses an element in one way or another, some is specialized in one element while others are fluent in more than one. Though these classes may make use of innate elements, the way that these elements are applied differs between classes.

The following classes and subclasses make use of an element in various manners.

The following classes and subclasses make use of more than one or all of the elements.

  • Asura (Uses Fire, Water and Light element attacks.)
  • Sword Master (Toggle between all four elements.)
  • Spitfires (Toggle between Fire, Ice, and Light elements.)
  • Mechanics (Regulates between Fire and Light element.)
  • Launchers (Regulates between Fire and Light element.)
  • Female Mage (Base class and most subclasses use all four elements.)
    • Elementalist
    • Summoner
    • Battle Mage
    • Witch
  • Male Mage (Uses Fire and Water element attacks.)
    • Elemental Bomber (Toggle between all four elements and use all-elemental attacks.)
  • Exorcist (Regulates between Fire and Light element.)
  • Inquisitor (Regulates between Fire and Light element.)
  • Chaos (Toggle between all four elements.)
  • Creator (Uses Fire and Water element attacks.)