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Ozma of Chaos Raid

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Ozma of Chaos Raid
Ozma Elerinon.png
Location Chaos Gate - Saint's Land
Min. Level 100
Level 100
Monster Level 135
End Boss No Icon.png Ozma of Chaos


Ozma of Chaos Raid is the sixth Raid in Dungeon Fighter Online that is heavily focused on the 11th Apostle, who was also brought back to life after the events surrounding Exile Mountains, Black Purgatory and the resurfacing of his Dark Knights alongside the Black Order. Players must be Level 100 and complete the necessary Act Quest to access the area through Chaos Gate.

Raid Rules & Details

Level Required Normal Mode Adventurer Fame.png Adventurer Fame Raid Entry Fatigue Points Entry Daily/Weekly Entry Count
100 - 110 12,068 1 Dark Side Seal.png Dark Side Seal 0 2/2
  • Dark Side Seal Box.png Dark Side Seal Boxes can be purchased for either 30 Aiolite.png Aiolites or 150,000 Goldicon.png Gold through the Raid Shop.
  • Availability: Ozma Raid is opened on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Player Amount:Can be played Solo (Guide), 12 Participants can join (Normal), 3 Elite Members can be choosen. (Squad)
  • Quest Needed: Complete Act Quest Icon.png What Disappeared with the Dark Side to gain access to the Raid Channel.
  • Time Limit: 50 Minutes. (Phase 1 - 30 Minutes, Phase 2 - 20 Minutes)
  • Players can speak with NPC Grandis Gracia near the Chaos Gate to form a Raid Party, while Lucille Redmayne inside Saint's Land can handle Raid preparations and sell potions. Once everything is finalized, the Raid leader can speak with Lucille again to start the mission.
  • Raid Buff: "Lemidios's Radiance" will be added.


  • Self-resurrection-related skills cannot be used.
  • 4 Life Token.png Life Token limit per-dungeon.
  • Because of Ozma's influence, certain skills have been weakened.
  • There is a 5 minute wait time between phases.
  • Each subdungeon will have it's own time limit.
  • Normal Consumables retain their original maximum 5 usage limit per subdungeon, Purchase-limited Consumables from Lucille expires on Tuesdays.
  • You'll receive a Re-entry Ticket to your Mailbox if the Raid's Phase time limit exceeds 50 Minutes.
  • If you lose or retreat from a battle, then you will be moved back to the Lobby under a resurrection penalty, which will keep you from fighting again for a set amount of time.
  • Your skill cooldowns remains intact after dying and resurrecting.


Dark Side


Path to Ruin

Crossroads of Despair

Land of Terror



Elerinon the Tragic City

Throne of Chaos

Equipment Fusion System

Visit Lemidia Chrysos: The Blessed Altar for more details.

Sanity Gauge

  • A function introduced within the Raid, all players will receive a Sanity Gauge next to their HP in the User Interface that starts off at 100. How this works, is that each time either you or your party members take any damage from Boss Monsters during their fights, the gauge drains by a certain amount and once it drops down to 0, you'll be moved over to the Void and your body will be turned into an Imposter, threatening party members.
  • Inside the Void, you must match two large colored orbs of the same color four times in total while your Inner Imposter, the Blood-cursed Scapegoat attacks to disrupt you before the timer gauge fills up. You'll regain a fixed amount of 50 Sanity showing a purple gauge upon winning and losing results in dying instantly.
  • Both Saint's Land & Elerinon Gateway Campsites can restore Sanity naturally. You can also purchase No Icon.png Chrysos's Purge Potions from Lucille Redmayne that restores around 10 points of it inside Raid Dungeons.
  • A maximum of 200 Sanity can be obtained if three Ruin Crest.png Ruin Crests were obtained through Raid rewards.

Dark Side Seal Engraving

Another Raid system and by clicking an icon above your HP Interface, there are three different crests that symbolizes Ozma's Dark Knights that you'll randomly recieve upon Phase 2's rewards. Each engraving level stacks up to three times and remains permanant on the character who received them. Unused crests can also be traded for extra No Icon.png Chaotic Grudge Boxes in the Raid Shop.

  • Ruin Crest.png Ruin Crests Increases your character's Max Sanity. (Lv.1 --> 30 | Lv.2 --> 50 | Lv.3 --> 70)
  • Despair Crest.png Despair Crests Increases your character's Max HP. (Lv.1 --> 30,000 | Lv.2 --> 50,000 | Lv.3 --> 70,000)
  • Terror Crest.png Terror Crests Increases your character's Attack at reaching 30% or lower Sanity, while Buffers with these Crests engraved can increase their party's attack. (Lv.1 --> 3% | Lv.2 --> 5% | Lv.3 --> 7%)

Ozma Raid Normal Mode

Released in October 2021 as part of the Season 6 Act 20 patch and upon completing Act Quest Icon.png What Disappeared with the Dark Side, players can now gain access to Ozma Raid where it primarily focuses on the Apostle's return following the events surrounding Black Purgatory, leading into the Chaos Gate where the Otherworldy Dark Side took place at Elerinon. As of it's launch, Ozma Raid is considered to be more difficult than Sirocco which still requires coordination from those three parties to clear it, being split into two different phases - Advent of Extinction and Return of Chaos.

A single player can create a Raid Group by speaking to Grandis Gracia while in the Raid Channel. The Raid leader is also able to organize their raid's parties and are responsible for coordinating their parties' objectives. once everything is fully prepared, the leader can initiate the Raid by speaking to Lucille Redmayne when all Raid members fulfill the entrance requirements.

Party Composition

Unlike Sirocco, Ozma Raid lowers the amount of participants down to 12 like in Prey-Isys Raid's setup, and is only comprised of Red, Yellow & Green parties. There is no specific in-game designation for who belongs in which party, but player convention is to make the red party the strongest, followed yellow party and then green party. Like with many Raids that are structured, it is recommended that every party contains:

The 3 parties typically have different expected responsibilities, but no party is locked out of any particular dungeon, so this is up to the raid leader's discretion.


For Ozma Raid's "home base" area, it begins at a small oasis campsite called Saint's Land, inside the Chaos Gate where Michael's Cross is left behind that emits a holy energy to protect players from Ozma's influence. All parties will remain at this area during Phase 1 until Grauben the Sanctum of Terror is cleared, and they're moved right into Elerinon Gateway at Phase 2. Unlike Prey and Sirocco Raid, players can leave the Ozma Raid area or head back into Seria's Room regardless of either phase they're in.

Phase 1 - Advent of Extinction

During the very beginning of Operation - Dark Side, a total of three dungeons areas alongside one special dungeon will spawn within the Raid's status board consisting of; Path to Ruin, Crossroads of Despair, Land of Terror, and Elinos the Oracle Tower. These three areas have four subdungeons that can be accessed upon traveling inside the respective area, however some requirements may need to be fufilled in order to progress as the Land of Terror is locked out, and Elinos can only spawn under a certain time limit. The main goal is to inflitrate all three Dark Side Areas, defeat each major boss to gain access into Elerinon Castle where Ozma's located.

Area Dungeons

  • Main Dungeons are ones with a Demon Skull icon with horns above it, and where the main Boss Monster is located, defeating both Berias and Tiamat will unlock Land of Terror, while defeating Kazan officially ends Phase 1.
  • Liberation Dungeons are ones with a Key icon above it, defeating the boss of that area unlocks access to the Main Dungeon.
  • Chaos Dungeons are ones with a Dual Sword icon that's placed in all three Dark Side Areas. Ozma Raid's difficulty begins at Chaos Level 0, which is considered the easiest one. Above the Map's UI are three skulls that'll only glow red whenever a Chaos Dungeon, regardless of the area parties entered and cleared it which are:
  • Entering and defeating any of these three bosses will not only increase the Raid's difficulty by one each, it also gives Boss monsters a further boost in overall stats for each area, making them much stronger alongside newer patterns which is also carried over to Phase 2 upon finishing Advent of Extinction.
  • The only time a Chaos Level decreases is if the party who enter that Chaos or Major Dungeon of a respective area either retreats or all No Icon.png Life Tokens are depleted, but can re-entered to try again.
  • If a Liberation or Major Dungeon is cleared, the corresponding Chaos Dungeon will be locked out throughout the entire Raid's run.
  • Auction Rewards are only exclusive to Chaos Levels 1 - 3 upon clearing Phase 2.
  • As of the Ispins Update, Ozma Raid groups now have an option to begin at Chaos Level 3 has been added, meaning that those three dungeons are automatically disabled and levels do not drop after failing a Main Dungeon.
  • Side Dungeons - are ones with a Star icon above it, though the Shield one in Land of Terror is mainly reserved for Kazan's fight. Defeating the Bosses there offers temporary benefits to the Raid group entirely such as:
  • Unlike other subdungeons, these can regenerate after a certain amount of time has passed and buffs are able to be reactivated at anytime even after a Major Dungeon of the area is cleared.
  • Elinos the Oracle Tower is a Special Dungeon that only spawns after five minutes have gone by, and it's functions are very identical to Anton Raid's Naval Defense Cannon where if it's left unattended, Chaos's Oracle Calling Jade begins a series of Revelations that not only affects the entire Raid's progress, but can benefits Monsters as well. While optional, clearing it will prevent Phase 1 from resetting Raid progress.

Once all three Dark Side Major Dungeons are cleared, the Raid group will receive their Phase 1 rewards and are given a 5 minute break to restock on Potions, repair equipment, or plans out strategies before the next Phase begins.

Phase 2 - Return of Chaos

Heading into Phase 2, the Raid group will be teleported near the entrance of Elerinon Gateway, now only consisting of three dungeons; Throne of Chaos, Elerinon the Tragic City and Armis the Mirror Garden. To access the other two dungeons, all three parties must fulfill specific requirements upon entering the Inner Castle and finally confront the God of Chaos. The main goal is defeat Ozma during his Phase 2 form.

Armis is immediately available once everyone has entered Throne of Chaos, where Chaos-coveting Midnight's Darkness is located. Players can go right into the dungeon through the Status Board without the need to retreat, optionally defeating Midnight's Darkness will grant temporary benefits to the Raid Group since as a Damage Boost and Increased Sanity recovery at the campsite. Armis regenerates after 5 minutes have gone by.

When Ozma's HP reaches at least 50% during his Phase 1 fight, a portal will spawn an entry to Elerinon, there is also a grace period where he'll go into a invincible state and cannot take any damage until the dungeon is cleared. Horrendous Astaros is located inside Elerinon Castle and a mandatory requirement to defeat and continue the Raid's progress. Once Astaros is defeated, Ozma will enter his Phase 2 fight and can take damage again.

As long as there's one or two parties inside the Throne, damage dealt to Ozma remains "saved" until Phase 2 is finished, if nobody is fighting Ozma, he'll begin restoring his HP by 1% each. Sucessfully clearing or surviving any of his Berserk patterns offers a 140% Damage Adjustment where he's in a incapacitated state with lowered defenses.

Phase 2 ends successfully when Ozma's HP reaches 0, or ends in failure if the time limit exceeds 20 minutes.

Normal Mode Rewards

Loot Auction System

  • Clearing the Raid on Phase 2 during Chaos Levels 1 - 3 can receive the following extra loot rewards depending on the drop rate per level, ranging from Bead Enchants, Card Albums, Pots or Recipes for Raid Equipment, or Black Purgatory materials.
  • All Auction items have a miniumn bid of 1 to 3 million Goldicon.png Gold, some are untradeable or account-bound upon winning the bid.
  • The player with the highest bid will not only win that specific item, but the amount of gold that was spent is distributed to all Raid participants and the winner themselves.

Ozma Guide/Squad Mode

A Guide & Squad Mode of the original Raid would be released during a December 2021 Update. As with previous Raids, entry requirements remain the same with their notable differences to make this a more easier experience for solo players.

Entry Requirements & Details

Level Required Guide Mode Adventurer Fame.png Adventurer Fame Squad Mode Adventurer Fame.png Adventurer Fame Raid Entry Fatigue Points Entry Daily/Weekly Entry Count
100 - 110 11,604 12,022 1 Broken Dark Side Seal.png Broken Dark Side Seal 0 2/2
  • Broken Dark Side Seal Box.png Broken Dark Side Seal Box can be purchased for 18 Aiolite.png Aiolites or 80,000 Goldicon.png Gold through the Raid Shop.
  • Time Limit: 1 Hour per Phase, 25 Minutes for Phase 1 only in-dungeon.
  • Life Token.png Life Tokens amount increased to 10.
  • Through Squad Mode, 3 Elite Members of your choosing can be selected.
  • Non-Raid Consumables usage limitation lifted.

Phase 1: Advent of Extinction

  • Similar to other Guide forms of Raid or weekly content, Ozma Guide/Squad Mode is split into two different phases; dungeons and monsters that you'll encounter will differ depending on the phase. A character will take the Path to Ruin Area on their first raid of the week, and the Crossroads of Despair Area on their second raid of the week, but both of them will always head towards Land of Terror.
  • Instead of traveling through mutliple dungeons, you'll instead follow a merged, streamlined path and eliminate all the bosses that consecutively appears in one dungeon: (I.E Scalpel --> Frigg & Draugr --> Venta --> Berias in Path to Ruin).
  • Defeating Scalpel or Serha depending on Guide/Squad weekly path, permanantly activates Saint's Energy of the Land. (Damage Intensification) alongside the increase in max Sanity Gauge.
  • Chaos Level effect is disabled.

Phase 2: Return of Chaos

  • Consists of only Armis, Throne of Chaos and Elerinon the Tragic City.
  • Entering Throne of Chaos goes directly into Armis, defeating Chaos-coveting Midnight's Darkness permanantly activates "Jumbled Memories of the Saint". (20% Damage buff)
  • During Ozma's Phase 1 fight, a portal to Elerinon the Tragic City opens when his HP reaches 50%. Defeat Astaros to began his Phase 2 fight after returning to Throne of Chaos.

Boss Monster Adjustments

  • All Monsters will have their stats and difficulty adjusted.
  • Incising Scalpel - Two Flame Tornadoes spawn for Fiery Storm.
  • Lunatic Darkness Jett - Targeted Rush adjusted for one player.
  • Kazan of Destruction - Immortality effect removed permanantly after Leonid is defeated.
  • Chaos-coveting Midnight's Darkness - Colliding Orbs amount lowered to two.
  • Ozma of Chaos:
    • Chaos Chain and Yellow Circle are disabled during Guide/Squad runs.
    • Chaos's Judgement - Orb amount lowered to three and the player's HP will not be depleted by half.
    • Chaos Fragment - Orb amount lowered to three.
    • Chaos' Test - Counterhit the Scapegoat five times.
    • Chain Explosion - Purple & White Barriers are placed in the center with a fixed safety-zone included.
    • Chaos Sacrifice - Adjusted where the orange flames appear in the center and the player engulfed with red flames can bump into it to avoid being attacked by the Laser Beams.

Guide/Squad Mode Rewards

  • Completing Return of Chaos (Phase 2), the player will receive two card flips:
  • The first card will yield:


Land of Chaos

Elerinon Gateway