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Lemidia Chrysos: The Blessed Altar

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Future content.png This article is no longer being actively maintained because it contains content that is considered outdated.
Although it may still be in the game, its systems or features have been rendered unnecessary or useless by an update.

Lemidia Chrysos: The Blessed Altar is a system included in Ozma of Chaos Raid that allows players to either Fuse or Seperate their Level 100 Legendary or Epic Equipment through specific rewards they received by clearing the Raid. This can be accessed by interacting with either:

Equipment Fusion


  • Being very identical to Sirocco Raid's fusion system, there are 25 different Ozma Epic items that consists of 5 sets you can potentially obtain through Phase 2's rewards. Interact with the Holy Grail, then select the Upgrade Equipment option as this requires the following materials:
    • Level 100 Legendary or Epic Equipment (Shoulder, Belt, Shoes, Necklace, and Magic Stone):
    • 10 Power Essence.png Power Essences
    • 50 Aiolite.png Aiolites
    • All five sets, being the Shoulder, Belt and Shoes can also be retextured.
    • Once fused, the two pieces of equipment will become one with all their options, including the Legendary/Epic Set piece that was used.
    • The fused equipment has the Reinforcement, Amplification, and Modification levels, Enchantment effects, and grade of the non-Ozma Epic equipment that was used, and displays a special effect on its icon.
    • Ozma Epics can also be separated from their correspending Equipment pieces anytime without spending materials.

Ozma Fusion Special Options

  • When acquiring any Ozma Epic piece, such as Despair- Tiamat&-39;s Wrath.png Despair: Tiamat's Wrath, it will show a grade value between 9% | 7% | 5%. For example, if the Equipment's grade has a yellow version which is the highest one being 5%, it'll consume the least amount of HP from your character when they're using any Level 40 related skills, while Purple or Blue versions consume more HP, with a 10 second cooldown and -10% healing amount penalty through those healing specific skills.
  • Some of these penalties on Despair: Tiamat's Set can be mitigated by getting either two, three or all five pieces as they offer new effects.
  • Another drawback is that these grades regardless on which set you're going with cannot be changed once received through Raid or opening Pots. Gathering duplicates is likely the only choice.

Applicable Items

Terror: Astaros Set

Slot Pluperfect/Surreality/Near Future
Shoulder (Cloth) Terror- Astaro&-39;s Resentment.png Terror: Astaros's Resentment
Shoes (Cloth) Terror- Astaro&-39;s Wrath.png Terror: Astaros's Wrath
Belt (Cloth) Terror- Astaro&-39;s Reproach.png Terror: Astaros's Reproach
Necklace Terror- Astaro&-39;s Distrust.png Terror: Astaros's Distrust
Magic Stone Terror- Astaro&-39;s Curse.png Terror: Astaros's Curse

Holy Fire: Redmayne Set

Slot HP/MP consumption for Cooldowns
Shoulder (Leather) Holy Fire- Redmayne&-39;s Wish.png Holy Fire: Redmayne's Wish
Shoes (Leather) Holy Fire- Redmayne&-39;s Fury.png Holy Fire: Redmayne's Fury
Belt (Leather) Holy Fire- Redmayne&-39;s Faith.png Holy Fire: Redmayne's Faith
Necklace Holy Fire- Redmayne&-39;s Mercy.png Holy Fire: Redmayne's Mercy
Magic Stone Holy Fire- Redmayne&-39;s Blessing.png Holy Fire: Redmayne's Blessing

Despair: Tiamat Set

Slot High Modifiers for HP consumption
Shoulder (Light) Despair- Tiamat's Resentment.png Despair: Tiamat's Resentment
Shoes (Light) Despair- Tiamat&-39;s Wrath.png Despair: Tiamat's Wrath
Belt (Light) Despair- Tiamat&-39;s Reproach.png Despair: Tiamat's Reproach
Necklace Despair- Tiamat&-39;s Distrust.png Despair: Tiamat's Distrust
Magic Stone Despair- Tiamat&-39;s Curse.png Despair: Tiamat's Curse

Ruin: Berias Set

Slot Quality of Life without taking damage
Shoulder (Heavy) Ruin- Berias' Resentment.png Ruin: Berias' Resentment
Shoes (Heavy) Ruin- Berias' Wrath.png Ruin: Berias' Wrath
Belt (Heavy) Ruin- Berias' Reproach.png Ruin: Berias' Reproach
Necklace Ruin- Berias' Distrust.png Ruin: Berias' Distrust
Magic Stone Ruin- Berias' Curse.png Ruin: Berias' Curse

Sacrifce: Rosenbach Set

Slot Quality of Life through taking damage
Shoulder (Plate) Sacrifce- Rosenbach&-39;s Wish.png Sacrifce: Rosenbach's Wish
Shoes (Plate) Sacrifce- Rosenbach&-39;s Fury.png Sacrifce: Rosenbach's Fury
Belt (Plate) Sacrifce- Rosenbach&-39;s Faith.png Sacrifce: Rosenbach's Faith
Necklace Sacrifce- Rosenbach&-39;s Mercy.png Sacrifce: Rosenbach's Mercy
Magic Stone Sacrifce- Rosenbach&-39;s Blessing.png Sacrifce: Rosenbach's Blessing

Lemidios Chrysos: The Holy Grail of Faith

  • Essentially an Re-rolling system. How this works is that, players can place two Ozma Epic Equipment set pieces of any kind whether if it's a duplicate through gold flips or opening pots on a specific character, and it randomly fuses into one of the 25 pieces that are available. Before fusing, you can select around six different Ozma Epics you don't want.
  • Once the fusion is finished, you have a choice of either collecting the desired item from the grail, or keep re-rolling as the former option will immediately reset the fusion progress, and the latter as long as you have another Ozma Epic to spare, as this increases the excluding option by another six per-fusion.
  • Even if you don't want that specific item, fusion progress is retained regardless.
  • The finalized item will result in the highest grade option, yet the item quality is random.

The Golden Confessional

  • Upon accepting and completing the [Ozma Raid] Wailing Chaos quest by gathering 293 Chaotic Grudge.png Chaotic Grudges, NPC Allen Grant will grant you 1 No Icon.png Condensed Chaotic Grudge Box which is essentially this Raid's Ditto Epic that allows you to choose any Ozma Epic set piece of your choosing.
  • Like with the Oculus and Sirocco, Ozma's Ditto Epic can also be exchanged at anytime for another set piece as long as you have 73 Chaotic Grudge.png Chaotic Grudges and 1 Epic Soul.png Epic Soul each.