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Following Draugr and Playful Frigg

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Following Draugr
TypeDemon.png TypeBeast.png
Playful Frigg


Ozma Raid Lore Excerpt:

Look, Draugr. There's plenty of snacks for you around here!

Whoa, whoa—wait! It's been a long time since we saw living humans. You'll regret if you swallow them at once.

Then, what do we do, you ask? I've got an idea. We can play with them until we get tired of them, and then you can eat them all up! What do you say? Good idea, right?

La, la, la! Then, what should we do with them for starters? Hey, you. Do you like to play ball? How about playing hide-and-seek? Or we can play popping bubbles—with your bodies in them!

Ho ho. Don't be so scared. I won't let him eat you until the very end.

Just make sure you keep us entertained, or Draugr will lunge at your wounded friend behind you.

Move Set

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No dungeon found where the monster appears in.


  • Frigg's name is derived from a Norse Goddess who is the wife of Odin.
  • Draugr are Nordic undead creatures usually depicted as revenants, though Draugr himself resembles a giant Frog.


FollowingDraugrPlayfulFrigg Artwork.jpeg


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