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Discord010:45, 9 June 2019
Would it be ok to add quotations for skill shoutouts?406:49, 9 May 2019
Shop list template error419:28, 24 April 2019
Any way to search for pages with blank parameter220:37, 11 March 2019
Just a few questions...1418:37, 25 February 2019
Estimated Skill Growth Table2006:34, 11 November 2018
Creating a New Wiki Account Internal Error219:33, 26 October 2018
NPC/Dungeon/Lore Navigation Templates1112:50, 9 September 2018
Adding Classes to the Side Menu721:03, 3 September 2018
Timeline Extension1111:30, 15 August 2018
New Class Skill 2420:50, 8 April 2017
Request to Archive older Event notes.213:54, 2 April 2017
Spoilers Template221:20, 17 January 2017
How to add new class skill?1019:13, 25 July 2016
Whitespace issue219:46, 23 July 2016
Otherverse old information318:35, 8 July 2016
Image Gallery Slideshows/Sliders921:11, 17 May 2016
Storybooks118:33, 3 April 2016
Armor pages316:09, 2 April 2016
NPCs Map and Towns322:17, 30 March 2016
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Hey Dfoplayer,

Since you're a wiki admin, I wanted to make you aware that I've created a Discord server for editors. You are welcome to join at:


Best regards,

10:45, 9 June 2019

Would it be ok to add quotations for skill shoutouts?

For example, when a F. Mage uses Disenchant, she apparently shouts "Largo!" (musical term for slow tempo) I had no idea that was what she was saying until I visited Namuwiki's DFO page for f mage skills, and I thought this little bit of info (trivia?) might be of interest to other players.

I do realize this is a laughably low thing to prioritize at the moment (with all the outdated and missing info), but I've always found these little details interesting, and I feel like wiki pages are where I've learned a lot trivia for other games I play.

We could put it under the description section as such:

19:24, 8 May 2019

I wouldn't mind it.

20:06, 8 May 2019

Ok, thanks. Also, for calculating Absolute Damage Ratio, can I look at my stats while in Town, or do I actually have to go inside a dungeon? I'm wondering because when I'm in the pvp channel (just in the channel, not in any room) the tooltip for Sky Assault lvl 1 shows 66% + 163 for Physical Atk. and my independent attack is 1234. So (163/1234) = 0.132

But when I go inside a room, tooltip shows 66% + 163 and Independent attack shows 963; 163/963 = 0.169

Why am I getting two different numbers here? Now I'm wondering if I screwed up with the Skill Growth table for the dungeon because I did it while I was in town.

21:46, 8 May 2019

And also, what does it mean when the MP and cooldown description is in red or blue in the game? Magic missile lvl 1 costs 8 mp on my Elementalist but it costs 7 on my Battle mage

00:38, 9 May 2019

I'm not too entirely sure about that. I haven't played DFO in a long time. Either User talk:Altair, User talk:Queerchemist, or User talk:Arrol would know more on skills.

06:49, 9 May 2019

Shop list template error

Hey Dfoplayer.

Sorry to bother you again, but there seems to be a strange display issue with the Shop List template. Here's an example for reference, Red Tail Jonathan. For some reason, the items that don't have existing pages appear as text code rather than the normal red empty links.

EDIT: This issue seems to be affecting other templates as well. Take a look at Beast Dungeon for reference.

18:17, 15 April 2019

Just replying to follow this thread, as I've come across this issue a lot as well.

edit: Also worth noting the issue occurs inconsistently depending on the item/page in question. For example if you look at the current version of User:Queerchemist/Equipment there are redlinks that don't have this issue, but if you look at this older revision the issue is present.

edit2: Actually the issue even occurs with links that shouldn't be broken at all. If you look at Undaunted Determination, the items in the shop under "Uses" are all existing pages and should work just fine.

00:37, 16 April 2019

That was a long rabbit hole. At first I thought it was pretty simple. The icon and/or item page does not exist.

In Red Tail Jonathan, where is the page Pure Energy Crystal Pouch? Since the page and respective icon doesn't exists, the Template:Item produces the wiki code [[<missing Pure Energy Crystal Pouch icon.png> |20x20|link=Pure Energy Crystal Pouch]], and renders what you see on all the pages.

Example failure below

{{Item|Pure Energy Crystal Pouch}}

results in

Jonathan Upgrade Box.png Pure Energy Crystal Pouch

Then, looking at Queerchemist's examples, I noticed it has to do something with the #show query not rendering 'Pure Energy Crystal Pouch' compared to 'Swiftly Mobile Plate Shoulder', as shown on User:Queerchemist/Equipment. Why? No idea, but 'default=' does not seem to work the way we want it to. Nice table btw.

I think the best solution is to make wiki code to detect if a page does not exists, which I'm not familiar with, YET. This will allow us to skip the template code and just render red links.

In the mean time, I'm not sure where to start looking for broken items, but Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Shop_list_row is a start.

10:42, 16 April 2019

Okay. Most of it is working. Not sure why Undaunted Determination is still broken, as well as Monolium. It looks like the NPC's shop list are working just fine. When you call the shop list from a page that has the item as a currency, it breaks. Yet, if you look at below, the Template:Item works for Undaunted Determination and Monolium. . Epic Soul Box (1).png Epic Soul Box (1) Heblon Recipe Chest.png Prophet's Dusk Bead Chest

11:55, 18 April 2019

Oh. It looks like the semantic has been updated and the lists in the individual item pages are now working.

19:28, 24 April 2019

Any way to search for pages with blank parameter

Hey Dfoplayer, it came to my attention while working on the Item Database Project that a huge number of pieces of equipment are missing exorcism values - I've noticed it on almost every page I haven't personally created or edited. Is there any way I/we can run a query for pages that use the Equipment infobox template but have blank exorcism parameters? That would make it a lot easier and faster to add the values back in. Thanks in advance. --Queerchemist (talk) 14:35, 11 March 2019 (PDT)

13:35, 11 March 2019

Yes, you can use semantic wiki and perform an array difference on the ones that have exorcism values.

The problem with using semantics is that the system is defaulted to get a list of maximum 500 results. If you were to update the following equipment list, chances are that the first array with 'allEquipment' will not go past the first 500 pages. Therefore, you will probably see this list getting shorter, and not updating with new pages.

<!-- [[:+]] is needed to select main, and not user,images, and other namespaces -->
{{#ask:[[:+]] [[Category:Equipment]] [[Has name::+]] |format=array |offset=0 |name=allEquipment}}
{{#ask:[[:+]] [[Category:Equipment]] [[Has name::+]] [[Has exorcism::+]] |format=array |offset=0 |name=exorcismEquipment}}
{{#arraydiff:missingExo|allEquipment|exorcismEquipment}}<!-- missingExo = allEquipment- exorcismEquipment -->
<ul style="columns:4">{{#arrayprint:missingExo||@@@@ |<li>[[@@@@]]</li> }}</ul>

To fix the 500 pages problem, you want to manually repeat the above four lines, and '500' every time |offset=0 in both ask queries to compare the new set of pages. Then you could find all the pages. AND PLEASE DO NOT SAVE THE PAGE Previewing the wiki code is sufficient enough to generate the list for you to copy and check.

This method should work with other missing semantic values, in theory.

Out of the first 500 pages in Equipment Category, there are 153 pages that are missing exorcism.

And if you somehow made it this far reading down the page, then again in theory, an 'automated solution' is to run a count of how many pages of equipment there are, which happens to be 8439. Taking this value, we could create a loop that will generate tabs of 8439/500. So there will be 16.878 tabs to display all possible pages that do not contain exorcism. But I'm not sure if I have time to write that wikicode because of life. I think running the 4 lines of code, 10 times is sufficient to find those pages.

Now if we want to add all missing values, then maybe yes. I'll find some time to create a page that generates missing parameters for all equipment.

16:40, 11 March 2019

Well, it seems that threads do not dynamically query semantics, so the list doesn't actually change.

Therefore the solution is to run the 4 lines manually and keep adding '500' to the offset parameter. Cheers!

20:37, 11 March 2019

Just a few questions...

Hey Dfoplayer. If you don't mind, I have a few questions about a few things.

1) When creating the page Aspect: Trine Set I noticed that the second headers for the Priest(F) and Priest(M) skills did not appear in the 3 part set effect. Am I doing something incorrectly?

2) Recently, I've been attempting to post the Youtube videos, the Chronicles of Luke: Chapters 1-5, into the Lore Episode page's collapsible tabs, but to no avail. How would I go about posting a Youtube video in a collapsible tab? Would it just be easier to post the Youtube link?

18:06, 15 January 2019

1) I'm not familiar with the Template:Set information so I don't know how it gets the skill data.

2) Use the extension embedVideo. {{#ev:youtube|xx7tna_xoHY|225}}

However, you cannot put this in the <pre> section of the collapsible tabs. I tested this and would need to place outside the <small> as well.

{{HiddenTextStart| |Title=Episode 1: The Way of Peace - Linus's Monologue |Width=600 |Show=none }} <!-- Source:http://df.nexon.com/df/guide/TO/634 --> <small><small><pre> Lore info here </pre></small></small> {{#ev:youtube|xx7tna_xoHY|225}} {{HiddenTextEnd}}

The first parameter is the youtube ID and second parameter is the width in pixels.

18:28, 15 January 2019

Ok. Thanks for the reply. :)

18:31, 15 January 2019

Hey Dfoplayer. Would you happen to have access to the wiki's LocalSettings.php? There seems to be an issue arising with the 1000 character string limit error. It seems to occur most prominently with the Equipment Infobox description parameter. I believe the culprit may have something to do with the Parser Function $wgPFStringLenghtLimit variable. From what I've researched, it is usually defaulted to 1000 and may be causing certain pages to return an error if the string limit is exceeded. Would it be possible to increase the string limit?

20:29, 21 February 2019

No I don't have access to that file.

The Last time something like this occurred, we had a "Pages with too many expensive parser function calls. " coming from Template:SkillNav calling Template:IconLink too many times. How it was fixed was beyond me.

Can you give me an example of an equipment page? I looked a recent ones and didn't see 1000 character error.

21:10, 21 February 2019

Luberum Stone Fall was one of the pages a few of the editors were discussing about. They decided to separate the information outside the page template to avoid the issue. To replicate this error, just copy the information under the Description heading and paste it within the description parameter.

21:25, 21 February 2019

Estimated Skill Growth Table

Hey Dfoplayer. Would it be okay if we use mathematical estimated expressions like this for certain skill growths? The amount of time and effort spent updating these pages becomes heavily taxing after a while. Also, it's very difficult to manually update each value when every new rework patch changes all the values anyway.

Right now, the only problems with this I see are that the values aren't exactly precise, and it becomes incredibly clunky with certain skills with multiple values like Flash.

13:58, 3 April 2018

Yes. I would not mind it.

16:52, 4 April 2018

Hey Dfoplayer. Due to table visibility issues, Bah Wikier and I have been discussing on his talk page about changing the skill growth table format on the SkillPage to a SkillAttribute List of expressions.

Considering User:Everspace's suggestion about omitting non-changing information in tables and the fact that we are now using 'non-changing' mathematical expressions, it may be more beneficial to use a list format.

If it's okay with you, we will be issuing this as the new makeshift standard for the skill growth section.

11:17, 24 September 2018

If you are suggesting to put the new list

*{{SkillAttribute|Lv Req|80+2(n-1)}}

in |SkillGrowth= section, then I'm fine with it.

12:02, 24 September 2018

Hey Dfoplayer. I just had an idea.

Out of curiosity, do we have a loop extension installed and would it be possible to construct a skill table from a #while loop extension?

Here's an example I had in mind using the skill: Quick Punto.png Quick Punto

{{#vardefine:maxlv | 50 }}
!Lv Req
!Melee Atk.
!Lance Tip Atk.
{{#vardefine:i| 1 }}{{#while:
| {{#ifexpr: {{#var:i}} <= {{#var:maxlv}} | true }}
| <nowiki />

| <!--Level--> {{#var:i}}
| <!--Lv Req--> {{#expr: 1+2*({{#var:i}}-1)}}
| <!--MP--> {{#expr: 6+0.568*({{#var:i}}-1) round 0}}
| <!--Melee Atk.--> {{#expr: 781+79.273*({{#var:i}}-1) round 0}}% + {{AbsoluteDamage| {{#expr: 1.95+0.198*({{#var:i}}-1) }} | 1 }}
| <!--Lance Tip Atk.--> {{#expr: 1027+104.273*({{#var:i}}-1) round 0}}% + {{AbsoluteDamage| {{#expr: 2.57+0.261*({{#var:i}}-1) }} | 1 }}

{{#vardefine:i| {{#expr: {{#var:i}} + 1 }} }} <!--Incrementation-->

Ideally, this would create a table and output 50 rows for the skill. I'm not that good at MediaWiki coding, but would this type of implementation be possible?

01:32, 7 November 2018

I looked into this weeks ago when you asked me the first time, atleast trying to find some way for mediawiki to calculate mathematical formulas. We do not have loops installed. I asked the site owner sometime ago because of your timeline and she replied we need to see if Extension:arrays can be substituted. Shown below, the while loop does not work


| true
  • 0


However, I did not know we had variables installed, so combining arrays and variables should definitely looked into. It could solve some more problems!

I'll try to do some work on the weekend...

06:47, 7 November 2018

Creating a New Wiki Account Internal Error

Hey Dfoplayer. It has come to my attention that individuals who are trying to create an account on this wiki are being blocked by some strange Internal Error dealing with some "AntiSpoof.php" extension.

I've tried this myself, and I seem to get the same error.

16:02, 24 October 2018

I have informed the site owner.

17:13, 26 October 2018

It is now working. Please inform the new volunteers that they can now help update the wiki!

19:33, 26 October 2018

NPC/Dungeon/Lore Navigation Templates

Hey Dfoplayer. I'm working on some navigation templates on my User Page. I was wondering if you could provide some feedback about them, particularly on usability and readability.

09:13, 27 August 2018

The readability is fine for my screen. The small text keeps it nice and tidy in my opinion.

Of course manually entering new NPCs will be troublesome down the road. So a more efficient way of doing it is to modify the Template:NPCs to add metadata on location. Then using semantic wiki, you can auto generate the navigational template tablwe, since we have the extension enabled.

It is different from DPL, as we have in Template:SkillNav. That one uses categories, and creating 15 categories in the form "<town> NPCs" is probably a hassle.

Do the same metadata with the dungeons template and auto generating the list should be a snap.

However, in terms of usability, dungeons navigational would be more useful. How many users are going to go from one NPC to another NPC? I see myself looking at NPCs from quest line or maybe skill learning.

With dungeons, I see myself jumping to the next dungeon page after I level up a couple times.

I don't mind the Lore navigational template. However, the fifth text note is overlapping on the hiddenTextHeader. Fix it by adding |height=5 to the Template:Note Row in section |Row1={{note row

12:15, 27 August 2018

I added semantics so we should be able to query locations now.


11:21, 1 September 2018

Sorry for the late reply.

Okay, I'll get around to updating those pages on Monday. I need to finish leveling my Specialist to Lv90 first, since maintenance is tomorrow.

17:17, 2 September 2018

Sorry to bother you again. I'm not that good at Semantic Mediawiki coding. Is there a way/code to exclude certain dungeons from showing up in the list, like removed dungeons, with the inline queries?

10:36, 4 September 2018

Most definitely.

First, I want to know how is "Removed dungeons" labeled. If we can re-use, say a "removed" category, we should be able to #ask Semantics to filter. {{#ask: [[Category:!Removed Content]] }} If not, we need to create another property. Can you give me an example of removed content?

On the subject on improving the nav list, add |sort=Has dungeon entrance level requirement to your #ask, as shown in my EtchASketch. The Grand Flores list now matches the one on page "Category:Grand_Flores_dungeons" instead of alphabetical order.

10:55, 4 September 2018

Thanks for the reply.

The best example would be Time Gate. If the Removed Content filter is applied then Black Crusade, Tangled Time Gate, and Time Break should not appear.

11:25, 4 September 2018

Adding Classes to the Side Menu

Hey Dfoplayer. How do you add class names to the left side menu list of the Wiki site?

12:37, 11 March 2018

That's reserved for admins only. Which classes do you need?

12:40, 11 March 2018

Demonic Lancer and F. Priest

12:45, 11 March 2018


12:57, 11 March 2018

Thank you.

13:13, 11 March 2018

Hey Dfoplayer. Could you add Agent to the left side navigation as well?

20:27, 3 September 2018

Timeline Extension

Hey Dfoplayer. Does this wiki have some kind MediaWiki extension for timelines? I was wondering if we could use it for listing/organizing critical events in the in-game lore.

07:02, 6 August 2018

Something like this? TimelineTable

07:13, 6 August 2018

Thanks for your reply.

Something like that is very good, but it might need some changes.

It needs to span over a period of 1000+ years. I'm just worried that the timeline will try to list out the years individually instead of organizing them into a larger group such as "centuries".

Also, due the massive span of events, I'm concerned that it may affect the visibility/readability of the event text as well.

09:10, 6 August 2018

This one might work EasyTimeline, but I rejected it because of of the interesting wiki syntax needed.

For something that says "Easy", you need to define colors and all other sorts of information to get it right. example. Editing Ebrahim's page will show you how complex it is.

If you would like to learn, we can ask to get it

09:29, 6 August 2018

Yeesh, that is quite complex. Though, I wouldn't mind learning this.

I'm not too worried the color syntax or multi-dimensional layering. I only seem to require its one-dimensional vertical timeline features as shown in the first EasyTimeline example you posted.

If you can get this, I will be very grateful.

10:04, 6 August 2018

The site admin recommends we try to use normal mediawiki code, as this extension for one page might be overkill.

If you can find a template for timelines, that would be nice. I will also search for one.

19:47, 13 August 2018

Got it to work.

Here is my example

There may be some issues, as i went through way too many edits to get it too work. But for now, this time line should be good. The last number does not print, and i probably won't look into the mathematics into why for sometime.

Dfoplayer (talk) WORKING TIMELINE

10:52, 15 August 2018

Thank you so much for your hard work.

I will get to working on this as soon as possible.

11:30, 15 August 2018

New Class Skill 2

Need help on putting one of skill name "Divine Punishment" one of Inquisitor's 2nd Awakening, but this redirected to Male Sader's Ascension page instead.

EDIT: I just put Divine Punishment (Inquisitor) for now until we can fix to remove redirect from Ascension.

00:21, 5 April 2017

Okay. We could modify the page 'Divine Punishment', put a Disambiguation on it and show two links to the classes?

10:00, 7 April 2017

Why not just move the page to the original name, and delete the latter page? The original name isn't being used anyways?

11:00, 7 April 2017

Oh I see what you are saying. It is done.

11:18, 7 April 2017

Alright, thanks. So I just finished setting up all new FPriest skills in there.

20:50, 8 April 2017

Request to Archive older Event notes.

Requesting for to archive older event notes from year of 2016 on home page. Thanks in advance.

20:56, 1 April 2017

Yea, we can do that.

22:07, 1 April 2017

Thanks again!

13:54, 2 April 2017

Spoilers Template

Hey Dfoplayer. Would you happen to know if there is a Spoiler's template somewhere in the Wiki?

20:58, 17 January 2017

No, I don't think we have those yet. Feel free to import Mabi wiki. This is for sections and This is for the whole article.

Just replace the icon with ours.

21:06, 17 January 2017

Alright, thanks for the info and the links. I added the Template to the wiki.

21:20, 17 January 2017

How to add new class skill?

Sorry for asking a noob-ish question but I'm having a hard to find and how to make a "table" for class skills, I am planning to type in these skills for both Demon Lancer subclasses.

02:29, 22 July 2016

A table as in under the category "skills" in the page Vanguard? In this case, just create pages with the template Template:SkillPage and it should auto generate those tables.

If you wanted to a table with columns, (level, required level, Mp/Hp usage, skill attributes), then follow Helm Shot's SkillGrowth section when you edit it.

06:07, 22 July 2016

I just made a page, Quick Punto Shot for Demonic Lancer, not sure if I did right or not; but just explain me bit more so I can understand more.

06:49, 22 July 2016

It's good, but we need to move the "category" from the title. Then we should add the "Category: Demonic Lancer Skills" page.

EDIT: It will take awhile for the wiki to detect the new skill, so you won't see it in the Demonic Lancer page, but it does show up in the nav of Helm Shot.

07:48, 22 July 2016

I made another one but wrong title, so I don't know where the place I can start the page in correct one.

15:27, 22 July 2016

Ok, I finished adding all Demonic Lancer skills and uploaded its icon. Also just did first 3 skills to Duelist and its icon for now, I'll finish the rest of Duelist skill and its icons and Vanguard skills later. But I'm sorry I had to leave you some work to put these skills I just added into correct place, I'm still bad at this one.

19:44, 23 July 2016
Edited by author.
Last edit: 07:14, 24 July 2016

When you create a new page, it is unnecessary to include "Category:" in the title. Just put the skill title after "http://wiki.dfo-world.com/view/". An example would be "http://wiki.dfo-world.com/view/Swirling_Spear". Since this is "Category" page, I can not move it, so we just copy and paste the skill into a new page, and delete the previous one.

19:51, 23 July 2016

Whitespace issue

It's from dpl returning a blank due to certain queries not returning anything. This then automagically renders into a p tag.

I remember being annoyed at this earlier.

08:26, 22 July 2016

I'm not sure what you're talking about?

15:27, 22 July 2016

Don't worry about it Aero.

19:46, 23 July 2016

Otherverse old information

Hey Dfoplayer. With the last patch on June 28th, some of the Otherverse dungeon rooms were reworked. Should we keep the old information or delete it?

07:27, 7 July 2016

We should probably delete it.

09:36, 7 July 2016

While I'm updating the pages, is it all right if I make the pages less subjective? The strategies I've read are a bit opinionated.

11:12, 7 July 2016

Yes, feel free to.

18:35, 8 July 2016

Image Gallery Slideshows/Sliders

Hey Dfoplayer, sorry to bother you. Does the wiki have some kind of type attribute for HTML gallery that enables a slideshow or slider? I thought it would be pretty interesting organize certain images on NPC pages such as sprites and portraits in them. Also, I was thinking on uploading some of the comic cutscenes, and I thought a slideshow/slider would make it easier to read.

05:12, 18 April 2016

Yes, there is an MediaWiki extension. While it is possible to allow CSS support, the image tag, <img>, is disabled. Also, CSS only allows a set number of images, so I will ask if admin to install the extension.

07:06, 18 April 2016

Use this as a guide to the options. A sample would be Female Mage

07:27, 28 April 2016

Hey thanks. But, the slideshow seems to be hovering over the Class Navigation and Item Template. Would it be possible to fix that?

Sorry for not being specific earlier, but I was wondering if the user could navigate through the images at will rather than relying on a transition timer such as shown here or here.

12:17, 28 April 2016

I think I know what you are talking about. Are these similar to your vision? Bootstrap carousel. Mediawiki slider1 and mediawiki slider2. Most of wikia's extensions can not be imported into MediaWiki, unless someone wrote an equivalent tool.

Do note that these automatically transition to the next photo. Fortunately, we would need to remove the auto transition code located somewhere in the JS file.

Finals are coming up for me, but if anyone wants to experiment with JS and CSS, by all means...

13:17, 28 April 2016

Hey thanks for responding. Yeah, those references work. Personally, I don't mind the Bootstrap Carousel example. It's quite easy to use and traverse though the images in and out of order.

As for the automatic transition, I have not quarrel with it as long as they are not too fast. I am aware that it can be manipulated in the Slideshow extension. My main concern with the JavascriptSlideshow extension was that it didn't enable users to freely move back and forth through the images. The extension only enabled forward, backward, or random transition.

Don't worry about this though. It's not a crucial issue. It's just something to sate my curiosity and my understanding of the wiki's capabilities. Sorry for troubling you.

15:41, 28 April 2016


Hey Dfoplayer. In the All in One update, they added another function to the quest line, Storybooks. I was wondering if we should cover this on the wiki or even where to put them. Technically when activated they function similarly to side quests and grant reward gold and exp upon completion. Should I categorize them under Quests?

18:31, 3 April 2016

If it acts like a side quest, then yes. Categorizing them under Quests is probably the best thing.

18:33, 3 April 2016

Armor pages

What should be done with pages like Leather Armor, is it fine to nuke them from orbit? Every single item is unavailable in our version, and it's highly unlikely they'll ever return.

15:07, 2 April 2016

If the items are gone from the game, then yes, we should remove the tables.

We could leave the page itself here, and then use Semantics to generate the lists so its easier to find. Otherwise, the player would have to type in the exact item name in the search box. If that's the case, can Semantics produce a level range, like armors between lv 10 and 19?

15:36, 2 April 2016

My current plan for the armor pages was to create armor weight+slot pages like List of cloth tops, have semantics create the armor tables on those pages and then link to them from the main armor page. I don't think having it all on a single page is a good idea, Scythe is already super long (and that's without chronicle gear!), and that times 5 is... kinda insane.

16:00, 2 April 2016

Ahhh. Alright. Nuke away then. Be sure to mark any old images.

16:09, 2 April 2016

NPCs Map and Towns

Actually, is there any need to have these pages as two separate pages? Since I'm already doing overlay images with the map segments and NPC icons, it seems to me that I can just overlay the NPC icons on top of the map segments. Since there's not much ways to get to the NPCs Map page aside from the Main Page link, whereas every single NPC points back to the town they are at, which in turn can link back to the Town Maps. If anything, I can also overlay NPC icons on top of each individual town's maps. I think this would work better than what we have right now.

If you're okay with this, then I will go ahead and start making these changes, which will lead to eventually migrating everything off the NPCs Map page and then deleting it.

21:43, 30 March 2016

I can even use tabs on the Towns page so that there is an NPC-less version and a with-NPC version map for each Town Map, so that people can choose whether they want to click on locations or NPCs.

21:45, 30 March 2016

Actually, I always envisioned having images overlaid on a bigger map image. I haven't had the time to figure it out, so this is great. Whichever one you are currently working on, you can mark the other page for deletion. Make sure you fix the links as well.

For tabs, I don't think it would be a good idea. Just have the images overlaid. It will make it easier for users to click on the map right away.

22:10, 30 March 2016

I actually figured this out by looking at how the wiki already had overlaid Blank images over the dungeon location map screenshots on each of the older towns. I just took that idea and instead of overlaying a blank image (which is silly anyways because the size is never accurate) I overlay the actual dungeon banners that we already have: the way DFO does it in-game. Since that worked out, I took that to the next level and tried it on the NPC MiniMapIcons we already have and overlaid it on the Town Maps. And ta-da~ it can be done :D

22:17, 30 March 2016
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