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Arad Explorer Club

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The Arad Explorer Club system grants special bonuses to players who have multiple characters on their account. The bonuses include boosted stats, bonus dungeon clear experience, more item drops and entries in Special Dungeons, and mercenary runs.

  • The Explorer Club UI consists of the following tabs: Basic Info, Trait, Collection, Expedition, Shop, and Weekly Info

Basic Info

The Basic Info displays information that reflects the Player's activities which include:

  • Explorer Club name, level, and creation date
  • Total number of characters
  • Consecutive logins
  • Highest trained character
  • Total number of dungeons cleared (inc. Fiend War Raid, Prey-Isys Raid, Sirocco Raid)
  • Total number of Arena victories


The Attribute Tab displays the level of the Player's Explorer Club. Upon reaching a certain level, Players receive a special bonus.

  • Max Explorer Club is Level 35.
  • The Player's current Explorer Club Level is adjusted according to the new Level standards below.
  • Each game account is awarded Explorer Club Level 1 when its first character is created.
  • Note: Once a character reaches Lv. 90, their EXP contributed afterward will be reduced to 1/3 the effectiveness.

Level Bonuses

Level EXP Req. Cumulative EXP Req. Bonus Stats Drop Rate Dungeon Entry
2 500,000,000 500,000,000 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 10
Bonus Dungeon EXP +10%
Demon Invitation Box purchase per char. +1 Tower of Despair Entry +1
Tower of Anguish Entry +1
3 530,000,000 1,030,000,000 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 30
4 561,800,000 1,591,800,000 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 50
5 595,508,000 2,187,308,000 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 70
6 631,238,480 2,818,546,480 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 90
7 669,112,788 3,487,659,268 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 110 Tower of Despair Entry +3
Tower of Anguish Entry +2
8 709,259,556 4,196,918,824 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 125
9 751,815,129 4,948,733,953 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 140
10 796,924,037 5,745,657,990 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 155 Joah Ferrero's Voyage Entrance +1
11 844,739,479 6,590,397,469 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 170 Demon Invitation Box purchase per char. +2
12 895,423,848 7,485,821,317 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 185 Tower of Despair Entry +5
Tower of Anguish Entry +3
13 949,149,279 8,434,970,596
14 1,006,098,235 9,441,068,831
15 1,006,464,130 10,447,532,961 Anton Raid Entrance +1
16 1,130,451,977 11,577,984,938 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 200 Joah Ferrero's Voyage Entrance +2
17 1,198,279,096 12,776,264,034
18 1,270,175,842 14,046,439,876 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 215
19 1,346,386,392 15,392,826,268
20 1,427,169,576 16,819,995,844 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 230 60.00% chance of finding 1 more Antonium
21 1,512,799,751 18,332,795,595
22 1,603,567,736 19,936,363,331 Demon Invitation Box purchase per char. +3
Bonus Hell Party Epic Fragment Drops +1
23 1,699,781,800 21,636,145,131
24 1,801,768,708 23,437,913,839 Joah Ferrero's Voyage Entrance +3
25 1,909,874,831 25,347,788,670 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 245 30.00% chance of finding 1 more Light Source
26 2,024,467,320 27,372,255,990
27 2,145,935,360 29,518,191,350
28 2,274,691,481 31,792,882,831
29 2,411,172,970 34,204,055,801
30 2,555,843,349 36,759,899,150 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 260 Anton Raid Entrance +2
31 2,817,745,586 39,577,644,736
32 ??? ???
33 ??? ???
34 ??? ???
35 ??? ??? STRVIT/INT/SPR +275




The Collection Tab displays information about the character's attributes and Expertise (Honor) Level.

Character Attributes

Each character subclass has a set of 3 unique attributes which are used for the Arad Adventure function (and formerly for the Expedition function).

Expertise Levels

Expertise is a function that can be accessed once the character has reached the current level cap, and only serves as a cosmetic effect in front of the character's name. (Non-Advanced characters cannot have their Expertise Levels increased.)

The Expertise Tier goes as follows:

  • Challenger -> Expert -> Leader -> Guru -> Legend -> Hero -> Guide -> Savior

Total EXP required is calculated based on the standard linear multiplier. The data may have slight differences compared to the information presented in-game due to minor rounding variations.

Honor Medal Expertise Tier Maximum Level Total EXP Req.
Expertise - Challenger.png Challenger 49 145,275,494
Expertise - Expert.png Expert 49 1,141,808,258
Expertise - Leader.png Leader 44 6,530,973,231
Expertise - Guru.png Guru 44 36,799,299,558
Expertise - Legend.png Legend 39 169,971,462,773
Expertise - Hero.png Hero 39 784,742,907,637
- Guide 40 3,767,664,034,534
- Savior 1 3,918,371,618,244

Expedition (Obsolete)

Expeditions allow for selected characters to automatically run chosen regions from a given list for a chosen set time period. Upon returning from the Expedition, the player is rewarded with a set number of Glory Crystals depending on the number of matched character attributes and the amount of time spent during the Expedition.

  • Explorable dungeons are unlocked depending on your Explorer Club level.
  • You can create an Expedition Party with the characters whose properties (attributes) match the target's dungeon's.
  • Dispatch Expedition Parties, and they will return with Glory Crystal rewards after a set time period.
    • Characters, upon joining an Expedition Party, activate their properties that match the target dungeon's. The more properties that are activated, the greater the reward.
    • Time periods range from 6h/12h/18h/24h. The longer the time period, the larger the reward.
  • Click a Property icon in the Dungeon Info screen, and your characters of the same property will be automatically sorted and displayed.
  • You can use the Auto Party settings to automatically create an Expedition Party with suitable characters.
  • As of Season 6, Act 06. Sirocco the Intangible, expeditions are no longer available and have been replaced with Arad Adventure.

Conditions and Rewards

Area Explorer Club Level Req. # of Req. Attributes Maximum Reward
(Glory Crystals)
Forest of No Return.png 01 1 4
Crimson Wasteland.png 10 2 7
Charred Ruins.png 15 3 10
Hollow Subterranean Cave.png 20 4 14
Wailing Northerly Area.png 25 4 16

Arad Adventure

Arad Adventure is essentially an updated version of Expeditions that functions like a mini-game being inspired by the Tower of Despair Challenge which ocurred prior to the Season 6: Act 01 patch.

World Dungeons

(Under Construction)

Party Formation

(Under Construction)

Manage Characters

(Under Construction)

Recruit Mercenary

(Under Construction)

Adventure Subjugation

  • Implemented in Season 6: Act 10, Adventure Subjugations are dungeons that focuses on Raid-like content such as The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection & The Exile Mountains that would be later added in Season 6: Act 14 - Aeterna. You're able to pick either of the two areas of your own choosing as this restricts the unselected area for the following week until Tuesday at 09:00 UTC.
  • Both Subjugation maps each consists of a 7 dungeon format followed by 4 floors including a final area that contains a random Named or Boss monster from their respective content alongside a Combat Power requirement and 3 randomized Dungeon Properities based on a character attribute. A 4-character party assembled either of your characters or recruited mercenaries can enter if the CP requirements (I.E 22,464) are met and they're able to battle the monster, clear that dungeon to proceed towards the next area. An 8-character party can enter the final area if both the 5 Properites & Combat Power meet it's requirements.

Time Limit

  • A 12 hour time limit starts up whenever you begin a battle on any of the 6 floors, with the final area (Altar of Truth/Extiction of Haven) is increased to 24 hours (1 Day). The time can be decreased by half and sped up twice if you've remained in-game.
  • Subjugation battles continue even if you close the game.
  • Characters who frequently regroups after clearing will be given a Regroup time penalty that stacks the more you take them in dungeons.


  • You are given a max reward amount of 9 counts entering the dungeons and each time one is successfully cleared, that reward count decreases and the final dungeon can only be entered once a week.
  • Depending on you party's CP, dungeon properties and in-game time spent inside a Subjugation battle, you'll earn the following 3 – 7 rewards depending on the rank you've earned going from the lowest to highest; (D, C , B , A, S). Additionally in Oculus, there is a low chance that Apostle-Obessed Soryun can be encountered as a hidden boss monster, defeat her and you'll receive a bonus rewards upon succession.


Oculus Rewards


The Shop Tab grants the Player access to items such as Level Up tickets, Quest Clearance Tickets, Quest Legendary Materials, Demon Invitations, etc. which can be purchased with points from either Valor Crystals or Glory Crystals.

Note: Items sold at the Explorer Shop cannot be traded and have purchase limit.

Valor Crystals:

  • 1 Valor Crystal is gained for every 15 million EXP, holding up to a maximum of 250 points.
  • Item Purchase limit is reset at 9:00 a.m. UTC on the first day of each month. The player's current Valor Crystals in possession are never reset.

Glory Crystals (Obsolete):

  • Glory Crystals can be obtained through Expeditions.
  • Item Purchase limit and Glory Crystals reset at 9:00 a.m. UTC on the first day of each month.
  • As of Season 6, Act 06. Sirocco the Intangible, the Glory Crystal Shop has been replaced with the Adventure Token Shop.

Adventure Tokens:

  • Adventure Tokens can be obtained through Arad Adventure.
  • Item Purchase limit and Adventure Tokens reset at 9:00 a.m. UTC on the first day of each month.

Adventure Gabriel's Shop:

  • Gabriel's Shop appears up to 5 times a day while you explore Adventure dungeons. (Reset daily at 09:00 UTC)
  • If he appears in the dungeon his shop will be accessable through the Adventure Token shop. A new tab will appear called "Gabriel's Shop".
  • He won't appear again until his shop is closed.



Item Level Binding Limit Club Level Req. Cost
Improved Growth Potion.png Improved Growth Potion 1 - 94 Untradable 20 2 1 Valor Crystal.png Valor Crystal
Level Up Ticket.png (Lv. 10 - 19) Level Up Ticket 10 - 19 Bind to Account 7 4 1 Valor Crystal.png Valor Crystal
Level Up Ticket.png (Lv. 20 - 29) Level Up Ticket 20 - 29 Bind to Account 7 6 2 Valor Crystal.png Valor Crystal
Level Up Ticket.png (Lv. 30 - 39) Level Up Ticket 30 - 39 Bind to Account 7 8 4 Valor Crystal.png Valor Crystal
Level Up Ticket.png (Lv. 40 - 49) Level Up Ticket 40 - 49 Bind to Account 5 10 6 Valor Crystal.png Valor Crystal
Level Up Ticket.png (Lv. 50 - 69) Level Up Ticket 50 - 69 Bind to Account 5 12 8 Valor Crystal.png Valor Crystal
Level Up Ticket.png (Lv. 70 - 85) Level Up Ticket 70 - 85 Bind to Account 2 15 12 Valor Crystal.png Valor Crystal
Level Up Ticket.png (Lv. 86 - 89) Level Up Ticket 86 - 89 Bind to Account 3 20 50 Valor Crystal.png Valor Crystal
Level Up Ticket.png (Lv. 90 - 94) Level Up Ticket 90 - 94 Bind to Account 2 25 70 Valor Crystal.png Valor Crystal
2nd Awakening Quest Clearance Ticket.png 2nd Awakening Quest Clearance Ticket 75 Untradable 1 10 50 Valor Crystal.png Valor Crystal
Quest Clearance Ticket.png Sub Equipment Quest Clearance Ticket 60 Untradable 1 15 100 Valor Crystal.png Valor Crystal
Quest Clearance Ticket.png Magic Stone Quest Clearance Ticket 65 Untradable 1 20 150 Valor Crystal.png Valor Crystal
Quest Clearance Ticket.png Earring Quest Clearance Ticket 90 Untradable 1 25 200 Valor Crystal.png Valor Crystal

Growth Capsule

EXP gained by Level 100 or higher characters is saved in the capsule. The accumulated EXP can be collected in increments of 10%.

Each 10% gives the selected character 1,000,000 EXP, totaling 10,000,000 at 100%.

  • Effective Character Levels: 50-94
  • Max Capsule Count: 10
  • Resets every Tuesday at 09:00 a.m. UTC

Weekly/Daily Dungeon Information

The weekly info tab lists all the characters on the account, as well as the number of each character's possible entries to select dungeons. The selected dungeons and their entry count will also appear upon hovering the mouse over a character in the character selection menu. The dungeons that can be tracked include:

Elite Members

(UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Used for Dark Dimension and Sirocco the Intangible Raid - Squad Mode.