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Category:Guild Hideout Dungeons

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Guild Hideout
Guild Dungeons.png
Location Underfoot
Min. Level 1
Level 1-86
Monster Level 1-86
End Boss No Icon.png Princess of Frozen Sorrow

Guild Hideout can be accessed by players in a guild between levels 1 to 90 through a portal in Elvenguard located beside Linus.

Guild Dungeon is the dungeon area that encompasses the ruins of the war-torn Ancient Naxheim Kingdom which fell from a curse brought upon by the tragic deaths of the star-crossed lovers, Princess Saya (No Icon.png Princess of Frozen Sorrow) and Prince John (No Icon.png Prince of Blazing Anger). The ruins are now haunted by the spirits of Saya and John, cursed to battle one another in the afterlife for an eternity. Guild Members must travel through the kingdom to purify the cursed grounds and eventually reach the final dungeon, the Hall of Eternity.

Guild Dungeons are the primary way of obtaining Gems, Insignia, certain Legendary accessories, and Guild Contribution Certificate.png Guild Contribution Certificates. In addition, each completion of a Guild Dungeon earns the guild ten contribution points.


  • Only guildsmen can enter the dungeons.
  • Guild Dungeons require a minimum of 1 person to enter.
  • All Guild dungeons require 8 Fatigue for each entry
  • Every Saturday~Sunday the following Guild Dungeon Burning Time is applied (9:00 a.m. SAT ~ 9:00 a.m. MON UTC)
    • x2 Guild Dungeon Purification Rate
    • x2 Chance of Finding Guild Contribution Certificate from the Results Card
  • Hell mode can randomly appear in a Guild dungeon, although it is rare.


Guild Hideout

Guild Dungeon Loading Screen
Guild Dungeon Map Screen
Dungeon Name Level
Gate of Sorrow.png Gate of Sorrow 1-86
Land of Torment.png Land of Torment 1-86
Valley of Destruction.png Valley of Destruction 1-86
Cave of Grief.png Cave of Grief 1-86
Maze of Betrayal.png Maze of Betrayal 1-86
Hall of Eternity.png Hall of Eternity 1-86


Guild Dungeons have a unique mechanic called purification, which is required to unlock dungeons throughout the Guild Dungeon. As more members of the guild complete a dungeon, the purification rate of said dungeon increases slightly. At 50%, the next dungeon is unlocked, and achieving 100% purification in Hall of Eternity will cause Courtier Regin to appear in the Guild Hideout.

Purification resets at the end of every month unless a Guild Dungeon Extension Ticket (Once).png Guild Dungeon Extension Ticket (Once) or Guild Dungeon Extension Ticket (Twice).png Guild Dungeon Extension Ticket (Twice) is purchased by the Guild Master.

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