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Maze of Betrayal

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Maze of Betrayal
Maze of Betrayal.png
Location Guild Hideout
Min. Level 1
Level 1-86
Monster Level 1-86
End Boss No Icon.png First Sword Ein


The war dragged on, and the crown prince and the princess finally learned each other's true identities. They kept in touch through their trusted retainers, continuing the war going while seeking a way they could be together.

The second prince instigated the war to get rid of the crown prince and take the princess for himself. As the war dragged on in spite of his efforts to end it, the second prince bribed his brother's retainers into betraying their master. With his brother out of his way, he could take the throne and the princess for himself.

(An underground maze connected to the Hall of Eternity.)



1 Map Boss.png
2 Map NS.png
3 Map NS.png
4 Map NS.png
5 Map NS.png
6 Map N.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Hell Mode:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:




Room 1

  • Monster(s):
  • Objective: Defeat all enemies.
  • Gimmick(s):
    • Recommendation: Remove all passive equipment that affects mobs such as the Natural Guardian Set or the Ice Princess Breath Set.
    • Resurrected Soldiers have high amounts base HP and physical/magical defenses. They can be defeated instantly when hit by a successful counter-attack. To counter-attack successfully, attack the Resurrected Soldier while it turns black and a red burning orb emanates from its chest.

Room 2

  • Monster(s):
  • Objective: Defeat all active enemies.
  • Gimmick(s):
    • Defeat the active Resurrected Soldiers to proceed; following the gimmicks from Room 1.
    • Zombie corpses are littered around the room. The corpses reanimate into additional Resurrected Soldiers if nearby the presence of a player for 2 seconds.

Room 3

  • Monster(s):
  • Objective: Destroy the statue in the center of the room.
  • Gimmick(s):
    • Earth-bound Spirit is untargetable and invincible. It can only be defeated when the statue is destroyed. The Earth-bound Spirit will hit players with a high hit-stun knockback attack.
    • A red statue is located in the center of the room protected by a barrier. Eight crystals are located around the statue. Destroy the crystals to temporarily disable the barrier; allowing players to attack the statue. Note, the crystals take more damage from hit count while the statue takes more damage from pure damage. Players can destroy all the crystals at once using room wide AOE multi-hit skills.
    • There are pentacles located under each of the crystals and middle statue. If the Player or allies remain in a pentacle for more than 2 seconds, statues located at the corners of the room will spit fire into the room's center, dealing pure damage to all players hit. Players can avoid the fire by moving the left/right-most sides of the room.

Room 4

  • Monster(s):
  • Objective: Defeat all active enemies.
  • Gimmick(s):
    • Recommendation: Remove all passive equipment that affects mobs such as the Natural Guardian Set or the Ice Princess Breath Set.
    • Red Spearman and Blue Spearman become briefly invincible upon the first interaction with a Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragment skill. This resets when they revive. Be sure to bait this invincibility first if players want to use room-wide AOE skills.
    • Red Spearman are melee and follow nearby players. Blue Spearman are ranged and run away from nearby players. When defeated, the monsters leave pentacles that are associated with their color.
    • Red Spearman and Blue Spearman revive after 5 seconds upon being defeated. They can revive indefinitely unless their death-gimmick is fulfilled.
      • Death-Gimmick: The Spearmen can only permanently die if their death pentacles overlap with a pentacle with the opposite color. Spearmen will continue to revive until all other opposite color Spearman are permanently defeated.
    • Players can clear this room in the following ways:
      • 1) Lure the Red Spearmen to the other side of the room. Defeat a Blue Spearman and defeat a Red Spearman on top of the blue pentacle.
        • Note: It is not necessary to do this 3 times for each Red and Blue Spearman. Players can gather 3 Red Spearmen and defeat them on top of the same blue pentacle.
      • 2) Defeat all the enemies at once with one skill and exit the room within 5 seconds.

Room 5

  • Monster(s):
  • Objective: Defeat all enemies.
  • Gimmick(s):
    • Defender Lavas begin rolling around the room at high speeds if players use a Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragment skill leaving a fire trail that deals 10% Max HP per tic pure damage to any player that steps in it.
    • To defeat the Defender Lavas without much difficulty, it is recommended to group and hold them together with AOE skills with vacuum effects like Doomsday.png Doomsday. It is also possible to Frozen (Status).png Freeze (Status) Defender Lavas to prevent them from moving.
    • If players take too long to defeat the 3 Defender Lavas, another Defender Lava will spawn.

Room 6

  • Monster(s):
  • Objective: Defeat the Boss.
  • Gimmick(s):
    • First Sword Ein has invincibility frames when knocked down and has many mobile attacks allowing him to dash or teleport to any part of the room.
    • First Sword Ein summons Red Statues on 3 broken pillars around the room. The statue attacks nearby players with a fire explosion when its charge bar is full in 5 seconds. These statues can be destroyed through normal means and release fragments on the opposite side from where they are hit. These fragments can damage players or significantly damage First Sword Ein. If Ein manages to summon 3 Red Statues, it will trigger a room wide explosion which deals heavy damage to the players.
    • First Sword Ein has high amounts of base HP and physical and magical defense. It is possible to brute force him through raw damage, but there is another option:
      • Use a skill that can immobilize First Sword Ein near a statue he summons. Attack the statue with a multi-hit skill/attack allowing the fragments to hit him.
        • It is recommended that the immobilization skill such as Ground Quaker.png Ground Quaker and the multi-hit skill/attack do little damage so that they don't destroy the statue. The longer the immobilization and the more hits that can be connected on the statue optimizes the damage output on First Sword Ein.
      • Be cautious when attacking the statues, as the fragments can damage the players as well. The fragment's damage should not be underestimated.



  • Maze of Betrayal can only be unlocked and accessed if the Guild has 50% or more purification in Land of Torment.