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Arena Screen.png
Location Shonan
Level Requirement 50
NPCs Chobung, Haru, Sizki

The Arena is located in Shonan, and can be accessed via Chobung in Underfoot starting at level 50. Players can participate in Player versus Player (PvP) battles here.

Map of Arena

The PvP Arena is a game mode where one fights against other players in an Individual match (1v1) or Captain Mode (3v3). There are several public ranking levels and rewards for playing this mode, including high level Unique and Legendary equipment that are purchased with Coliseum Stamps from winning matches and completing PvP dailies.

When in PvP mode, there are restrictions to skill usage for balance purposes. Most skills have rebalanced stat tweaks, but some are restricted from use. All active skills above level 45 and TP skills are not available in PvP.

For more information on how pvp works, see PvP Mechanics.

Minimum gear requirements for pvp

While the game upgrades any lower level gear to level 80 uniques and gives free clone avatars, it generally isn't enough. There is an unwritten minimum gear requirement to pvp comfortably. It is recommended to reach at least level 85 before you can begin to pvp competitively.

List of minimum gear requirements for entry level play

  • Level 85 Halidom armor and accessories.
  • Level 85 unique sub equipment and magic stone.
  • Level 85 Halidom weapon.
  • Title with at least 3% to all speeds and 1% to hit rate.
  • Full set of advanced clone avatars with cast speed on hat/hair, attack speed on face/torso, evasion/elemental resist on belt, increased HP on bottom and movement speed on shoes.
  • Skin with physical or magic reduction, whichever your class needs more.
  • Aura avatar with bonus stats.
  • Pet with bonus stats.

List of recommended gear requirements for competitive level play

  • Same as above with the exception of:
  • Level 85 Legendary armor, accessories, sub equipment and magic stone all upgraded to +10
  • Level 85 Legendary weapon that deals elemental damage or has an elemental damage enchant upgraded to +10.
  • Title with at least 3% to all speeds and 2% to hit rate.
  • Full set of rare clone avatars with cast speed on hat/hair, attack speed on face/torso, evasion/elemental resist on belt, increased HP on bottom and movement speed on shoes.
  • Aura avatar with at least 2% to all speeds and/or bonus hit rate.
  • Pet with at least at least 2% to all speeds and/or bonus hit rate.

Entering the Arena

  • You must be level 50 or above to access any PvP mode.

You can access the PvP mode by hitting the P key (default setting) or opening the Menu Selection Window with Esc and clicking the Arena button. There are currently two modes available to play, Rank Arena and Practice Arena. In Rank Arena your progress is ranked and you gain battle exp to increase your ranking, as well as Coliseum Stamps to use as currency to purchase PvP rewards.

Rank Arena

Entering the Rank Arena will move you to channel 60 or 61 and put your character in the pvp lobby area. To begin fighting other players 1v1, just hit the Start button which will begin matchmaking to find an appropriate opponent. If you wish to enter a 3v3 match, select Captain mode.

  • If it is your first time fighting in Rank Arena, you will need to fight 20 placement matches against random available players to determine your Rank Points (RP).
  • The RP system is similar to the Elo rating system, where you fight similarly rated players to advance to higher rankings.
  • Along with RP, you also gain Battle Exp which functions as progression milestones.
  • The reward for winning matches is RP, Battle Exp and Victory Tokens.
  • The penalty for losing is reduction in RP and Battle Exp. Victory Tokens are not lost.

Practice Arena

Entering the Practice Arena will move you to channel 101 or 102 and put your character in the pvp lobby area. In the practice arena you will not lose or gain any RP, Battle Exp or Victory tokens as it only serves as a place to practice freely without penalty. There is no matchmaking in this mode, instead you will have a list of player created pvp rooms on the right side.

  • On each row of the pvp rooms there is the room number on the left side, the room name, and the current number of players as well as the maximum number of players allowed.
  • Open pvp rooms have white lettering and have not began the match yet. You may join these rooms to pvp if there is room for you.
  • Closed pvp rooms have grey lettering and have a match in progress. You are unable to join these rooms unless the match has ended and there is available room for you.
  • The quickmatch button places you in a random open room.
  • The practice button places you in the APC training area where you may fight against APCs to get used to your character's playstyle and combos before attempting a match with another player.

The PvP Lobby Area

  • Your safe and mailbox are accessible from the lobby area.
  • NPC Chobung will give you pvp related daily quests, as well as show you the public PvP Rankings. This area is private and similar to Seria's gate.
  • Moving up the stairs will take you to the arena courtyard where you will find NPC Haru. He also may show you public PvP Rankings. You may see other players here, as it's a public lobby.
  • Moving to the right from the courtyard will take you to the Coliseum lobby where you will find NPC Sizki, who sells arena equipment for Coliseum Stamps.

Practice Mode vs APC

  • This mode is available from both practice arena and rank arena.
  • In the VS APC tab, you can select the match location, APC type and practice settings.
  • In the COMBO tab, you will be shown how to perform beginner, intermediate and advanced combos with your class.

Practice Rooms

  • Creating a practice room will put your character in that room, as well as 7 other open slots for more players to join.
  • You may close the slots by clicking them.
  • The default match area is random, but you can change that by clicking the box below your room title.
  • You can spectate by ticking the Observer box.
  • You can change the match type into Individual (FFA), Team and Captain mode.
  • In Individual mode, all players are placed in random locations on the map and are allowed to hit anyone.
  • In Team mode, all players in the red team (denoted by the color of your portrait) fight against all players on the blue team in a single match.
  • You may change which team you are on by pressing the Change button, but only before the match has started and not after.
  • In Captain mode, the red team and blue team face off one by one until the remaining team is left standing.

Arena History

You can see arena history by pressing My Info and clicking the Arena History button on the bottom right corner. Your arena history shows your battle rank, name, class, 1v1 win percentage, 3v3 win percentage, last consecutive wins, most consecutive wins, double kills and all kills in captain mode. In the table below you can see how many classes you have fought and your win percentage against them. This table does not keep track of individual players you've fought, just by class.

PvP Gear

  • Your gear has almost completely different stats in pvp.
  • Press the Arena Info key while hovering over a piece of equipment to see its pvp stats.
  • The higher level, higher grade and higher rarity your gear is, the better its stats in pvp are.
    • Epic gear has the highest base stat pool for pvp, followed by Legendaries, then Halidom Legacies, Rare Legacies, Uniques, Rare Magic seals, Chronicles, Uncommons and Common.
  • Titles, Creatures, Auras and Avatars apply 100% of their pve stats to pvp unless otherwise stated.
  • There are restrictions on your gear as follows:
    • With the exception of a weapon element enchant, all enchantments on equipment including on your title are disabled.
    • Avatar emblems are disabled.
    • Set effects and bonuses from equipment such as Legacy and Chronicle items are disabled.
    • Please keep in mind that avatar set bonuses are still enabled.
    • Refine level and Amplification bonuses are disabled.
  • Reinforcement bonuses have a reduced effect and still apply beyond +10.
  • Earrings have no bonus stats in pvp.
  • Insignias have no bonus stats in pvp.



Competing in rank arena and winning raises your rank.

Battle EXP Ranks

Rank Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4
Terranite Rank17.png Rank18.png Rank19.png Rank20.png
Diamond Rank13.png Rank14.png Rank15.png Rank16.png
Gold Rank9.png Rank10.png Rank11.png Rank12.png
Silver Rank5.png Rank6.png Rank7.png Rank8.png
Bronze Rank1.png Rank2.png Rank3.png Rank4.png
Neophyte Norank.png

RP Ranks

RP Ranks are variable ranks given to the top percentile based on the amount of Matching Points.

Top % RP Rank

Practice Arena Tips

  • Follow the rules of the room name.
    • For example, if the room states "below level 50", avoid joining if you're level 85.
  • When joining a room, wait for the connection icon to not blink then ready up promptly unless you have some concerns you wish to state first.
  • Before starting a match, wait for the connection icon to stop blinking with an exclamation mark to avoid extremely laggy matches.
  • The first match will sometimes exhibit "load lag" for users with slower computers, but it will still affect everyone.
  • If you don't seem to be connecting to a player in a room, try leaving and rejoining.

Classes that currently cannot pvp

PvP Issues

  • The game uses a P2P system (Peer-to-Peer). Therefore, lags can happen if the two players happen to be far away from your network. To reduce this issue, port forwarding is highly recommended.

DFO Ports

  • TCP:10011-10019
  • UDP:5063