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O'Connell Faberik

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O'Connell Faberik
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Unknown
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Leader of 'The Company'
Alias N/A
Location Unknown

O'Connell Faberik is the famed leader of the Empyrean Nobility mercenary group called the 'The Company'. Disowned by his own country and framed for the attempted murder of the archbishop, he was sentenced to imprisonment and eventually escaped to the Lawless District where he joined Don Enzo Sipo's Edon's Brotherhood. However, due to internal conflict within the organization, O'Connell and 'The Company' were forced to flee to the Underworld where they became a mercenary group for the Principality of Bel Myre. O'Connell's current whereabouts are unknown, but his second-in-command, Rupert, is acting as leader in his stead.



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Character Biography:

Male/Age Mid 60's (Exact age is unknown)

The former head of the Empyrean secret security group known as 'The Company'. Within 'The Company', he is regarded as 'Master', passing on his combat skills in an apprenticeship-like manner.
He is also responsible for leading 'The Company' through its escape from the conspiracy of the Empyrean Nobility and the betrayal of the Kartel, resulting in them settling in Arad.
Ever since arriving in Arad, he has worked hard to transform 'The Company' into an established mercenary group, helping its members settle in Arad, and teaching his disciples a combat style that utilizes both gunplay and swordsmanship, which he created through his association with Raol, a famous swordsman from the Principality.
However, due to a request made by the Principality, he was sent to handle a dispute at the border, where he was reportedly attacked by an enemy and killed in action during a horrific attack, but no body was found.
Although initially believed to have been dead, recent intelligence reveals that he is in fact alive. To this end, Rupert, Schmitt, and their disciples begin to follow his tracks with purposes of their own.




Conversation start

  • Yes... I tried, but I couldn't forget. How can I? How can I forget the days and nights I spent in pain?
But I can't let them know. I'm alone. They didn't need me anymore, so they abandoned me. There's no way I let them know I'm back.
...I need to drink something hard.
  • Young adventurer, do you believe in destiny?
I didn't, but that was before I had some unexplainable experiences.
I thought I could change my life on my own. At least, my master said so. He probably didn't think his student would end up like this.
*Sigh.* I don't know what I could tell him if I saw him in Heaven...
  • I'm envious of people who have goals. I lost mine a long time ago. I didn't want to pursue them anymore. All I thought about was how to live the life I lived, but in a different way.
It was stupid. I wasted my time again. I knew I couldn't change things, but I couldn't stop trying.
Anger. Disappointment. Pain. What do you call them in one word? Regrets, right?
It feels good to admit my mistake. It took a long time, but now I'm ready to put things back together.
  • Did the Kartels start a war? I knew they were up to something. *Snort* The arrogant Nobility probably didn't know what was coming.
But it seems a lot more than a war have happened. Why is Sandstorm Varracht here in Ghent? I thought he hated the Capital Island.
...Is this another indication of how much time I've lost? Am I the only one who fell behind? Do I have to change?

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