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Don Enzo Sipo

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Don Enzo Sipo

The boss of Battle of Arden City and the leader of the Kartels. During the epic quest line for Battle at Arden City, it is revealed that the Don Enzo Sipo in the dungeon is actually a cyborg built by Gizel. The actual Don Enzo Sipo had already died prior to the current events, and the modern version has no recollection of his original memories.

Move List

  • Randomly teleports / sidesteps attacks.
  • Melee-attacks quickly with the butt of his shotgun. Each time he does this, he immediately closes the gap between him and the player by teleporting towards them before attempting the attack.
  • Shoots his shotgun with explosive ammunition, dealing massive damage. Very often used after his melee-attack if that successfully hits.
  • When his health reaches a certain point, he will undergo a drastic transformation (he has invulnerability frames during this) and will begin to use new abilities:
    • Fires a salvo of missiles that travel across his X-axis.
    • Fires a salvo of missiles that seek the player and explode on the ground, leaving a burning AoE similar to Gizel.
    • Charges up his fist and punches the ground, creating an EMP lightning storm with a vacuum effect pulling towards him. During this time, stray lightning bolts aside from the ones produced by his AoE will attempt to strike at the player, dealing massive light damage. If the player gets struck by any of the lightning bolts, they will suffer a significant hit stun that will aid in dragging the player towards the EMP storm.


  • On higher difficulties, especially Ultimate, Don Enzo Sipo can be an absolute nightmare if the player does not know what to expect. With deceptively high health for a human enemy, massive burst damage, and gimmicks that can spell the end for Dungeon Fighters, prepare for a long and difficult fight.
  • Don Enzo Sipo can sidestep or teleport out of your combo if you attack him while he stands on the ground. Avoid attacking him with long strings of DPS unless he is successfully launched into the air, as he cannot teleport or sidestep while juggled.
  • The heat-seeking missiles can only travel a short distance (roughly half the map size) on the X and Y axis before exploding. Alternatively, the player can also jump right before the missiles land on the ground without taking damage.
  • Getting caught into Don Enzo Sipo's EMP storm is almost certain death due to the inescapable hit stun and chain-lightning attacks. However, the player can escape this attack if he or she has high immunity to hit stun (I.E. Demonize).


  • No dungeon found where the monster appears in.