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Lone Roseberry

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Lone Roseberry
Rossbury Ron.png
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation Grim Seeker - North Myre Sect
Occupation Asura, Grim Seeker Branch Leader
Alias Sura Von Crossbury
Blueface Sura Lone Roseberry
Location Unknown

Lone Roseberry (a.k.a. Sura Von Crossbury, and Ron Rossbury in Nexon NA Ver.) is one of the seven faction leaders of the Grim Seekers and the head of the division stationed at the Den of Infestation in North Myre. He once appeared as a North Myre Hell APC alongside his alter ego, Crepid Von Crossbury. He reappears in the Screaming Cavern and fights alongside the player in the Abysmal Sky Tower before sacrificing himself along with the other faction leaders to resurrect Sirocco.


Lone Roseberry:

The leader of the Grim Seeker North Myre branch and protector of the Den of Infestation. After venturing to another dimension, he was captured and modified in the Dimensional Plane: Chaos.

"Do you believe in the Apostles?"

Crepid Von Crossbury:

An example in which an individual who ventured from Arad was captured and modified. Since then, he has become the embodiment of disease. He is living proof of the possibility of human interaction between dimensions.

"Hehehehehehe" [1]


Pre-Great Metastasis

Roseberry was once the leader of the Grim Seekers who worshiped the Sixth Apostle Delezie in North Myre. For reasons unknown, he had lost his daughter and had his body offered to the Fifth Apostle Sirocco. While his body roamed freely throughout the continent, his consciousness existed in a tangible, yet corporeal form executing missions for his division.

While investigating the Metastasis and recent disappearances Minet's agents in North Myre, Adventurers encounter Roseberry's consciousness in Blood Sands on a mission to destroy the Moth Queen. However, due to an encounter with the Dream-Eater Tree, he became incapacitated until Adventurers came to his rescue. Afterward, Roseberry allies with the adventurers to defeat the Moth Queen, and gives them a word of advice, telling them to be wary of the Grim Seekers.

Quest Dialogue:

Wh-what is this place...?
Oh... I ... I...
Y-yes... I was on a mission...

Y-yes, I remember now!
I am Ron Rossbury, leader of the Shadow Seekers of North Myre.
My mission is to destroy the Moth Queen!

Thank you for helping me complete my mission.
Huh? I'm just a dream?
Of course this isn't my real body. I'm not stupid. I guess my real body was offered to Siroko. Who knows where it is now...
No matter. You've proven your honor, so let me give you this warning.
Beware the Shadow Seekers. They will do everything in their power to get in your way.

Great Metastasis

Similar to the Pre-Great Metastasis timeline, Adventurers encounter Roseberry in Blood Sands during Mission Quest Icon.png [Mission] Warrior's Dream, but do so while exploring the Dimensional Plane: Mirror Arad under the request of Illia.


Currently, Roseberry does not have a significant role in post-Origin timeline until Roschest, but makes an appearance in a cinematic after the Tower of Despair departs from Arad.

As an Enemy

No icon available
Lone Roseberry

Roseberry makes his return as a boss featured in The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection. As his class suggests, he'll fight using various Asura skills.

Move Set

  • Blue Burst: Roseberry performs a upward slash that launches out a blue shockwave at close-range, able to break super armor and randomly pursuits players with this move.
  • Dimensional Glacial Wave Sword: By creating a rift, Roseberry fires out another Glacial Wave Sword that moves inside that rift and begins creating four more rifts from left to right in three rows that'll bring out more ice pillars to attack. Another variation has him just launches three rows in front instead.
  • Fire Wave Sword.png Fire Wave Sword: Roseberry slams the ground with his sword to create a close-range fire pillar explosion.
  • Circular Fire Wave Sword: A variation of this skill where he'll absorb energy to charge up and slams the ground with two swords that'll create a explosive ring around going in a counterclockwise direction expanding outwards. This attack can also ignore invicibility frames.
  • Wave Eye.png Wave Eye: Although he is vulnerable to hold-based skills, Roseberry can use his 1st Awakening as a way of retaliation against players who constantly hold him during the fight and it's intensity does increase over time the more he's held with circles appearing on the ground that'll deal lethal damage if anyone is near or steps onto them.
  • Thunder God Energy.png Thunder God Energy: Roseberry creates a long rift along the x-axis and drops lightning swords along it. The room is then divided into random rectangular sections that are anti-symmetric by the x-axis. Those specific sections light up that'll deal moderate to heavy damage and he's able to use Blue Burst or Fire Wave Sword attacking random party members.
  • Berserk:
    • Thunder God.png Thunder God: Using his 2nd Awakening, Roseberry teleports to the room's center and begins summoning a Thunder God to unleash a very lethal party-wipe damaging explosion that cannot be avoided at all. In order to prevent him from fully summoning it, party members must be able to deal at least 30% of his HP while he's standing there. Since he lacks a groggy state, this is a good opportunity for Crusaders/Enchantresses to deploy their Apocalypse (Male Crusader).png Apocalypse/Crux of Victoria.png Crux of Victoria/Marionette (Enchantress).png Marionette and members dispatch of him with their strongest skills.



Sura Von Crossbury APC Dialogue:

  • You're just a worthless human!
  • Delezie!
  • Worship the Apostle!
  • Join the Shadow Seekers!

Crepid Von Crossbury APC Dialogue:

  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
  • Hehehe.
  • Hehehehe.
  • Hehehehehe!

Lone Roseberry Dialogue (Oculus):




  • Roseberry's name is a Americanized version of the Swedish surname Rosberg meaning Rose Hill.
  • There's a Sub Equipment resembling his mask available.