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Administrative Officer Dorothy

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DorothyIcon.png Dorothy
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Human
Affiliation De Los Empire
Occupation Scholar (Former)
Administrative Officer
Alias N/A
Location Aphelia Otherverse Entrance (Former), Chest Town

Dorothy is one of the many tertiary characters of Dungeon Fighter Online. She is an imperial officer sent by the Empire to investigate the strange phenomena around the continent, including the sudden appearance of an Interdimensional Rift in Aphelia, and the Imposter sightings in Chest Town.

Due to her prior experience as a scholar, she has a wealth of knowledge and is eager to to share that information with curious and brave adventurers who are willing to support her cause. Currently, she is stationed in Chest Town supporting the troops while watching over Prince Van Frantz.

In the alternate world Mirror Arad, her current whereabouts are unknown.


  • Sells Lv. 100 Legendary Equipment and Land of Memories/Bottomless Tunnel Unique monster cards.
  • Upgrades Super: Tayberrs Epic armor and Black Sky's Authority accessories/Special equipment to Lv. 100 Epic equivalent via the Black Crystal Fusion.





No quests found that satisfy the search criteria.


Character Biography:

Female. Age Unknown.
A female officer of the De Los Empire.

She oversees and researches the Interdimensional Rift that suddenly appeared in Aphelia.
A lively conversationalist, she is not seen with the stern face normally worn among military personnel.
Instead, she treats adventurers favorably, and assists them when entering the Interdimensional Rift.




Request Chat

Chest Town

Relationship Image Operation Dialogue
Normal Dorothy.png Chat

I'm Dorothy, an administrative officer of the Empire.

You look familiar. Have we met before?

Supporting the troops from behind is as important as fighting on the front lines.



Pre-Great Metastasis

Request Chat

Aphelia Post

Relationship Image Operation Dialogue
Normal Dorothy.png Chat

(If Player is under Level 60)

Inexperienced Dungeon Fighters like you are restricted from accessing this place.
Why don't you go gain some more experience? Who knows? Once you get to Level 60, perhaps the Empire will come and ask for your help.

Hello, I'm Dorothy, an Imperial Officer.
I've been deployed to the Interdimensional Rift to investigate the strange incidents that've been taking place...
You've probably heard that people have explored the portal and come back with equipment enchanted with powers of the Otherverse.
Now, we encourage exploration, but only if the you're experienced. Remember, great rewards go hand in hand with grave risks.

The first appearance of the Interdimensional Rift took place a long time ago.
Though its existence was suggested in several ancient documents, that had never been confirmed until a Dark Elven document written several hundred years ago.
Being the reclusive race they are, the Dark Elves rarely share their knowledge with the outside world,
but it's known that they've been studying otherworldly energy
leaking through the Interdimensional Rift for centuries.
They're now capable of purging the unknown energy of the otherworld and using it in its most potent form.

We've only recently seen an Interdimensional Rift firsthand.
I suspect that the "Metastasis," which enables movement between dimensions, is responsible.
The Portal was discovered at almost the same time that the epidemic started spreading in North Myre.
My guess is that the Interdimensional Rift came into being when Apostle Delezie moved into North Myre.

Interdimensional Rifts are known to close rather suddenly,
but this one seems different. It can't seal because of the powerful energy seeping through it.
This greatly bothers our scholars,
so we've restricted the area so we can investigate.

The Interdimensional Rift is a gap between this realm and another dimension known as the Otherverse.
It's said that the concept of time and space doesn't exist in the dimension like it does in ours.
Scholars who study the Rift believe it could be the Hell described by various folklore and religions.
So I'm guessing it's filled with demons... An endless torture for sinners.
Actually, our history is littered with encounters with the Otherverse.
For instance, in the Black Crusade, the Priests who defeated Ozma of Chaos confined him to the Otherverse.

According to information leaked from the Dark Elves, it is possible to cross through time and space via the Otherverse.
Although Dark Elves are the so-called experts, I doubt even they know how to control the Interdimensional Rift.

Please understand that entering the Interdimensional Rift is extremely dangerous.
We have no idea when or where you'll be sent.
I'm sorry, but that's all I know.
I sincerely hope you'll be able to return safely.

The Empire has been investigating the Interdimensional Rift,
but we haven't been able to figure out much.
That's why we're asking Dungeon Fighters to help us.

(If Player has Frustration Penalty)

Don't be so disappointed.
You're lucky to have returned alive from the Interdimensional Rift at all.

(If Player fails Town Invasion)

Now I realize that I shouldn't leave everything up to you Dungeon Fighters. I'm busy now. See you later.



NPC Relationship

Relationship Image Operation Dialogue
Apathetic Dorothy.png Gift

Mood: Bad

  • What are your real intentions? (Like)
  • The Interdimensional Rift isn't stable. I have no time to talk. (Normal)
  • Get out of here before I report you! (Dislike)

Mood: Normal

  • It seems as if you're trying to make friends with me. (Like)
  • Not interested. (Normal)
  • I don't want to waste my breath on you. (Dislike)

Mood: Good

  • It's an interesting item... (Like)
  • Do you want to tell me what happened? (Normal)
  • Do you dislike me? (Dislike)

Interested Dorothy-Interested.png

Mood: Bad

  • A gift? How unexpected! I really like it. (Like)
  • Don't waste my time with items like this. (Normal)
  • You Dungeon Fighters sure are thoughtless and foolish. You really don't consider other people's feelings, do you? (Dislike)

Mood: Normal

  • What an interesting item. (Like)
  • I'm on duty. You understand, right? (Normal)
  • I don't recall doing anything wrong to you... Why are you doing this to me? (Dislike)

Mood: Good

  • I wonder why you're so nice to me... (Like)
  • Did you come all this way just to give this to me? I'm sorry, but I'm not impressed. (Normal)
  • I don't like it at all. (Dislike)

Friendly Dorothy-Friendly.png

Mood: Bad

  • I was exhausted, but you've renewed my spirit. (Like)
  • I appreciate your effort, but it's a little too much for me. (Normal)
  • I'm so disappointed in you. (Dislike)

Mood: Normal

  • I used to be a scholar, but now I'm a soldier. What about me do you find so likable? (Like)
  • This is a dangerous area. Please don't roam around unless you have to. (Normal)
  • What did I do to deserve this? Huh? (Dislike)

Mood: Good

  • I thought all Dungeon Fighters were reckless. I never thought I'd meet one like you. (Like)
  • This is a dangerous place. You should only come here if you have to. (Normal)
  • I'm offended. I didn't know you could be like this. (Dislike)

Trusted Dorothy-Trusted.png

Mood: Bad

  • If I were leading a more normal life, I could be closer to you. (Like)
  • Guarding the Interdimensional Rift is a lonely job. (Normal)
  • My expectations were a little high. I guess that was my mistake. (Dislike)

Mood: Normal

  • I'm not used to being treated like this. I've never been this happy in my whole life! (Like)
  • I can't remember the last time I talked like this with someone. I'm truly grateful, thank you. (Normal)
  • If you don't know what to give, you might as well not give anything. (Dislike)

Mood: Good

  • Will you be there for me, even after I return to being a lowly civilian? (Like)
  • I'm surrounded by Dungeon Fighters I do not know. I cannot express how glad I am to know you. (Normal)
  • Some people think I'm aloof, so I suppose I can't blame you for not knowing my taste very well. (Dislike)


  • I'm happy to receive this gift, but there simply isn't enough. (Insufficient Quantity)
  • According to my mission, I cannot receive any more gifts today. (Limit)
  • Your company provides me so much solace, especially after the dangerous missions I go on. (Special Message)

Voice Lines

Situation Dialogue

*Sigh* Dungeon Fighters never listen to my warnings. This place is dangerous.

What is the truth behind this interdimensional portal? Where does it come from?

This area is restricted.

If something happens to you in the interdimensional portal, the Empire will not be held responsible.

Conversation Start

I am officer Dorothy. I have been sent by the Empire to oversee the interdimensional portal.

Can I ask you for a favor?

If you intend to enter the interdimensional portal, perhaps I can be of assistance.

I will give all the information I have.

Conversation End

When you return, tell me what you saw.

I won't make you endure pointless formalities and endless red tape.

Perhaps we may meet again.

If you insist on going through the portal, I won't stop you.


  • One of her responses (when you gift Dorothy the correct item) hint that she used to be a scholar, but had to quit for an unknown reason.