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Destroyed Zelva

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Destroyed Zelva
Location Empyrean
Level Requirement 106
NPCs Meryl Pioneer, Hunter Von, Hartz Von Krueger, Roy the Burning Pen, Eventful Erica
Areas Destroyed Castle of the Dead
Herring Archipelago
Dimensional Ship Wahrheit

Destroyed Zelva is a ravaged version of Zelva, in which both the island, and Luke's Castle of the Dead have been destroyed by the duel between Soldoros and Kasijas. Players can access this area from traveling out from Herring Archipelago, and must be Level 106 to enter.

Reaching Level 110 grants access to two new dungeons, including the Advanced version.


Town Background

Two ancient swords, each of which had been forged in its own way, clashed against each other.

The aftermath shattered the inverted floating castle and blew away the island left behind a dead Apostle.

They disappeared, leaving everyone stunned. What was their purpose? What exactly happened between them?




Destroyed Zelva

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Meryl Pioneer Meryl Pioneer Seven Shards
Equipment Mechant
Destroyed Castle of the Dead Waiting Area
Hunter Von Hunter and Tracker of the Adventurer's Guild, Cinematic Viewer Adventurer's Guild
Hartz Von Krueger Hartz Von Krueger De Los Empire Spearman
Joint Investigation Group Outpost
Roy Hartwig Roy Hartwig Grim Seeker
"The Burning Pen"
Grim Seeker
Eventful Erica Eventful Erica Grim Seeker
Battle Mage
Luke Subjugation Merchant
Grim Seeker