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Battle for Arden Heights

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The Battle for Arden Heights (also known as the Arden Battle) was a series of three decisive battles that took place in the Lawless District in Arad Year 987 between the Arden Garrison and the Kartel. This battle served as the final stepping stone before the Kartel conquered all of Wespeace.


사건: 아르덴 회전

무법지대의 남부에 존재하는 작은 마을 아르덴이 그 당시 무법지대 전역을 휩쓸고 다니던 최강의 조직인 카르텔에 맞서 1년 동안 3차례나 막아낸 신화적인 전쟁을 말한다. 이름있는 많은 거너들이 이곳에서 전투를 치렀으며, 현재 아라드 대륙에서 살고 있는 키리도 아르덴의 수비대 소속이었다. 마지막 전투에서 내부 배신자에 의해 수비대 지휘관 빌모츠 글래스가 사망하면서 결국엔 아르덴 측의 패배로 끝나게 된다. [1]

Event: Arden Battle

Refers to the legendary battle for Arden, a small city that exists in the southern part of the Lawless District, that held off three full-scale invasions in a year against the Kartel, which at the time was the strongest organization that swept across the Lawless District
Many renown gunners fought here and were part of the Arden Garrison, including Kiri, who now resides on the Arad Continent.
In the final battle, the Garrison leader, 'Glass' Bilmotz was killed by an internal traitor, which eventually resulted in Arden's defeat.


During the years of the Kartel's rise to power, the organization's leader Don Enzo Sipo set his eyes on conquering all of Wespeace before pursuing his ultimate goal of capturing the Capital Island. To accomplish this task, he allied with and fought against various rival organizations to increase their ranks and expand their territory. Gradually, the Capital Island's only military connection to Wespeace, the Wespeace HQ, lost major strategic footholds in the area; until eventually, only one location was left, Arden Heights.

Arden Heights served as one of the most important strategic locations in the Lawless District. Due to its mountainous terrain and close proximity to the ocean, it was a natural stronghold and served as an ease of access to the Imperial Capital.

Those villages on the northwest beaches of the Lawless District are the fastest route to the imperial metropolis. Thus, we must acknowledge the importance of this beach area, Arden. Strategically, it is the most important point of the Lawless District. Do not let the Rangers take over that place. Now that we've claimed Ghent, we're planning to advance to Antwer Canyon... - Gizel

~~Quote from Item: Kartel's Key Point

Here, the Wespeace Army would make their final stand. In a desperate call for aid they reached out to the Capital, to which many renown mercenaries and gunners from all over Empyrean were summoned to defend the city and be part of the Arden Garrison. These members included the gunslinger Kiri, the Ghent Garrison member Audrey, the greenhorn sniper Neil, the desert rider Peyo, and the duelist ranger Ka'atu. Together, they united under the veteran ranger, 'Glass' Bilmotz, and prepared for the upcoming Kartel invasion.

1st and 2nd Arden Battle

In Arad Year 987, Enzo Sipo dispatched Trooper Captain Rangelus's forces to capture Arden Heights. He alongside general Stick Van Platin and the 'Death Gazer' Sniper Irigare launched multiple assaults on the city. However, the city's mountainous environment along with its limited traversable areas and heightened elevation proved disadvantageous for the Kartel, resulting in many of the assault forces to be wiped out by the Arden Garrison.

Despite the harsh environment and the lack of troops and supplies, the Arden Garrison was able to successfully repel the Kartel invasions.

3rd Arden Battle

During the 3rd Arden Battle, the Airship Naro was en route to drop reinforcements to the Arden Defenders. Due to Peyo's betrayal, the Kartels intercepted and seized the airship before it reached them. The Kartels became internally conflicted over who was to hold the key, and killed each other in the fight. This key re-surfaced, but the whereabouts of the airship itself are unknown.

~~Quote from Item: Airship Naro Key

Notable Participants


Arden Defenders