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Left Straight Neil

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Left Straight Neil
Left Straight Neil.png
Age 18
Sex Male
Race Empyrean
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Mercenary; APC
Alias N/A

Left Straight Neil or Neil the Sniper is a former member of the Arden Garrison who had a bitter rivalry with Sniper Irigare.

He now works with Zeldine Schneider as a mercenary to fight against the Kartel in the Empyrean War.


  • Allied APC in No quests found that satisfy the search criteria.

Move List

  • 5 Shot Steyr AMR.png Steyr AMR
  • 8 Shot FM-31 Grenade Launcher.png FM-31 Grenade Launcher
  • Special Move: Enhanced Neil the Sniper.png Neil the Sniper: Neil stands still in casting animation and gains Super Armor. Multiple cross-hairs appear on screen and lock-on to nearby enemies. Enemies hit will receive cap damage and receive the Armor-Break Status.



  • Although Neil has the signature cigarette cosmetic of the Ranger, he has skills mostly exclusive to the Launcher class and wields a Hand Cannon.
  • Neil's Enhanced Neil the Sniper.png Neil the Sniper skill is shared with another APC, SFC Douglas, but only Neil's hits cap damage.