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Petra Noiman

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Petra Noiman
Petra Noiman1.png
Sex Female
Race Empyrean
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Commander of Etten, Archpriestess
Alias N/A
Location Etten HQ

Petra Noiman is the Archpriestess of Imperial Princess Erje and the acting commander of the Etten Industrial Area. She acts as a neutral player during the Empyrean Revolt in the Empyrean Revolt 2 quest-line.


Before Archpriest Beldron's demise, Petra Noiman was one of the priestesses of the Empyrean Church. She was one of the few members in the court to support honoring Beldron's final decision to appoint Erje as his successor. In turn, she served under the new "Imperial Princess" with loyalty and respect, which eventually gained her the position of Archpriestess. However, after the Kartel invaded the Imperial Capital Ghent during the Empyrean Civil War and kidnapped the Imperial Princess, a member of the Council of Nobility, Nevillo Jurgen became acting regent of Empyrean.

As regent, Nevillo became fixated on dissolving the powers of the Empyrean Church and bolstering the powers of the Nobility. In response to Nevillo's influence, Petra fled to the Etten Industrial Area to join the Army. There, she used her position as Archpriestess and connections to her advantage, allowing her to rise rapidly through the military ranks. After the return of the Imperial Princess and the defeat of the Kartel, Erje appointed Petra as Etten's new Commander. However, this proved little in the fight against the Seventh Apostle Flame Eater Anton which was still plaguing the area.

During the struggle against Anton, the Nobility purposely constricted the amount of funding and supplies being sent to Etten. In the face of such a huge threat and troops losing morale, Petra began to lose faith in the Imperial Princess's ability to lead and provide for her people. Petra was disappointed that Erje did not intervene and use her powers to grant the Army more assistance and support. In response, when the Nobility initiated a coup d'etat against the Imperial Princess, Petra decided to remain a neutral party, allowing Erje to be deposed.

As Commander, Petra focused on equalizing the power distribution between the two pillars of Empyrean: the Central Island and Etten. To this end, she used the electricity generated from the Slaugh Industrial Complex as leverage in exchange for food and influence from the Nobility in Northpiece and the Capital Island. However, this did not go so well as planned; as Nevillo discovered her plot and threatened a food embargo in return. Being that Etten was an industrial area, not an agricultural one, and that food was more valuable than electricity, Petra and the citizens of Etten were stuck in a difficult situation; caught under the thumb of the Nobility. With all other options lost, Petra became desperate. Her only other option was to locate the stolen Noblesky, capture the Imperial Princess, and use her as a bargaining chip for the Nobility to accept her demands.

Despite all her planning, her mind was changed upon Erje's sudden return to Etten. During their confrontation, Petra was faced with humiliation and gained newfound respect for the Princess, having realized Erje's change in disposition and her motives. With all being said and done, she re-acknowledged Erje as her leader, readying the troops for their reclamation of the Central Island and the journey to Wespeace.


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