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MSC-7.png MSC-7

No Video
2nd Awakening Active Skill

Male Launcher

Command: Downkey.pngRightkey.pngRightkey.pngZ.png
Prerequisite Level: 80
Prerequisite Skills: None


Shoots a neutron bomb that causes a powerful explosion, knocking enemies backward. Enemies that cannot be pushed explode on their current spots.


  • SP per level: 90
  • Master Level: 30
  • Max Level: 40
  • Cast Time: Instant Cast
  • Cooldown: 45 sec.
  • This skill consumes 5 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments.
  • MP -4.0% Cooldown -2.0% on Command
  • Basic Attack Cancelable Skill

Skill Growth


Level Lv Req MP Atk. Explosion Atk.
1 80 824 4870% 43838%
2 82 961 5364% 48285%
3 84 1098 5858% 52732%
4 86 1236 6353% 57180%
5 88 1373 6847% 61627%
6 90 1510 7341% 66074%
7 92 1647 7835% 70521%
8 94 1784 8329% 74968%
9 96 1922 8824% 79416%
10 98 2059 9318% 83863%
11 100 2196 9812% 88310%
12 102 2333 10306% 92757%
13 104 2470 10800% 97204%
  • Note:The table above has been generated based off of skill growth information presented in-game. The data may have slight differences compared to the information presented in-game due to minor rounding variations.


Male Launcher Skills
Active:Cannon Ball.png Cannon Ball Eagle Eye.png Eagle Eye FM-31 Grenade Launcher.png FM-31 Grenade Launcher FM-92 Stinger.png FM-92 Stinger Flame Pillar.png Flame Pillar Laser Rifle.png Laser Rifle Quantum Bomb.png Quantum Bomb Steyr AMR.png Steyr AMR X-1 Extruder.png X-1 Extruder
Passive:Charge Laser Rifle.png Charge Laser Rifle Dual Triggers.png Dual Triggers Heavy Firearm Mastery.png Heavy Firearm Mastery Heavy Firearm Technique.png Heavy Firearm Technique Launcher Heavy Armor Mastery.png Launcher Heavy Armor Mastery Sub Weapon Crusher.png Sub Weapon Crusher
Awakening:FM-92 SW Stinger.png FM-92 SW Stinger Plasma Booster.png Plasma Booster Satellite Beam.png Satellite Beam Spectral Search Eye.png Spectral Search Eye
2nd Awakening:Buster Beam.png Buster Beam Heavy Firearm Enhancement.png Heavy Firearm Enhancement MSC-7.png MSC-7 Seismic Wave.png Seismic Wave

Male Gunner Skills
Active:Aerial Fire.png Aerial Fire BBQ.png BBQ EZ-8 Time Bomb.png EZ-8 Time Bomb G-14 Buster.png G-14 Buster Jack Spike.png Jack Spike M-137 Gatling Gun.png M-137 Gatling Gun M-3 Flamethrower.png M-3 Flamethrower Mach Kick.png Mach Kick Punisher.png Punisher RX-78 Land Runner.png RX-78 Land Runner Rising Shot.png Rising Shot Silver Bullet.png Silver Bullet Steep Slide.png Steep Slide Windmill.png Windmill
Passive:None! Please add appropriate skills to Category:Male Gunner Skills and Category:Passive Skills
Albert Quest:Fastest Gun.png Fastest Gun Secret Land Runner.png Secret Land Runner Steyr AMR.png Steyr AMR

General Skills
Active:Ancient Memory.png Ancient Memory Backstep.png Backstep Indomitable Spirit.png Indomitable Spirit Leap.png Leap Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound
Passive:Basic Armor Mastery.png Basic Armor Mastery Basic Training.png Basic Training Conversion.png Conversion Latent Power.png Latent Power Magical Critical.png Magical Critical Magical Rear Attack.png Magical Rear Attack Physical Critical.png Physical Critical Physical Rear Attack.png Physical Rear Attack Throw Mastery.png Throw Mastery