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Felmirin Continent

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The Felmirin Continent (펠미린 대륙) is an ancient mythological continent of Planet Arad that pre-dates the Arad Continent and Empyrean. It was once a land where Humans and Elves used to live together in harmony.


Not much is known about Felmirin, other than that it was the original continent of Arad. It is only mentioned by name once by the Elf Siusha in a conversation about the Streaming Forest during the KDnF Beta version in 2006. The continent was known for being a harmonious place between Elves and Humans in the past. But after many years, majority of its denizens grew disillusioned with their homeland, and left for the Arad Continent after it was created by the Great Mage Myre.

In the process of creating the Arad Continent, Felmirin had been suspended in the skies with a large amount of the planet's ocean held up by a magical pentacle. The people of Felmirin created structures with magic known as Sky Towers from the heavens to connect to the new continent below, allowing refugees to make their exodus to the new world. From then on, Felmirin and Arad kept close contact, and as time passed, it eventually became known as Empyrean.