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Buff Enhancement

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The Buff Enhancement system allows characters to increase the level of certain skills by registering equipment without actually having to equip said equipment.


A player with various Death by Revolver buffs.
  • Automatically unlocked at Level 70.
  • Applies additional effects to skills by registering equipment.
    • All equipment slots, including Avatars, Auras, and a Creature, can be registered.
  • Can be accessed through the character menu.
  • A skill must be registered before registering equipment.
    • Only certain buffs can be registered.
  • Registered skill and equipment can only be modified while in town.
  • Registered equipment must be in the character's inventory.
  • Only the selected skill while receive benefits from registered equipment.
  • Aura effects from registered equipment do not apply to other party members.
    • However, aura effects from actively equipped items will affect skills applied in the Buff Enhancement window.
  • The effects of registered equipment towards the applied skill will override actively equipped items' effects, even if they are better.


Only the following skills can be registered:

Slayer (M) Blade Master Overdrive.png Overdrive
Soul Bender Afterimage of Keiga.png Afterimage of Keiga
Berserker Derange.png Derange
Asura Murderous Wave.png Murderous Wave
Ghostblade Phantasmal Binity.png Phantasmal Binity
Slayer (F) Sword Master Sentiment Du Fer Critical.png Sentiment Du Fer Critical
Demon Slayer Berserk.png Berserk
Vagabond Quintuple Strength.png Quintuple Strength
Dark Templar Congest.png Congest
Fighter (M) Nen Master Nen Tattoo.png Nen Tattoo
Striker Power Fist.png Power Fist
Brawler Backstreet Fighting Trick.png Backstreet Fighting Trick
Grappler Overwhelming Grab.png Overwhelming Grab
Fighter (F) Nen Master Khai.png Khai
Striker Power Fist.png Power Fist
Brawler Apply Poison.png Apply Poison
Grappler Overwhelming Grab.png Overwhelming Grab
Gunner (M) Ranger Death By Revolver.png Death by Revolver
Launcher Eagle Eye.png Eagle Eye
Mechanic Robotics.png Robotics
Spitfire Overcharge.png Overcharge
Blitz Activation.png Activation
Gunner (F) Ranger Death By Revolver.png Death by Revolver
Launcher Eagle Eye.png Eagle Eye
Mechanic Robotics.png Robotics
Spitfire Overcharge.png Overcharge
Mage (M) Elemental Bomber Mana Burst.png Mana Burst
Glacial Master Resonance (Glacial Master).png Resonance (Glacial Master)
Blood Mage Blood Burn.png Blood Burn
Swift Master Windiness.png Windiness
Dimension Walker Borderline Paranoia.png Borderline Paranoia
Mage (F) Elementalist Elemental Burn.png Elemental Burn
Summoner Zealous Creature.png Zealous Creature
Battle Mage War Goddess.png War Goddess
Witch Ancient Library.png Ancient Library
Enchantress Forbidden Curse.png Forbidden Curse
Priest (M) Crusader Divine Invocation.png Divine Invocation
Holy Ghost Mace.png Holy Ghost Mace
Monk Shadow Clone.png Shadow Clone
Exorcist Passion Chakra.png Passion Chakra
Luminous Chakra.png Luminous Chakra
Avenger Falling Soul.png Falling Soul
Priest (F) Crusader Valor Blessing.png Valor Blessing
Inquisitor Fervent Faith.png Fervent Faith
Shaman Oracle Prayer.png Shaman Prayer
Mistress Seven Deadly Sins.png Seven Deadly Sins
Thief Rogue Shake Down.png Shake Down
Necromancer Dark Ritual.png Dark Ritual
Kunoichi Fire Art- Crimson Flare.png Fire Art: Crimson Flare
Shadow Dancer Assassin's Attitude.png Assassin's Attitude
Knight Elven Knight War Cry.png War Cry
Chaos Brainstorm.png Brainstorm
Lightbringer Faithful.png Faithful
Dragon Knight Binge.png Binge
Demonic Lancer Vanguard Demonic Unleash.png Demonic Unleash
Skirmisher Aura Lance.png Aura Lance
Impaler Darkness.png Darkness
Dragoon Mana Extraction.png Mana Extraction
Agent Secret Agent Mission Initialization.png Mission Initialization
Troubleshooter Swashbuckler's Refreshment.png Swashbuckler's Refreshment
Hitman Battle Command.png Battle Command
Specialist Core Praxis.png Core Praxis
Supplementary Classes Dark Knight Overflow.png Overflow
Creator Boost.png Boost