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Buff Enhancement

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The Buff Enhancement system allows characters to increase the level of certain skills by registering equipment without actually having to equip said equipment.


A player with a maxed out Khai buff.
  • Automatically unlocked at Level 70.
  • Applies additional effects to skills by registering equipment.
    • All equipment slots, including Avatars, Auras, and a Creature, can be registered.
  • Can be accessed through the character menu.
  • A skill must be registered before registering equipment.
    • Only certain buffs can be registered.
  • Registered skill and equipment can only be modified while in town.
  • Registered equipment must be in the character's inventory.
  • Only the selected skill while receive benefits from registered equipment.
  • Aura effects from registered equipment do not apply to other party members.
    • However, aura effects from actively equipped items will affect skills applied in the Buff Enhancement window.
  • The effects of registered equipment towards the applied skill will override actively equipped items' effects, even if they are better.

Fragmented Abyss Equipment

Special legendary equipment belonging to the Fragmented Abyss set provide powerful bonuses to active buff skills, and are designed to be equipped by Dealer classes using the Buff Enhancement system. Legendary level 95 Fragmented Abyss equipment can be found in Operation: Hope, Explorer Club, Mileage Shop, or purchased from Spell Deceiver Zasura with Abyss Fragment.png Abyss Fragments. Fragmented Abyss equipment for each equipment slot exists for every active buff skill, and armor pieces' armor type match the armor type mastery for each subclass.

Individual armor and accessory pieces by themselves provide virtually no stats unless equipped in together, however the Fragmented Abyss set provides bonuses to their designated active buff skill when at least six pieces are equipped in tandem, with additional bonuses when equipping nine. Furthermore, they can only be equipped by the subclass that is able to utilize the affected skill (e.g., only a Dragon Knight can equip pieces that empower Binge).

In total, a full set of nine will provide an additional level and a significant additional attack bonus to their designated buff skill, and serves as a critical aspect of strengthening Dealer characters.

Though such equipment for Buffers once existed, Buffer characters such as Female Crusader, Enchantress, and Muse do not need Fragmented Abyss Equipment, as the equipment lacks Buff Power and it's weapon offers a lesser skill level bonus to its main buff skill, resulting in their buff skill being greatly reduced. No set for Buffer Male Crusaders currently exist. As of Season 8, Fragmented Abyss sets for Buffers have been removed, and they can no longer register equipment slots within their buff windows apart from Titles, Creatures, Auras or Clone Avatars.

Fragmented Abyss Weapon

The Fragmented Abyss Weapon individually provides an additional level and an additional attack bonus to their designated active buff skill. They can be further upgraded using 10 Refined Terranium.png Refined Terranium and 100 Abyss Fragment.png Abyss Fragments using a recipe purchased from Zasura sold for 50 Abyss Fragment.png Abyss Fragments. When upgraded, the S version of that weapon provides an even stronger additional attack bonus to their designated active buff skill.

Fragmented Abyss Special Equipment

Fragmented Abyss sub-equipment, magic stones, and earrings contribute towards a separate set effect which exists as three different varieties: Encroached, Distorted, and Warped. These sets provide bonuses when equipped as a set of three, but each have different set effects:

  • Encroached Abyss Set: provides three additional levels to their designated active buff skill
  • Distorted Abyss Set: provides two additional levels and an additional attack bonus to their designated active buff skill
  • Warped Abyss Set: provides one additional level and an even stronger additional attack bonus to their designated active buff skill

Less-geared characters should opt for the Encroached set for the best benefits, while stronger characters should switch to the other sets if they are able to achieve the hard cap of level 20 on their active buff skill without the need for all three additional levels from the Encroached set.

Dark Fragmented Abyss Equipment

Stronger, level 100 unique Dark Fragmented Abyss equipment can be rarely found from either Advanced Dungeons on the Expert or Master difficulty, Legion Dungeons, and Raid Dungeons via Total War/Bakal Raid. Both types of Fragmented Abyss equipment will build towards the same set, however individual Dark Fragmented Abyss equipment provide additional bonus effects. Similar to their legendary counterparts, Dark Fragmented Abyss equipment for each equipment slot exists for every active buff skill. However, there is no upgraded variant of the weapon, and special equipment only exists for the Warped Abyss set.