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Awakened Wujo

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Awakened Wujo
Named Monster

Awakened Wujo is a member of the Grim Seekers and Female Nen Master considered to be Mandarin's star pupil. She makes her only appearance in Basement of Pain.


Conversation between Mandarin & Wujo:

"Your Nen is still too cold."
Mandarin stopped sparring and sighed. Her breath steamed.
Her teacher was right. Wujo's Nen had frosted the walls of the cave.

"Nen shouldn't be too cold or too hot, but..."
Wujo calmly waited for her teacher's next words.
Mandarin remembered the first time she saw her student.
The young girl just stood there with the same expressionless look on her face, just like Wujo now.

"You can't change who you are."
With a smile, Mandarin patted her on the head.
Her teacher's hand temporarily warmed the air around her.

"Let's go." Wujo would follow her teacher for as long as she could,
wherever she went, even if it was a fiery pit."


Although little is known about Wujo, she would join the Grim Seekers at a young age and later picked up by Mandarin of a Hundred Flowers as a Nen Master student. But due to her expressionless nature, Wujo's Nen felt cold as ice and would remain like this for years regardless of how much training she does. During the events surrounding Chest Town, the Adventurer accompanied by Teida, Grandis & Prince Van Frantz would investigate the mines that would eventually lead them down below towards Basement of Pain.

As the group fights off numerous Grim Seeker members, they're confronted by Wujo who refuses to let them go any further as she prepares to fight. Upon being defeated, Wujo commits suicide before Van Frantz could barely get a chance at interrogating her.

Move Set

  • Ice Shards: Wujo channels briefly before releasing three ice crystals that explode on contact. If a shard collides with a player, it breaks into three more shards.
  • Ice Wall: Wujo creates a small ice wall that obstructs movement. It can be destroyed via attack.
  • Summon Twister: Wujo summons small ice twisters throughout the map. This attack can be avoided by moving to the gaps in-between the twisters.
  • Energy Shield: Functions similarly to the Female Nen Master's Energy Shield (Female).png Energy Shield but when charged, Wujo fires it forward exploding on contact, and separating into eight ice shards in all directions. If the ice shards make contact with a player, it splits into three ice shards.
  • Ice Butterflies: Wujo jumps to one of the room corners and summons 5-6 ice butterflies that fly in direction of the player upon cast. After a brief delay they explode, dealing damage.
  • Icy-Flowing Melody: Wujo channels, creating multiple thin lines across the map in random directions: vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. The lines detonate after 2 seconds, dealing significant damage.
  • Berserk
    • Maelstrom Rush: Wujo dashes to the left of the map and then to the right while creating two giant ice maelstroms that freeze on contact. Upon reaching the right side of the screen, she will do a subsequent dash to the left. This dash can be avoided by jumping.



  • 「스승님을 방해하지 마십시오.」
"Please do not disturb my master."
  • 「넨에서 느껴지는 열기가 뜨겁군요.」 (여성 넨마스터 조우 시)
"I can feel the heat from your Nen." (F. Nen Master Encounter)
  • 「몹시 위험해 보이는 넨이군요.」 (남성 넨마스터 조우 시)
"Your Nen energy looks very dangerous. (M. Nen Master Encounter)

Ice Shard Release

  • 「나아가라!」

Energy Shield

  • 「날카롭게.. 깨져라!」
"Precision... Break!"

Summon Twister

  • 「물러나세요.」
"Please, back away."

Scattering Ice Butterflies

  • 「서릿발처럼 내려 앉으라!」
  • "Fall like ice crystals!"

Icy-Flowing Melody

  • 「차갑게 흐르는 선율!」
"Icy-flowing melody!"

Maelstrom Rush (Berserk)

  • 「용암 속에서 얼어붙어라!」 (시전 시)
"Freeze in the lava!" (Upon cast)
  • 「이걸로 끝이에요!!」
"This is the end!!"


  • 「싸울 곳을.. 잘못.. 골랐군요...」
"I picked... the wrong place... to fight..."



  • She gains special dialogue only if players are either Nen Master classes.
  • Wujo's name is an altered spelling of Ouzo, a alcoholic drink originating from Greece.