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Guilds are organizations created and moderated entirely by player characters. By joining a Guild, a player can easily connect with others, access special dungeons, obtain rare items, and receive benefits depending on the Guild's level.

Guild Management

The Guild Management window in-game.

In order to establish a Guild, a player must speak to Bucken in Underfoot. However, several requirements must be met before a Guild can be formed:

  • The desired name for the Guild must be available.
  • Pay a fee of 300,000 Goldicon.png Gold.
  • Another player must vouch for the creation of the Guild.

Once all requirements are met, the Guild will be formed. Guild Masters and other high-ranking members can further customize the Guild, such as selecting a Guild Emblem or modify the Guild Advertisement Message. By default, a Guild may contain up to 300 members, though this can be expanded as the Guild grows.


All members within a Guild are organized into one of five ranks:

  • The Guild Master rank is the highest rank and is automatically given to whoever established the Guild. Guild Masters have full control over the Guild, including the ability to disband the Guild, and may modify the default permissions of lower ranked Guild members. There may only be one Guild Master at a time. In addition, the Guild Master can transfer their role to another player. Guild Masters are denoted with a crown icon.
  • The Vice Guild Master and Commander serve as secondary management permissions, with Moderators having more power than Officers. Moderators and Officers are denoted with a gold star and silver diamond, respectively.
  • Sr. Members are the second lowest rank. This rank is usually reserved for players who are considered trusted members, as they can access the public Guild Storage and can invite players to the Guild. Members are denoted with a double chevron.
  • Jr. Member is the default rank given to new members and begin with no permissions, aside from the ability to speak in Guild Chat. New members are denoted with a single chevron.

Note that the Guild Master may rename and manage the permissions of all ranks, therefore every Guild may have different permissions from the default settings.


A guild can enter an alliance with one other guild. An alliance can be requested and formed by talking to Bucken and guilds of the alliance can send each other gifts once per day. These gifts are limited to buffs, such as stat boosters or EXP boosters.

An alliance can be disbanded at any time, however there is a 1 day waiting period before forming another alliance.

Guild Benefits

There are several benefits to becoming a member of a Guild. Not only will socializing with like-minded players be easier, but several buffs will also be available, along with other conveniences becoming available.

Guild Hideout

The Guild Hideout is an unique area that is automatically unlocked for all Guilds. Within the Guild Hideout, several functions can be used:

Guild Mileage

Guild Mileage is a unique currency that can be obtained by all members of the Guild. Mileage can be used to upgrade the Guild and, if enough Mileage is obtained, monthly rewards will be sent out to members. Guild Mileage can be obtained through several ways:

Activity Mileage Rewarded Notes
Join a Guild 100 Mileage Each account can only contribute up to 3,000 Mileage.
Log-in Daily 10 Mileage
Clear an Optimal Dungeon 10 Mileage
Guild Showdown 2-10 Mileage Amount rewarded depends on victory or defeat. Each character can only contribute up to 50 Mileage every day.
Donate Gold 1 Mileage every 1,000 Gold Each character can only contribute up to 1 million Gold every day.

Guild Contents

Certain items or buffs can be purchased by members of high ranking with Guild Mileage:

Content Mileage Cost Effect
(10 times) Guild Party Teleportation 300 Mileage Enables the party teleportation ability while in town and in a party.
(100 times) Guild Party Teleportation 2,850 Mileage
(1000 times) Guild Party Teleportation 27,000 Mileage
(1 day) Guild Supporter 200 Mileage Enables Guild members to register and be used as Support characters, allowing the use of another character's skill within dungeons.
(7 days) Guild Supporter 1,400 Mileage
(30 days) Guild Supporter 6,000 Mileage
(500) Guild Member Expansion 100,000 Mileage Expands Guild capacity to 500 members.
(700) Guild Member Expansion 200,000 Mileage Expands Guild capacity to 700 members.
(1000) Guild Member Expansion 500,000 Mileage Expands Guild capacity to 1,000 members.
(1 day) Exorcism Buff 200 Mileage Adds the Exorcism Buff Machine to the Guild Hideout. When the machine is activated, Exorcism stat is increased by 10 for 12 dungeons runs.
(7 days) Exorcism Buff 1,400 Mileage
(30 days) Exorcism Buff 6,000 Mileage
(1 day) Guild Stats 200 Mileage Increases STR/VIT/INT/SPR +60 for all Guild members while active.
(7 days) Guild Stats 1,400 Mileage
(30 days) Guild Stats 6,000 Mileage
Permanent Guild Stats 36,000 Mileage
(1 day) Guild EXP 200 Guild Mileage Increases Hunting EXP gained from dungeons by 10% for all Guild members while active.
(7 days) Guild EXP 1,400 Mileage
(30 days) Guild EXP 6,000 Mileage
Guild Storage Expansion 1 5,000 Mileage Adds 8 slots to Guild Storage
Guild Storage Expansion 2 10,000 Mileage Adds 16 slots to Guild Storage

Guild Contribution

In addition to Guild Mileage, another currency, Guild Contribution can be obtained through the following methods:

Activity Contribution Rewarded
Daily Attendance 10 Contribution
Logging in as the Guild Master 100 Contribution
Logging in as a Commander or higher 50 Contribution
Guild Showdown 2-16 Contribution, depending on victory or defeat
Clear Optimal Dungeon 10 Contribution
Donate Gold 1 Contribution every 1,000 Gold

All contribution is reset at the end of the month. If a certain amount of contribution is met at the end of the month, special rewards are distributed:

  • Obtaining 100,000 contribution as a guild will reward special effect can be added to the Guild's emblem as the Guild Master.
  • Obtaining 1,100 contribution as an individual will reward a Guild Power Potion.png Guild Power Potion.


In order to join a Guild, a player must press the Guild Menu hotkey (';' by default) and either enter the name of the Guild they wish to join or select one of several suggested Guilds. They must then fill out a short application and then await approval from a Guild Officer.

Leaving a Guild

Should a player decide to leave their current guild, they may click their name on the list of members until the "Guildsman" tab and select "Leave Guild". Note that leaving a Guild will restrict sending applications to another Guild for 3 days. In addition, all Guild Contribution Certificate.png Guild Contribution Certificates will be removed from the player's inventory.