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Errand Runner Toby

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

As of the Season 7 - Act 06, Archmage's Hall of Dimensions Patch, NPC Toby has been removed from the Global Client.

TobyIcon.png Errand Runner Toby
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Goblin
Affiliation Adventurer's Guild
Occupation Adventurer's Guild Apprentice
Alias N/A
Location Elvenguard
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Toby is a young Goblin that accompanies the Player at the beginning of their adventure, providing brief information about the monsters in Grand Flores. Originally a cowardly goblin, he becomes inspired watching the Player fight monsters and decides to become an adventurer himself. After the Player leaves Elvenguard for Hendon Myre, Toby meets Guild Master Karakas in order to join the Adventurer's Guild to fulfill his aspiration.


  • Sells various items, in exchange for Carnelian.png Carnelian.


Item Level Binding Cost
No Icon.png Level Up Support Pouch 5 Carnelian.png Carnelian
No Icon.png Demon Invitation Box 10 Carnelian.png Carnelian
No Icon.png Purified Ice Wall Fragment 2 Carnelian.png Carnelian
Destruction Crystal.png Destruction Crystal 1 Untradable 2 Carnelian.png Carnelian
No Icon.png Nightmare Orb 2 Carnelian.png Carnelian
Active Crystal.png Active Crystal 1 Untradable 2 Carnelian.png Carnelian
Kingdom's Secretary - Insight.png Kingdom's Secretary - Insight 1 Untradable 2 Carnelian.png Carnelian
No Icon.png Vitality Booster 2 Carnelian.png Carnelian
No Icon.png Magic Booster 2 Carnelian.png Carnelian
No Icon.png Multi Booster 2 Carnelian.png Carnelian


Request Chat

Relationship Image Operation Dialogue
Normal Toby-Face1.png Chat

Hello, Adventurer! My name is Toby, and I'm an apprentice at the Adventurer Guild.
After you left, I met Karakas and he let me join his guild. He said I have the makings of a good adventurer.
And I'm trying hard to become one!

I'm on a real important mission right now.
What mission? Erm, but Karakas said it's a secret...
I'm secretly trading items with adventurers. Don't tell anyone, okay?

After you left, I stayed in Elvenguard and thought about how to start an adventure of my own.
And then Karakas, the world's greatest adventurer ever, showed up in Elvenguard. Can you believe that?
I immediately went to see him, and he said that I had the makings of a great adventurer.
But I'm too young to become a full-fledged adventurer, so he decided to keep me as a prospect until I get older. I can't wait to become as great an adventurer as you and Karakas! Heh heh!

(Post-Pandemonium War)

Adventurer! Aww, that was so scary.
Some strange noise was heard from the forest when the ground shook, and then there were screams... I got so scared that I ran away right away.
This can't be too serious, can it? Aww... I'm scared...



Voice Lines

Situation Dialogue

I'm a new member of the Adventurer Guild.

Whoa, an adventurer.

I want to become a great adventurer too!

Conversation Start

Need anything?

Do you have any delegated tasks?

I'm on the job!

Conversation End

Goodbye~ Adventurer.

*Laughs* I'll always be here for you.

Next time... Take me on an adventure.





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  • The name Toby is an alternate Middle English vernacular form of Tobias meaning God is Good.