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Corruption Upgrade

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Corruption Upgrade.png Corruption Upgrade

No Video
TP Passive Skill

Blood Mage

Command: None
Prerequisite Level: 55
Prerequisite Skills: Corruption.png Corruption Lv1
Alternate Names: Korean: 커럽션 강화


Increases Corruption.png Corruption Atk.

  • Atk. per Level: +10%


  • TP per level: 2
  • Master Level: 5
  • Max Level: 7

Skill Growth


Level Lv Req Atk. Increase
1 55 +10%
2 60 +20%
3 65 +30%
4 70 +40%
5 75 +50%
6 80 +60%
7 85 +70%


Blood Mage TP Skills
Blood Wings Upgrade.png Blood Wings Upgrade Corruption Upgrade.png Corruption Upgrade Fang Upgrade.png Fang Upgrade Hellberus Upgrade.png Hellberus Upgrade Lilliac Upgrade.png Lilliac Upgrade Lilroi Upgrade.png Lilroi Upgrade Marauder Upgrade.png Marauder Upgrade Offering Upgrade.png Offering Upgrade Rumble Dog Upgrade.png Rumble Dog Upgrade Shikari Upgrade.png Shikari Upgrade Soul Steal Upgrade.png Soul Steal Upgrade Torment Upgrade.png Torment Upgrade

Male Mage TP Skills
Flame Shield Upgrade.png Flame Shield Upgrade Ghost Flame Upgrade.png Ghost Flame Upgrade Ice Sword Upgrade.png Ice Sword Upgrade Trap Strike Upgrade.png Trap Strike Upgrade Water Cannon Upgrade.png Water Cannon Upgrade Wind Strike Upgrade.png Wind Strike Upgrade

General TP Skills
Basic Training Upgrade.png Basic Training Upgrade