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Template:DataMonster Wisp

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Parameter Value
Name Wisp
IsBoss No
IsSpecial No
IsSummon No
Type TypeSpirit.png
Type2 (Type2 empty)
Type3 (Type3 empty)
Family Elemental family
Family2 (Family2 empty)
Class (Class empty)
Sprite WispB.png
SpriteSize (SpriteSize empty)
Portrait (Portrait empty)
Icon Icon-Wisp.png
Card (Card empty)
Level Forgotten Forest: Lv19
Contagious Area: Lv
Dungeons Forgotten Forest
Contagious Area
Silver Night
Second Spine
Labyrinth of Shadows
Drops (Drops empty)
Desc A mob found in Silver Night that is the objective of a daily quest from Ophelia Bagrans. Since they are elementals, they are difficult to combo, and have a dangerous melee attack with a spear's range and a chance to electrocute and/or stun whoever it hits. When dealt damage, may teleport behind the player who damaged it.

Even more so, they can also copy other Light-based attacks, such as Nen Shot.png Nen Shot, and use it against players. Be careful when using Light-elemental attacks against them.

MoveList (MoveList empty)
Strategy (Strategy empty)
Notes Summoners can summon a similar creature Lesser Spirit- Wisp.png Lesser Spirit: Wisp which look identical except has a chain wrapped around it.
ShortDesc (ShortDesc empty)