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Elementals are one of either of the 4 elements. They are difficult to combo, as they cannot be grabbed/lifted/knocked back; at most they slide backwards. They all have fast hit recovery times and are extremely dangerous either while in a mob, or while cornered. They are able to "steal" the mage's Phase Shift straw dummy and haste themselves.

Name Description Location
Ador Fire element based. Floating Castle
Labyrinth of Shadows
Naias Water element based, can encase opponents in ice (long range attack). Floating Castle
Spider's Lair
Labyrinth of Shadows
Stalkers Dark element based. Very fast Purgatorium
Shallow Keep
Labyrinth of Shadows
Wisp Light element based. Long reaching melee attack, can stun. Silver Night
Labyrinth of Shadows
Soul Eater Special Ador variant. Highly resistant to elemental attacks, dispels buffs, and creates Mana Explosions when hit. The Catacombs
Scoria Core
Ice Spirit Shuske Special Naias variant. Appearance like a dark Naias, and has a multi-directional ice attack. The Ridge
Ice Palace
Glaia Special Stalker variant. Attacks aggressively and can transform into spikes to keep foes at bay. Labyrinth of Shadows
Aquarius Water/Ice element based. Uses Icy Breath and attacks from above with icicles. Labyrinth of Shadows
Bwanga's Camp
Tower of Illusion
Ice Palace
Flame Hulk Fire element based. Attacks with a flame dagger. Labyrinth of Shadows
Tower of Illusion
Dead Murker Shadow element based. Attacks with a dark scythe. Labyrinth of Shadows
Tower of Illusion
Glarine Light element based. Attacks with lighting bolts from above and can launch 5 bolts in a straight line. Labyrinth of Shadows
Tower of Illusion
Crystal Palace
Rancid Water Ashles A green variant of Aquarius. Can poison and confuse. GBL Laboratory

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