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When constructing a new skill page, please use the Template:SkillPage, or update a skill to use this template if it doesn't.

General Guidelines

  • If this skill is yet to be implemented, the details may differ for Global version. Add the {{FutureContent}} template to warn people of this.
  • If this skill page is not complete, add the {{Stub}} template.
  • If this skill page requires numbers or data inputted, or was outdated due to a patch or rework recently, add the {{MissingInfo|(insert detail here)}} template.

Writing Skill Tables

When you are writing a table, keep to the following guidelines:

  1. Prefer Wiki Syntax
    It's best if we try to keep skills in wiki syntax for ease of editing. If there is a skill that has a lot going on and requires a complex header (Demonize.png Demonize), use HTML tables as a last resort.
  2. Avoid inline style
    Please use templates and classes for styling the tables. This allows other editors to update the appearance of every skill table though them, and keeps things looking uniform.
  3. Avoid excessive rowspans
    If you find yourself writing rowspan="32", chances are this should be in the Attributes section. If it changes, we have the technology, we can add it back in.
  4. Use Template:AbsoluteDamage when able
    Flat numbers are bad and are different for every person. This makes it easy for you!