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A party is a small functioning unit of players. Much like other MMORPGs, Dungeon Fighter Online allows players to create and join parties. Partying allows one to recruit up to 3 other players to finish quests, unlock a dungeon levels or simply complete a dungeon.

Party System

Parties consist of a Party Leader and up to three Party Members. The role of Party Leader is given to a user who creates the party. This person has the choice of giving leadership to another member, by clicking on that person's party icon (located at the top left of the screen) and appointing them as the party admin. The party leader is given the choice of when to enter a dungeon and to select what dungeon your party will enter.

  • To enter a dungeon together as a party, all party members are required to be in the same waiting zone directly before entering a dungeon area. Once all members are present, the leader of the party can enter the dungeon area.
  • Once in a dungeon, your party members can prove to be of great aid. Other than helping you defeat monsters, certain classes can give you buffs only accessible to them. The priest can even aid the group by healing his party members.
  • When any player picks up any item that’s of Uncommon rarity or higher, a die is rolled automatically for each player. The player with the highest roll wins that item.
  • In order to leave a party, you can either open the Party UI by hitting the closed bracket key (]) and selecting "Leave Party" or by selecting and party member's icon at the top-left corner and selecting "Leave Party"
  • Party leaders may also kick members out of the party by opening the Party UI (press ]) and left-clicking their name and selecting "Kick" or just by selecting the party user's icon and selecting "Kick".
  • Leechers are disliked by many parties and can cause a waste of time when moving in and out of rooms. You can kill a leecher even if no monsters are in the room by throwing 3 oil flasks in the area he/she is in and throw a bomb or use a fire based skill. This can be used on all party members and is inhumane when people try to kill each other with oil when they aren't afk. Beware oil can harm you too and can slowly go away if unused in around 10 seconds. Should only be used on leechers. Siusha sells the oils and bombs but the oils are 300 each. Always have a few in case you meet an AFK player.

Starting a Party

Creating parties automatically makes you the Party Leader, allowing you to choose the option of what dungeon you'll be entering, as well as setting the difficulty of the dungeon. You may start a party by:

  • Opening the party UI by hitting the closed bracket key (]) or by clicking “Party” in the Community Menu. Hit the “Create” button and fill in your party’s name by selecting one from the dropdown menu, or by writing in one of your own. Then select the maximum number of members for your party and click “OK.”
    • Only players in the same area as you see your party in their party window.
  • Left-clicking a character in the same map as you, which will give you the option "Party Invite". This will automatically create a party for you.
    • If they are already in a party, there will be the "Join Party" option instead.
    • Opening up your friends list and lefting clicking someone in the same channel as you the "Party Invite" or "Join Party" option, regardless of where they are.
  • Typing /invite [Character Name] automatically creates a party for you if they accept the Party invitation.

You can invite other players to join by either left clicking on them and selecting “Party Invite” in the character menu, or by using the “/invite” command in the chat bar (which you can bring up by pressing “Enter”). To get people to join your party, you can advertise it in General Chat.

Joining a Party

Joining another user's party will not allow you to select which dungeon you'll be entering, but if the leader has a map or road unlocked that other members don't, then that dungeon can still be chosen to enter. You may join a party by doing the following:

  • Open the Party window to see all the parties in your proximity. Click on a party to see the name and class of everyone currently in the party. Click “Join” to request an invite to the party.
  • Left-click on a player in the same map as you, this will give you the option "Join Party".
    • If they are not in a party, it will give you the "Party Invite" option instead.
    • Opening up your friends list and lefting clicking someone in the same channel as you the "Party Invite" or "Join Party" option, regardless of where they are.
  • Typing /j, /enter or /join [Character Name] will allow you to join someone's party (regardless of whether or not they are the party leader) as long as they are in the same map as you.

Party Benefits

Creating a party allows you to bring other people with you into one dungeon, making dungeons more managable. Party members could potentially save you when you’re in a tight spot or offer you buffs specific to their class. As well, there are many other benefits present, such as:

  • Upon completion of a dungeon, players are rewarded with a 'Party' experience bonus, much like a 'Rank' bonus, just for being in a party.
  • Party members can use tokens on you if you die, and vice versa. This is useful if you die and are out of tokens.
  • The party leader is able to enter a dungeon that party members may not have unlocked, as well as selecting roads/difficulties that party members may not have unlocked.
  • If you complete Master's Road with an S or higher, in a map where a party member only has Normal or Expert's Road unlocked, then that party member will unlock both Master's Road and King's Road.
    • However, if they do not have Expert's Road unlocked, they will still get Master's and King's, but they will not have Expert's Road. This does not mean that it is not possible to unlock Expert's Road though, as clearing Normal mode will still unlock it.
  • The leader of the party is able to take the entire party into any area, as long as he has it unlocked.
    • Example: If the party leader is level 17+ he is able to take the party into a sky tower dungeon, even if the other party members do not meet the level requirement to enter sky tower.