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Age 24
Sex Female
Race Empyrean
Affiliation Empyrean Coast Guard
Occupation Empyrean Soldier, Mechanic
Alias N/A
Location N/A (only interacted through quests)

Mue is an Empyrean Soldier and a member of the Coast Guard who assists stopping Luke under the command of Hiram Klauf.


Neople-logo.png This part of the current article contains spoilers.

Not much is known about the Female Mechanic, other than her being a part of the Coast Guard, an Empyrean military subdivision currently headed by Hiram Klauf and three others. It is shown that she is often times anxious when heading into the unknown. She has a bit of a rivalry with her fellow Coast Guard, Hulk.

As she is a part of the Coast Guard, who sided with the Empyrean Nobility during the Empyrean Civil War, the Adventurer and the Empyrean Loyalists, Tammy, Woon Lyonir, and Lucas, meet her again with another fellow Coast Guard colleague, Cohen, and tries to stop the Adventurer but to little avail. She and Tammy reminisce of the time they fought Anton together and how they miss that time when Empyrean was united. This was the last time the Adventurer would meet her.

At the second phase of the Civil War, after the Adventurer comes back from dealing with the Kashipas in the Pandemonium War, it is revealed along the way of trying to catch Hiram Klauf because of his plan of wiping out the Capital Island of Ghent, that the Coast Guards barracks is empty but full of dead bodies. Mue is among them, a victim of Klauf's deranged rampage of trying to turn Empyrean into a 'clean slate'.


Mue Full Body.jpg