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Joint Investigation Group

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The Empire-Empyrean Joint Investigation Group is an alliance between the De Los Empire of Arad and the ruling government of Empyrean formed for the express purpose of exploring the Castle of the Dead. To this end, they build a base on Zelva, the remains of Anton that are so large they have formed an entire island near the Castle of the Dead.

The Joint Investigation Group also collaborates with the Adventurer's Guild and Grim Seekers towards the common goal of investigating the Castle of the Dead. However, after learning about the threat of the resident Apostle, Luke, it quickly becomes clear that the groups have different goals. The Joint Investigation Group's position is that Luke and all Apostles are invariably threats to Arad and Empyrean, therefore Luke must be killed.

The player can choose to join the Joint Investigation Group during the Castle of the Dead arc. Between the Joint Investigation Group, Adventurer's Guild, and Grim Seekers, the player is required to join one and only one faction. If the player auto-completes this part of the questline or was created as part of the Fantastic Jumping Server event, the game will automatically assign the player to the Joint Investigation Group.

Female Slayers are not capable of joining the Joint Investigation Group due to their history with the Empire.

Notable Members