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Healer Soniar

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Healer Soniar or Soni is a member of the Kashipa who works for Silver Light Tagor as a Nurse. Although her role is minor in the Harlem Storyline, she does help out her boss and the Adventurer.

Healer Soniar
Healer Soniar's Portait.


Soniar makes her introduction in District 9 as she first confronts the Adventurer asking who they are and who sent them. After a fight between the two, it turns out that Tagor sent them as an errand runner needing Soniar's help in creating a ward meaning that she would have to get involved herself. Although Soniar doesn't trust everything that was said to her, she agrees to help by transporting Terranite.

While accompanying the Adventurer's journey through the District, they encounter Chermak who attacks at her during his brief scuffle with the Adventurer once again as Tagor successfully prepares the ward while he's down. Soniar is later seen alive alongside Tagor and the Valdes Brothers as they watch Chermak try to break free from the ward.

During the events in Royal Casino, Soniar reappears next to the owner, Trauma Yom who's revealed to be his lover as she not only scolds her boss for challenge Yom, but betrays Tagor as she watches her get eaten by Garum. During a conversation that's overheard by the Adventuerer, Soniar risked her life going to Soul Keeper Mondegreen asking him to take Tagor away when she threatened to kill Yom over Isys's egg that's currently in his possession.

Soniar suggests that she'll destroy the egg herself only to killed by her lover instead. After her death, Ricardo mentions he put a surveillance spell on her while speaking to Yom. Her body is found along with several Kashipa members inside of a Fight Club hidden room.





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  • Soniar's name is of Spanish origins as a conjugated form of the verb Sonar meaning to dream.