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East Ghent Gate*

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Quest Summary

Level 56
Quest Giver Varracht
  • Clear East Ghent Gate
  • Defeat 7 Members of the Kartel Spec. Forces
  • Talk to Marlene
  • Talk to Melvin
  • Defeat TMH Signalmen on Masters road or higher
  • Defeat Spelt on Masters road or higher
  • Defeat 20 Kartel Spec. forces on Masters road or higher
  • Defeat Riot Captain on Kings
  • Expicon.png 863,448 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 38,760 Gold
  • Light and CLoth ARmor Cardin Pot
  • Cardin WEapon Pot
  • 100 Clear cube fragment
  • Quest Equip(top)
  • Cardin Pot (Leather, Plate, Heavy)