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Creatures are also able to equip their own items just like your own character does. This creature’s equipment, called Artifacts, can be obtained from dungeons, quests, or purchased from Oran. There are red, blue, and green artifacts. The red and the blue artifacts deal extra damage for Physical/Magical attacks, while green artifacts offer special options such as reducing skill cooldown time or MP usage. These effects will only affect Creatures.

Artifact List

Red Artifacts

These artifacts primarily increase a Creature's Physical damage, and sometimes their Physical Critical Hit rate.

Physical Equipment

Name Level Physical Attack Bonus Other Bonus Notes
Oran's Hair Pin Oran's Hair Pin.png 3 20 Obtained from Quest: Save the Creatures
Dragon Hatchling Fang Dragon Hatchling Fang.png 5 29
Oran's Ring Oran's Ring.png 8 44 Obtained from Quest: Safe Haven
Dragon Hatchling Claw Dragon Hatchling Claw.png 10 44 Can be bought from Oran for 5000 gold.
Dragon Hatchling Eye Dragon Hatchling Eye.png 10 83 Physical Critical Hit +1%
Wyvern Fang Wyvern Fang.png 15 83
Earth Bead Earth Bead.png 18 121 Physical Critical Hit +1% Obtain from Quest: Earth Bijou
Wyvern Claw Wyvern Claw.png 20 114 Can be bought from Oran for 10000 gold.
Wyvern Eye Wyvern Eye.png 20 148 Physical Critical Hit +1%
Gryphon Beak Gryphon Beak.png 25 148
Gryphon Claw Gryphon Claw.png 30 184 Can be bought from Oranfor 15000 gold.
Gryphon Eye Gryphon Eye.png 30 222 Physical Critical Hit +1%
Gargoyle Fang Gargoyle Fang.png 35 222
Gargoyle Claw Gargoyle Claw.png 40 264 Can be bought from Oran for 20000 gold.
Gargoyle Eye Gargoyle Eye.png 40 307 Physical Critical Hit +1%
Hellhound Fang Hellhound Fang.png 45 307
Hellhound Tail Hellhound Claw.png 50 375 Can be bought from Oran for 25000 gold.
Hellhound Eye Hellhound Eye.png 50 403 Physical Critical Hit +1%

Magical Equipment

Name Level Magical Attack Bonus Other Bonus Notes
Leprechaun Hat Dragon Hatchling Claw.png 10 34
Leprechaun Hammer Dragon Hatchling Claw.png 20 71
Illithid's Hand Dragon Hatchling Claw.png 30 115
Illithid's Tentacle Dragon Hatchling Claw.png 40 165
Carbuncle Claw Dragon Hatchling Claw.png 50 221

Blue Artifacts

These artifacts primarily increase a Creature's Magical damage, and sometimes their Magical Critical Hit rate.

Magical Equipment

Name Level Magical Attack Bonus Other Bonus Notes
Oran's Amulet Necklace Oran's Amulet Necklace.png 13 72 Obtained from Quest: Oran's Amulet
Pixie Feather Pixie Feather.png 15 83
Pixie Wings Pixie Wing.png 20 114
Pixie Teardrop Pixie Wing.png 20 148 Magic Critical Hit Rate +1%
Sylph Feather Sylph Feather.png 25 148
Sky Bead Sky Bead.png 28 191 Magic Critical Hit Rate +1% Obtained from Quest: Sky Bijou
Sylph Wings Sylph Wing.png 30 184
Sylph Teardrop Sylph Wing.png 30 222 Magic Critical Hit Rate +1%
Siren Feather Siren Feather.png 35 222
Siren Wings Siren Wing.png 40 264
Siren Teardrop Siren Wing.png 40 307 Magic Critical Hit Rate +1%
Harpy Feather Harpy Feather.png 45 307
Harpy Wings Harpy Wing.png 50 354
Harpy Teardrop Harpy Wing.png 50 403 Magic Critical Hit Rate +1%

Physical Equipment

Name Level Physical Attack Bonus Other Bonus Notes
Roc Beak Pixie Feather.png 10 34
Roc Claw Pixie Feather.png 20 71
Drider Fang Pixie Feather.png 30 115
Drider Claw Pixie Feather.png 40 165
Barghest Fang Pixie Feather.png 50 221

Green Artifacts

These artifacts primarily reduce MP consumption or Charge Time for Skills.

Name Level Special Effects Notes
Emerald Orb Emerald Orb.png 20 Creature's MP consumption -7.90%
Emerald Tiara Emerald Tiara.png 30 Skill Charging Time -7.90%
Wind Orb Wind Orb.png 40 Creature's MP consumption -11.90%
Wind Tiara Wind Tiara.png 50 Skill Charging Time -9.90%